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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beginning

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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Submitted: August 01, 2020



“Welcome adventurers” the disembodied voice boomed across the quite valley. The three figures looked around in vain to see were the voice was coming from.

“I am your humble Dungeon Core and I will lead you through this adventur...hey where are you going!?” The thief of the group had wandered off on his own towards the waiting entrance to the dungeon and had begun to pick the lock that held it shut.

“Yeah, yeah I’ve heard all that stuff before mate, just going to get started if you don’t mind”

“But I didn't get to do my opening speech” the core said.

The fighter now called after the thief. “Muir get your rear back here, you’re being rude.”

“No, no it’s fine, the moods ruined now” the disembodied voice said, go on ahead I guess” The presence faded and the door sprung open on it’s own accord. The group entered and the door promptly slammed behind them.

“Was that really necessary?” The fighter asked as they began to descend down the dimly lit staircase.

“What Claire? They asked us to test their dungeon, you know I’m not big on whatever story they come up with”

“So I take it that you both know each other” came a voice from behind the fighter

“Oh the mage, forgot about you” Muir said

“Muir, manners. Hi there I’m Claire and this is Muir and what’s your name?” she said taking his hand

“I’m Logan, this will be my first crawl” he blurted out. Muir snorted which prompted Claire to give him a brief glare. He shrugged and continued making his way down.

“Sorry Logan, Muir has the incurable case of being a prat. As to your question yes we’ve worked together quite a few times. So your first crawl, how you feeling, excited?”

“Yeah I’d heard a lot about Dungeon Crawling before so with a little coaxing I decided to give it a try.”

“Well I’m glad we can be a part of your first run through.”

The trio descended down through a marble archway into a bright white room barren save for a detailed mural at it’s centre and four statues one in each corner of the room. Each was an imposing sight, decked in it’s own stone armour and armed with a round spear and spear, their faces devoid of any features, save a slight indentation were eyes should have been.

Muir surveyed the room seemingly taking in each of the details then turning to the fighter.“Clair I think we’ve got a Number 6.”

“Ah okay.” Claire in response drew her shield and mace while Muir drew two wicked looking daggers from his belt.

“Hey mage can you charge up your most powerful spell and aim it at that statue over there” he said pointing towards the far left corner of the room.

“Yeah sure, but what’s a number 6?” Before getting an answer however Muir had slunk off towards the nearest right statue while Claire had wordlessly moved towards the nearest left.

“Logan” Claire called from her position, “could you please walk over to the large circle in the middle of the room.”

“Sure but what’s a number 6?” Claire smiled, “don’t worry, honestly just get the spell ready and move forward. I promise it’s going to be fun.”

Logan made his way forward unsure of what exactly was about to happen. As soon as he stepped onto the beautifully ornate mural, displaying  a complex weave seeming to tell a great battle between gods and monsters that must have taken hours upon hours to make in such detail, it sunk ever so slightly into the ground with a gently click.

As soon as it did the a low rumble shook the room itself and soon a dull yellow glow filled the room. The statue Logan had been told to focus on seemed to fill with this yellow light and suddenly two bright yellow orbs could be seen emanating from were the warriors eyes should have been.  With a low sharp grinding sound it moved it’s heavy stone limbs taking the stone spear and shield in hand and with a steady heave dropped from the plinth from within the wall. It turned towards the startled mage and slowly began it’s approach.

Shocked at the turn of events, Logan took his eyes off it for a moment, watching as the unoccupied statue did the same and as it too moved before him. Behind him he could hear similar sounds of stone moving against stone although he dared not to look back.

Taking a moment of resolve he aimed his staff at the first statue he’d been told to watch and with a bark unleashed his Salamander’s Flames Spell. A gout of flames engulfed the stone, engulfing and consuming the attacker completely. When the spell was complete the statue was blacked and cracked, it’s leg giving out from under it and it fell shattering into hundreds of blackened pieces.

Before he had time to react the one to his right raised it’s stone spear and leveled it at him. A brief metallic blur went past his eyes as Claire raised her shield to absorb the blow and with the other hand swatted the statues face with her mace knocking it to on it’s side. It attempted to raise it’s head however a dagger flew with unnerving speed and accuracy and planted itself between the constructs yellow eyes and with a loud crack the light vanished and the statue went limb.

Logan turned to behind him to see the carnage that had been dealt in such a short span of time. The statue that Claire had originally dealt with was practically rumble whereas the statue that Muir had fought had a single enormous crack in it’s chest where lay one of his daggers which he was attempting in vain to remove.

“Do you need some help Muir?” asked Claire. Logan noted that Claire hardly had broke a sweat despite the heavy equipment she wore.

“No I’m fine thank you” he said with a huff as he pulled at the blade. He pulled in the wrong direction and with a loud snap he pulled the hilt free, leaving the blade in the statues torso.

“Serves you right the omnipresent voice rung once more.” It sounded slightly put out. “Well that challenge didn’t take you long did it. What was that, six maybe 12 seconds at most?”

“Animated objects are always a go to for the opening to a dungeon and the positioning made it kinda obvious what you were going to go for in terms of battle.” responded Muir barely able to hide the gloating from his voice.

The voice sniffed. “Fine whatever, see you tomorrow I guess.” The door up the stairs reopened and with a shrug the thief made his way up.

“Thank you for the fun Claire, see you tomorrow” she said with a smile and she too made her way up.

Logan thanked the core and before leaving paused and said “I liked the mural in the centre, the whole room in fact was really nicely designed.”

The core didn’t respond for a moment. “Thank you, I put a lot of work into it.” With that Logan smiled and left leaving the core the chances to take a slight sigh of both relief and frustration.

“Obvious huh, well Muir tomorrow will be very different” they thought to themselves.

© Copyright 2020 Ersatz Essayist. All rights reserved.


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