Petals and Fangs (ON HOLD)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

'This is the story of Queen Victoria. But she's no Queen of England.'

Normal was not something Victoria Brummens had ever experienced in her life.

Normal was not something she would ever have again after choosing to take in and care for an injured bat. However, this bat is more than it seems when it takes the shape of a stunning woman who claims to Bronwen, the Empress of Darkness.

Bronwen is a whirlwind of intrigue, power, and magic and she's here to claim her Queen.

Table of Contents

A Small Houseguest

The footpath through the woods had long since been worn flat by the travels of a sole person. Each evening after her meal, she would ta... Read Chapter

A Batty Situation

As it often did, morning came too early for Victoria. Bright sunlight poked at the cracks in the door and window shutters, forcing its ... Read Chapter

A Drink with the Empress

“Is…is that allowed?” Victoria muttered. “No! No, wait, that’s…don’t answer that. I would like a serious response, please... Read Chapter

The Odd Couple

Propping her hands on her hips, Bronwen stared down at the woman snoring loudly on the bed. She’d sleep like the dead until morning, ... Read Chapter

A Ladies' Agreement

Early morning sunlight slowly brightened the interior of the former hunting cabin as birds twittered cheerfully outside. The world was ... Read Chapter

We All Have Insecurities

Bronwen smoothed her dress beneath her as she sat on a fallen log to watch Victoria. Since their agreement, the woman appeared much cal... Read Chapter

Language of Flowers

Victoria breathed a long sigh through her nose before entering her home. In the brief moments between Bronwen stepping through the door a... Read Chapter

Dead Lilies

So much abuse suffered at the hands of others. Abuse my brothers and sisters never dealt with. It was always directed at me, no matter ... Read Chapter

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