a Woman's place

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I wrote this after reading A Handmaid's Tale. The main lady of the house was known for her book, "A Woman's Place." So I began to think, where exactly is a woman's place?

A woman’s place

A woman’s place is in the kitchen, the illusion of love and freedom, 
so far
We have all seen the women of our lives cook and the men reel open the jar
A woman’s place is at home with her children, cooking and changing diapers....Encouragement comes
from mom and criticism comes from dad because his hands are a little too calloused to caress me when I’m sad
A woman’s place is noise proof to keep in all of her over emotional complaining that seems way too draining to deal with for his dramatized life
A woman’s place is being bipolar to her husband when they argue, he forces her apology and the night ends with her on her knees
A woman’s place is being silent when the men are speaking even though their words Mimic her thoughts from the previous day and their thoughts Mimic her mind from far away
The thing is I love being a fucking woman
I love being a woman when someone covers my bar tab and
I love being a woman when I can openly be gay but if it’s two men, Society says that’s so fucking not okay
I love being a woman when I’m expected to be soft and feminine but my tits aren’t really filling in
so what am I to do when my body doesn’t pay my bills or hook me up with a rich man 
who never learned the difference between touching and bruising with his rough hands
I hate being a woman when the same group of men who covered by tab are now swatting at my ass as I leave
I hate being a woman when I’m in poverty and seeping from my vagina wondering where the fuck I’m expected to bleed
I hate being a woman when the glass ceiling crushes my hopes and dreams to ever become more than I seem but my sex already presses me down below a canopy of white men who thread our white fucking seams
I hate being a woman when my husband's dick won’t stay up and the government funds his meds but We still blame unwanted pregnancy solely on women who can’t help but “spread their legs”
I hate being a woman when my grandmother tells me I should find a rich man to take care of me, saying I’d never have to work a day in my life, knowing what I dream and aspire to be
I hate being a woman when I see films that depict my gender as more vulnerable while the opposite sex is praised for their godly physique an masculinity
I hate being a woman when I wear a short skirt and apparently asked to be fucked even though the big screens scream at me telling me what I am forced to be
I hate being a woman when I am stripped of the outlining quality of individuality.
Being a woman is having a slim waist and a big ass, at least that’s what we see on our Instagram dash
And being a woman is knowing my place, knowing when to be silent, when my intellectual abilities could easily surpass those of my counter sex.
See being a woman is fun and all until you realize that getting raped by your husband is common and the culture we live in disregards these issues as nothing 
and you expect the guilt to come knocking on these doors but it never does, so you release salty water into your pillow every night hoping it will get better. 
Being a woman is being kind and emotional, nurturing and approachable 
Being desensitized to oppression, it sounds like we are free, but we only find freedom in the reality of an illusion of equality being thrown in our face
But the thing about us women, is we love being women, we just hate a woman’s place

Submitted: August 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Indra Mercury. All rights reserved.

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