They want me dead

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

the poem consists of lot of darkness and is relatable for many persons. the bullies has become common things which makes people think themselves as worthless but hope is the key to find the way out and look into bright side.

They want me dead

And I consider it as my fate,

The person who was everything to me

Is now standing with sword pointing the end to make me bleed,


They want me dead

To bow my head and kneel down in front of them,

Saying abusive word laughing at my face

And all I can do is keep quite because the word from my voice can end my life,


They want me dead

To make me hurt from inside

Because the word kills the person more than mouse trap does to mice,

Having enough vain, can result in deep pain,

Don’t look for it there is no heaven,


They want me dead

Because I guess I am not enough wise

To look at their eyes and say please don’t hurt me twice,

Crying all over the night,

Staring at fan, clock and walls thinking maybe tomorrow I could sleep tight,


They want me dead

Tear in my face, and the blood in my veins,

Saying me what are you running for maybe I just stop and make you breathless?

And I keep saying I have to live,

But for the one who still believe, that I can be best, Because they want me dead,

They want me dead

Waking up in morning thinking this day could be best,

But the same old time like,

 I have to endure more pain every time so I could survive,

Yes, I am afraid,

 But have to live with fear so that I couldn’t be late,


They want me dead

Living with the fact that I have to pay off my debt,

And if it was not for debt

I would have already been dead,


They want me dead

Looking for someone to help

If anyone is there please listen to me please help,

Because I don’t want to be slave

I don’t want to be slave,


They want me dead

Teasing and mocking all the day that I am not the best,

Yelling and shouting in my face,

And asking who are you,

You just a little sneaky heck

Stay within your limit,

Because you are just a slave



They want me dead

And it’s true I don’t want to stay in this place,

The place is tearing me from inside

The people are insulting me from outside

And I am dying every time I want to live from both sides

I guess I am left with no side


They want me dead

The anxiety, disturbance and worries have no limit

Every part of my body they have capture every unit,

People says why am I so skinny

Well look for you are happy and I’m struggling for each penny,


They want me dead

They say I am not a good person,

I make them feel vulnerable

I make them feel shame so they always blame,

I should rather die than being alive

I am running out of supplies and I am left with no credibility

Because I am just a lie,


They want me dead

Every passing second in my life

I blame myself why did I survive,

Somebody could have killed me when I was too young

Because I don’t want to get born

I don’t want to get born,

They want me dead

I have lost my hope and my faith,

Always think if god was there then why don’t they can see

One of his child is crying and asking them to believe,

But I have no one to hear my voice

And maybe at last I won’t survive,


They want me dead

I want someone to believe, to listen and to trust

Maybe I am forever alone and they will never come,

My life might be unfair; I don’t like to share,

Cause happiness is something u can give

And I am left with only pain that I had received,


They want me dead

I have to live life to show them I can be the best,

Dream of my can be great,

And maybe at the end they will realize

All I ever wanted was a life

There love and little of sweet voice,

So that I could have survived

Like the rest who have survived

Like the rest who have survived,


Because they want me dead,

They want me dead  …











Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2020 himanshu narayan jha. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

I could relate to a lot of this. I really liked the line, "Because the word kills a person more than a mousetrap does to mice."
Great poem, full of so many emotions.

Mon, August 31st, 2020 10:20am


Thank you very much for your comment...
You can access to my others poem at my drive link below...

I have uploaded comic version of "They want me dead" and many poems in my drive link...
I hope you will enjoy reading it...

Mon, August 31st, 2020 3:34am

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