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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


i have heard others say

a little bit of John goes a long way

did you know that every single day

I saw him kneel down and pray?


Some said he had to be in control

that he could be heartless, mean or cold

did you know he had dreams and goals

that pain and hardship stole?


A few thought him to be quite strange

and often in personality very bane

did you know how often he would change

that in God he'dincrease and self then wane?


To friends he was generous to a fault

as if he had millions in a vault

did you know when under assault

he would admit blame and truth exhault?


In his community I would often hear

when help was needed he'd volunteer

did you know when they cried tears

that he consistently offered cheer?


Though his girls barely knew dad

when young, they received all he had

did they know he was not only sad

nor alone in blame or all bad?


To his church he was faithful and meek

in his life, it was God he would most seek

did you know when he would often speak

truisms turned many a cheek?


Gods will for my own life

was to become this man's wife

did you know our shared strife

or our mutual burdened flight or fight?


This man was more to me

than others could possibly ever see

did you know his family tree

or the real John Michael Anthony?


Tall in stature, solid in conviction

one of seven children, next to last son

did you know not everyone

can accomplish what this man hath done?


John was unique, no need to pretend

a miraculous blessed blend

did you know he was my very best friend

and I loved John, until his dying life's end.

Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Deblynn. All rights reserved.

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