Deadly Island in the Black sea volume4

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a battle between 16 teenagers and who-must-not-be-named.

On a sunny day accompanied by random lightning strikes from the sky, there were 16 teenagers on a mythical island near the Black Sea. Though the sun was shining down onto the land, lightning strikes were splitting trees in half near the mountains and forests. The teenagers sat on rocks in a cave talking to each other. There were eight males and eight females that were chosen to save the world from the Dark Lord who must not be named Tromedolv! The teenagers were coming up with a plan on how to beat Tromedolv. They had been training in the ancient caves of Daoshan by Master Fremes. They learned the best defensive martial arts called kung fu and qinggong which allowed them to jump to very high places and walk quickly across water. The lightning was gone and the teenagers walked out of the cave.

“The trees have split. We should gather the wood and build a ship. We need to get to the waterfall fountain in two weeks, that’s when we can seek the advice of the oracle to defeat the Dragon King,” said Andromeda. Vulcan walked to a split piece of 3 meter wide and 7 meter long and 2-meter thick wood and told everybody to help build the ship with that wood as the bottom piece. 

“Get the hammer and nails and saw. Chop them into smaller pieces and make them into the ship’s body. Hurry. We’re running out of time,” said Jupiter. 

Then Apollo said, “Drill a hole and expand it to the size of 2 meters wide and 4-meter long room to be the freeboard and make a steering wheel inside a cabin built on the deck.”The entire crew went to work. Morpheus and Aries were responsible for sanding down the wood surface. Jupiter and Neptune were responsible for painting the wood and putting on the ship’s name on the side. Hercules and Zeus needed to make the cabin. Andromeda, Moon, Lavender, Aphrodite, Amazon and Gemini helped Apollo to build the ship. Lastly, Hebe and Athena were responsible for gathering the food sources needed for the travel. In about 3 hours they were ready to sail so everyone was climbing on the ship. The captain was Neptune and they named the ship The Trident. The teenagers were excited about the journey but knew that they would be in great danger when they eventually have to face the Tromedolv. They hoped that the oracle would give them good guidance on how to defeat the Dark Lord. Then, a flock of beautiful birds swept passed flying slowly towards the mud. The birds had the feathers of a peacock with the colors of a parrot and the wingspan of an eagle. The birds flew to the other side of a mountain and came back circling around them as if the birds wanted to make them follow. 

“The birds have been circling for us for a while. What do you think they want?” asked Moon. 

“I don’t know, maybe they’re hungry?” said Lavender.

“Look! They’re forming into the shape of an arrow!” said Gemini surprised. Then, there were arrows falling down from the sky. 

“Quick! Get into the freeboard of the ship,” said Hercules. They all ran towards the hole where the freeboard was and some of them ran to the cabin where the steering wheel was. The arrows continuously dropped from the sky as the colorful birds circled them. 

“Let’s steer towards the cave,” said Neptune. 

“Ok,” said Moon while standing in the squishy cabin. While steering towards the unknown cave, the teenagers noticed that the arrows were poisonous. A lot of dead fish that were not shot by arrows began floating upwards to the top of the sea. Then an enormous creature in the river swam up. It was a spinosaurus. It began reaching for someone on the ship to eat. The spinosaurus had long arms and moved them towards the deck of the ship. 

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Aphrodite, “That dinosaur looking thing is coming onto the ship!” It swept its arm around the ship and was hoping to grab someone. All the teenagers moved to the far side of the ship to run away from the spinosaurus but the spinosaurus managed to pull itself up onto the deck. It stomped on the deck and some people who knew how to swim jumped off the ship. The teenagers in the water were treading now, trying to keep themselves afloat. Meanwhile, the teenagers that were on the boat were battling the spinosaurus using the kungfu they had learned at Daoshan. The spinosaurus stood there like he was being massaged by the teenagers. The kung fu moves were not hurting the spinosaurus at all. He was too powerful! They were punching like crazy but the spinosaurus was just standing there thinking what he was going to eat for dinner.

“Hmmm, who should I eat?” pondered the spinosaurus. 

“Not me!” yelled Zeus and Vulcan as they ran into the hole.

“Not us!” shouted Morpheus and Gemini as they ran towards the cabin.

“Are we going to die?” said Morpheus while trembling non-stop. 

“Let’s use our epic move!” said Lavender. Then, they all ran towards the spinosaurus and jumped very high and kicked it in the head. 

“Rooooooooaaaar,” yelled the spinosaurus. The spinosaurus took a strong blow from their kick and fell face onto the ground. He then rolled over and splashed into the sea. 

The ship went to the rainforest biome where the ship came to a halt because there was no more food and fuel. The teenagers docked the ship and went off to search for food and fuel sources in the rainforest. About 500 meters away were panthers that were bloodthirsty. They did not eat for two days so they were hunting. The panthers roared ferociously into the sky. They spotted the teenagers from the peripheries of their eyes. When the teenagers went past, the panthers jumped off the tree that they were waiting on. One panther pounced onto Morpheus. 

“Ahhhhhh! Get this monster off of me!” screamed Morpheus as he wrestled with the panther’s jaws from sinking its teeth onto Morpheus’s neck. Everybody tried to pull the panther off but the panther was too strong. While struggling with the panther, the panther sunk its teeth into Neptune’s arm. His arm was bleeding non-stop. Then everybody using all their force managed to pull the panther off of Morpheus. Hercules used qinggong and jumped on top of a tree and pranced back down striking the panther with his strongest epic kick. HIYA! The panther fainted to the ground. The rest of the panthers striked at once. The panthers charged left and right creating confusion and surrounded the teenagers into a circle of DOOM! They were dead meat for sure now. The panther could smell the fear coming off from their sweat. The panthers inched closer and closer towards the teenagers and the teenagers huddled into a ball closer and closer. The panthers were now one meter away from the teenagers. 

“Get out your ninja stars,” whispered Hebe, “aim their head and eyes. We might get a chance to escape if they can’t see so well.” but when they went to get their  ninja stars, the panthers pounced towards them! SWOOSH! One of the panthers took a strong bite on Vulcan’s ankle. Vulcan tried to shake the panther off, but, of course, the panther’s bite was too strong. The panthers each bit a teenager on different areas of their bodies. The worst bite was on Andromeda where half of her skull was inside the panther’s jaws. Everybody was screaming because the panthers bite force is 3000 pounds. While everyone was losing hope, Vulcan reached into his pockets to grab his pocket watch. He pressed the side nodule of the watch. BOOM! Time slowed down. And he ran away back inside the ship. He went into the ship to get a laser pistol for each teenager. He gathered it into a backpack and placed them into their hands while the entire world was moving in slow motion right before his eyes. And then time resumed and some teenagers could not hold the pistol properly because they got bit in the arm. A few of them dropped their pistols to the ground. Those that managed to shoot their panthers away helped the ones that were still being bitten by the panthers. PEW PEW PEW! Then an enormous tail with a club swinged and broke all the pistols and tools. The panthers seeing that the teenagers were without weapons attacked ferociously again! CHOMP! CRUNCH! They were hopeless now. The teenagers could not be saved unless a miracle happened! The panthers were now sinking their biggest 10 inch teeth into the teenagers!  The teeth were like a sharp knife stabbing into the teenagers. There was no way that they would be able to make it to the Dragon King. Just then there was a herd of cow-like animals. These were the powerbulls. They had four sets of horns, rough hooves, and extra super strength. They stampeded towards the teenagers! The panthers saw what was coming towards them and got scared and ran off! The teenagers were free from the 3000 pound bites! But now they were facing getting trampled by 4 ton beasts. 

“We’re going to be pancakes!” screamed Gemini, “Run for your lives!” The powerbulls were now 5 meters from them The teenagers tried to dodge left and right from the powerbulls. Some of them even rolled on the ground. Some were running 20 kilometers per hour! “SMUSH! Aphrodite plopped hard onto the ground. Before she could get back up again, the powerbull came at her a second time. SMUSH! She was very hurt and was bleeding non-stop. Aphrodite took her last breath and collapsed onto the ground. Aphrodite had died. When it all stopped, there were only 15 people left. Moon took out an axe from her backpack and began swinging it wildly at the powerbulls. She was super angry at Aphrodite’s death. The powerbulls turned away from them and ran in the other direction because the powerbulls did not like the smell of blood at all. 

Torn and worn out, the teenagers attempted to look for food and fuel one more time. They saw a serene waterfall and decided to rest there to take a nap because the water sounds were very relaxing. In less than 10 minutes, the teenagers dozed off as they were exhausted from battling with the beasts. No one noticed a big 30 meter tall monster walking towards them. The monster was 30 meter tall and had long white fur covering from head to toe. It had the body of a spinosaurus and a head of an allosaurus and the tail of an ankylosaurus with arms of a v-rex and bite force of 20 tons. The monster began sniffing at the sleeping teenagers. The teenagers had no idea as they were deep asleep. He was trying to find the oldest teenager to eat because he was hungry. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF~ He smelled that Hercules was the oldest of them all. But he smelled the perfume of Moon. Her perfume was very fragrant and that drew the monster’s attention towards her. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN! SNIFF SNIFF 

“Hmmmmmm what’s this smell? It smells soooo good, I wonder what it tastes like, '' thought the monster. He went closer to Moon and as he opened his jaw to munch on her, Moon woke up! But too late, the jaws were 16 inches away! The monster was prepared to feast on Moon as his snack. Munch “Mmmm delicious” thought the monster. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!  Everybody woke up and started screaming! 

“I’m going to NOM all of you guys,” said the monster in a very deep roaring tone. The teenagers found some big red grass around them so they thought they could escape the monster if they ran towards the grass. Everybody ran towards the red grass. Now in the red grass, they started sinking down! 

“Head to the red grass! It can cover us and outgrow its vines to tangle the monster’s arms and legs!” screamed Morpheus, “run for your lives!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can’t feel my legs! Why am I being pulled down?” cried Athena. 

“Save me!!!!!!!” cried Lavender. Everybody was sinking down like the grass was quicksand, then purple vines shot out and pulled the teenagers down evan faster!

“I can’t breathe. The vines are covering me up!” said Andromeda as she was being drowned in the vines. The vines kept growing uncontrollably, eventually immersing everyone except for the monster. The monster swiftly escaped the vines as it was knowledgeable in the plants on the island. 

“Hey where are we, why are there minecarts?” said Jupiter. The teenagers were extremely stunned with what was going on. The surrounding was a dark damp cave and a rusted train track lined up with numerous mine carts. 

“Where the HECK are we?” questioned Vulcan. Then they suddenly got pushed into a minecart by the purple vines. The minecart squeaked when they were plopped down by the vines. Before they could even realize what was happening, the minecart plunged forward. Then before they even knew where they were, arrows shot out of the holes on the walls.PEW PEW PEW! Arrows shot from the left and right side of the cave walls. The teenagers ducked down into the minecarts. Then Apollo got shot in the arm. The minecart continued to move at a super fast pace as the flying arrows came out of the wall. Eventually the minecarts came to a squeaking halt. After a few seconds, the minecart started to go down the track again! It was a STEEP downhill! 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh! This is the worst roller coaster of my life!!!!!” yelled Aries. 

“How can we stop this crazy minecart that has its own mind! This minecart’s a MANIAC!” shouted Gemini.

“Look! There’s a lever on the edge of the cart! Maybe we should try to pull it?!!!” asked Neptune. 

“You’re a maniac! How are we supposed to pull the lever when it’s raining arrows!??!” shouted Zeus. “Where is our walking cane? Let’s use that to nudge the lever!” suggested Hercules. 

“Ahhhhhh! Duck! There are vines with 2 inch spikes!” screamed Hebe. 

“Will we make it out alive?” sobbed Zeus. Everybody ducked, but there were some people left that did not duck because it was too squishy. Jupiter, Neptune and Hercules could not duck down and ended up having arrows shot onto their backs. They were severely injured. 

“Owwwww! I think I am dying!” screamed Neptune. Shortly after, Neptune passed away. They needed to choose a new captain. They did not even notice the vines with spikes ahead. The spikes got punctured into Jupiter and Hercules and that was it for them unfortunately. Then a spike suddenly shot out of the wall. Instead of arrows, there were spikes aiming at the teenagers. Then some fire sprayed out of the walls and it was like hell. Literally they were in hell since they were underground and being burnt and shot by arrows. 

“I didn’t sign up to be in HELL!” screamed Zeus, “get me outta here mommy!” A lot of sharp rocks came falling out of the ceiling. There was no where to duck since the sharp rocks were raining from the top to bottom. Those sharp rocks were 10 inches long and wide. As the rocks were falling, they saw gleams of purple and green glowing from the rocks! They were a kind of magma rock and they were going to bury the teenagers alive! As the rocks fell, they turned into a purple slime goop and splattered all over the teenagers’ faces and bodies. The minecart came to a halt near a platform. Without even thinking, they jumped out. 

“Owwww this is like lava. What is this? It's so hot!” said Vulcan. Their skins were bubbling up with painful blisters in the spots that were covered by the purple lava. Some jumped and fell hard onto the ground, others ended up rolling and scratching themselves a bit before coming to a final stop. There was a rock hallway that led into a 30 meter wide 40 meter long room where there were some rock sculptures. When they all went inside the door shut and locked itself. The rock sculptures came in different sizes and forms. The sculpture to the left corner of the room was a water dragon. The sculpture to the right corner of the room was a person holding a gun! The bottom left corner was a crazy looking clown carrying an axe on his left hand and an AK-47 on his right hand. To the bottom right corner was a crazy bear bear with a hammer! It was like a non-stop torture room! The sculptures looked as if their eyes shifted. Then the arm of the crazy bear bear lifted up. All the sculptures started chasing the teenagers with their weapons. PEW PEW PEW! It was definitely impossible to survive the room. The teenagers ran in a circle being chased by the four sculptures. The clown was shooting the AK-47 and moving his axe up and down! The clown took out a bomb and threw it towards Aries. Aries with his swift agility shifted downwards and successfully dodged the bomb. KABOOM! There was a HUGE hole in the wall. There was now an exit out of the boxed room!!!! But a few milliseconds later, the room sealed itself magically. 

“Did you guys see that?” asked Lavender. 

“Me want to kill!” said the clown as he shot everywhere. There were bullet holes all over the walls. The crazy bear bear stomped around with the hammer trying to smash everyone. 

“Blood blood blood!” shouted the clown as he looked for the teenagers to chop. CHOP! The clown got Lavender’s hand! 

“One hand down, one more to go!” shouted the clown. Lavender ran for her life to dodge the killer clown, but she slipped and fell onto the ground. CHOP! This was the sad ending for Lavender. Then, it started raining swords! It was definitely like hell.The swords flew left and right passing by the top of their heads and faces. One of the swords stabbed the leg of Andromeda and she was down! The bear walked happily towards her like a child who got a free lollipop. The bear bear was ready to smash Andromeda into a pancake! The bear was right beside her! 

“Pancakes pancakes pancakes!” shouted crazy bear bear. The bear didn’t know that Andromeda was slowly taking out a pocket knife from the back pocket of her pants. 

“I want to eat pancakes! I want pancakes! I WANT TO SMUSH EVERYONE INTO PANCAKES!” shouted crazy bear bear. Bear bear stomped on Andromeda’s leg and smashed her with the hammer. Andromeda literally turned into a pancake and was eaten by Bear bear for lunch. Vulcan reached into his pocket for the time watch. Kaboom! Time slowed down again. He quickly took the bomb that was flying towards Zeus and threw it at the wall. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP . . . The bomb was counting down to its explosion. BOOM! The entire right wall was exploded and opened by the bomb. He quickly pushed everyone out of the hole and time resumed. 

“Hurry! Get the HECK out of here!” screamed Vulcan. Everyone ran out of the room to escape the dangerous sculptures. Outside of the room, they saw a big bottle labeled fuel and a lot of packaged food. They quickly gathered the resources with them and continued on their journey. They soon arrived in a desert, and their ship was stuck in the quicksand. They got off the ship feeling full from the food they had all eaten. Their bellies were now super round and fluff. They were so fat they walked so slow. Then, suddenly an allosaurus appeared out of nowhere. The allosaurus was a dinosaur that was two times larger than the T-rex. Its teeth are three feet long and as sharp as a chopping axe. 

“Roaaaaaaarrrrrrrr,” roared the allosaurus as he started running towards the teenagers. Everyone ran, but Amazon was especially slow because she had eaten too much food! She felt like she was going to vomit all the food back out! DUN DUN DUUUUUN! The allosaurus was super hungry because he did not eat for a week. Before the allosaurus’s eyes, the teenagers appeared to be the most delicious meal he had had in a long time. The allosaurus was greatly salivating as he stared at the teenagers. Now all the teenagers, except Amazon, were 500 meters away from the allosaurus. Amazon was lagging behind lots as she tried to catch up with the other teenagers. It was no use though, the allosaurus was running closer and closer to her. 100 meters away now the allosaurus was imagining the great feast he was going to have. He was going to be a full dinosaur tonight. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! The allosaurus scooped up Amazon. Crunch Crunch Crunch the dinosaur ate her whole. There were only eight of the teenagers left to go battle the Dark Lord Tromedlov, the son of Voldemort. Suddenly Tromedolv appeared in the desert. 

“Mwe hahahahaha!” laughed Tromedlov. The Dark Lord waved his wand towards the sand and a gigantic boa constrictor came plunging out from the sand towards the sky. 

“Ahhhhhhhhh, I don’t want to die!” shouted Zeus. Zeus turned into a scaredy cat every time a monster came out running for the teenagers. He probably should not be the leader of the group.

“Die die die!” said the snake in parseltongue. The tongue of the snake was hissing furiously, and its eyes were gleaming with a fiery red. Then the Dark Lord pointed his wand at the sky and an enormous monster with slimy tentacles appeared in midair. The monster had 12 purple tentacles flailing around and the head of the monster kept changing colours to camouflage with its surroundings. It was very hard to spot the monster. The only part that was visible was it’s big yellow eyes. The monster squatted down with its tentacles and the head changed colour with its surrounding colours. The Dark Lord pointed the wand again at the monster and the monster grew double its size which was a little easier to spot because the bigger the monster the easier to spot. The Dark Lord waved his magic wand again and the monster swiftly went underneath the sand. About a minute later the monster popped up in front of the teenagers.As the monster came rushing up the sand, it created a sandstorm twirling around the desert. The boa constrictor was just chilling in the desert while his tongue slurped up scorpions that were randomly walking around in the sand. The teenagers each pulled out a wand and used a spell that pushed away the monster. 

“LEVIOSA SANORTEP!” yelled the teenagers in unison. 

The monster flew backwards and disappeared, he apparated! The teenagers’ wands were very powerful when combined together and the Dark Lord became angry. The monster reappeared behind them and started crawling towards them. As he crawled, the tentacles left a trail of poisonous slime behind the monster which killed all the scorpions and insects that stepped on it. It was a pile of dead poisonous bugs. The monster crawled under the sand and was right below the teenagers it was going to attack! The monster plunged right up towards where they were standing and the teenagers flew 5 meters into the sky before falling onto the ground. 


“Expelliarmus!’’ shouted Tromedlov. The teenagers' wands flew 3 meters away. 

“Hurry! Go retrieve the wand before he casts another spell!” shouted Apollo. 

“Edolpxe!” shouted Tromedlov as he pointed his wand between Zeus and Hebe KABOOM. The explosion left Zeus and Hebe bleeding on the ground unconscious. They were paralyzed. The Dark Lord swung his wand one more time. And Ocard Yoflam, the apprentice of the Dark Lord,  appeared out of thin air. He had been learning evil spells from the Dark Lord since he was a young child. 

“Crucio!” yelled Ocard Yoflam pointing his wand at Zeus. Once the curse was casted, the teenagers moaned in tremendous pain. Their entire body was in extreme pain. 

“Tsalb!” shouted Apollo pointing his wand at Ocard. Ocard was blasted 20 meters away. Ocard was not as well trained as Apollo and Apollo did another spell to stop Ocard’s crucio spell.

“Oicurc!” said Apollothe effect of this spell was to stop any Crucio curse within the radius of 30 meters. While all of this was happening, little did they know that the Dark Lord was secretly preparing his greatest spell of all, the htaedhtaed reverof spell. 

“ Hteadhtead reverof!” shouted Tromedlov “Reducto!” shouted Apollo. The two spells hit each other causing a radius of 10 meters of kill zone. Everyone fell to the ground. A little blood came out of everyone’s mouth. They were all internally injured by the spell. Could this battle be the death of all of them? Nobody could tell who was winning the spell version of the Big Bang. The collision of the spells was so strong that The Dark Lord and Apollo couldn’t stand up. The furious battle continued. The Dark Lord decided that he needed to draw on the power of Ocard in order to defeat the teenagers. ZAP!

“Sukcus Sukucs!” said the Dark Lord as he aimed at the head of Ocard.  A steady flow of energy came out from Ocard’s head and went straight into the Dark Lord’s head. As more and more energy came out from Ocard, he eventually collapsed to the ground. The Dark Lord’s eyes gleamed in green. The Dark Lord was winning because of Ocard’s energy. The two spells were like two bulls wrestling each other. Apollo gathered the wands of everyone else and tied them into a bunch using a thick string to make sure they wouldn’t fall apart. The spell was so strong it burned The Dark Lord’s spell and exploded him and the monsters to pieces. The Dark Lord was dead! They had defeated the invincible! Apollo started to help all the injured teenagers up. Now they were heading back to their master, Fremes’s cave. The teenager’s managed to save the world and those who died were honoured by the rest of the world. 



Submitted: August 07, 2020

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