a cool breeze, a sunny day, and a comfortable bench

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Pre-surmising a someday settling-in for an untroubled and unhurried ending of things (life).

A Cool Breeze, A Sunny Day, And A Comfortable Bench


In the shadow of the mountain,

facing eternity, for good,

I'd like to meet my maker;

say: "I did the best I could."

But The Maker is not meeting,

and the gatekeeper's puffing grass,

and it's really quite ambivalent

if he's going to let me pass.


In the melody of the Queen is marked

no tune, or line, 'gainst love.

And personally,

..............................I shall gainsay not,

what others might wish to snub.

All women and men are poets;


...........word by word, through all their lives,

are writ the sacred terms of self

for unread, and lost, archives.


In the human depths of being,

should lie chaos and despair;

but plucky hope

...............................runs brilliant deep,

...though 'tis sourced from God knows where.

And if poetry, music and love have hold,

then any life has grace;

and should The Maker pass my way,

well, I won't seem out of place.



by Steven P. Pody

Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Steven P. Pody. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

This shows a very positive outlook on the human condition. Great work. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wed, January 13th, 2021 2:14pm


Well, people are resilient, and patient, fer sure. And if they can't find greatness within themselves, perhaps they may at least find an inner beauty and personal peace. Glad you liked the poem, and thanks for reading.

Wed, January 13th, 2021 8:09am


Written so elegantly. Each line is vivid and packs something soothing. I love the lines about the gatekeeper puffing on grass and but plucky hope runs brilliant deep. They're subtle lines but have so much depth. I like the formatting, easy to follow and indulge in. Awesome work Steven!

Tue, January 26th, 2021 8:24pm


By golly, thanks most kindly, Myles. Am glad you enjoyed the read, sir. Poetic regards, Steven

Tue, January 26th, 2021 1:55pm

Criss Sole

I thought this was beautifully written. Each line had a lot to say, and gave me something to really think about.
You are an amazing writer Steven.
I feel honored to have met you.

Sat, May 29th, 2021 7:49am


I am glad that you liked the poem, and thank you most kindly for the lovely comment. It is a poem of eventual serenity and patience, acceptance after life's battles, achieved inner contentment, ...and, a deep-rooted, firm and hard-earned inner strength - a quality of which, by the way, you have in abundance. Poetic regards, Steven

Sat, May 29th, 2021 1:05pm

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