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After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They're still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward's head, things aren't going to be easy. And despite what they say, I'm not doing them any favors, either.

[Ed X OC]

[Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic. Basic knowledge of FMA not required but encouraged.]

[Written from 2015 - 2018]

Contains violence, harsh language, and brief adult scenes. 18+ chapters available on BooksieSilk!


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Central City

  I stepped off the train, taking in the busy air that could only be Central City. "This is amazing!" "You've been ... Read Chapter

Coming Home

    "Well, here we are!" I couldn't bring myself to act like I was happy about Ed's announcement. I stayed sta... Read Chapter

Capturing It

I kept my face turned to the side, staring at the same spot as before. The corner of the window, where the frame met the beginning of the... Read Chapter


One of my favorite chapters to write... Enjoy!
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Red Light

I woke up to the sound of Al gasping. "Brother!" There was a glimpse of red light; transmutation-like. Then it faded. Ed's vo... Read Chapter

Revealed, Part I

A/N: Violent chapter! You've been warned now!  (Also, for reference's sake, Ed's around 5'3"-5'4" in this story) I was... Read Chapter

Ice Cream

To say today had been a long day would definitely be an understatement. The train ride back to Central was short—or at least it felt fa... Read Chapter


I woke up with a blanket over my body. Soft, thick, and a deep red—it was incredibly nice, but I didn't remember even cuddling up with ... Read Chapter

Stopping and Stalling

I woke up in a hospital bed. Ed was sitting in chair close by, the daytime light from the window catching onto the metal of his automail.... Read Chapter

Revealed, Part II

Rehabilitation started almost a week after I first arrived. I felt awful about still keeping them here, but Ed and Al kept dismissing my ... Read Chapter

Absence & Presence

He left almost two years ago. It was an October morning when I came home from a light jog, setting my house key down on the kitchen c... Read Chapter

Down This Same Road Again

Hello readers!

I completely forgot to mention a few really vital things about this story, and I figure now is better than later!

1) The writing of this fic is very psychological. I've created a lot of characters (most have been developing for around 15 years (I'm 20, so they've been around for a while!)), and the MC of this
story is by far the most complex character I've ever made--and she's only been developing for less than five months! From this point on, her mood/self-esteem effects the writing style, so
when she's "down", the writing will become more plain. I can talk about this character all day, especially the further we get into the fic, but my main point in this little note is that any
and all grammatical description errors, awkward word choices, and generally funky descriptions are all the result of the main character's ability to "write". Not mine ;)

2) Similar thing to note #1, but a little more detailed (and also an example). This ties back into chapter 9 with the homunculi--which, grammatically speaking, would technically be lowercased.
However, our main character likes to see certain things as "bigger" than she is; more powerful, in a way. I've done something similar to this with the word "alchemist" throughout the story (either
reference to Ed as someone with more "status" than her (Alchemist) or as her equal (alchemist)).

If any of that's confusing, just let me know and I'll try to re-explain!

In terms of this chapter: you guys know this story is a pretty big AU, right? Okay; just makin' sure. 

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Playing Speculation

"STOP! THIEF!" I looked up, seeing someone finish jumping onto the rooftop above us. Ed was already following him, spouting something... Read Chapter

Shadows Against Moonlight

    Those first few nights were the hardest. I spent them alone, confined to a room by myself for the fi... Read Chapter

The Games We Play

  I walked out of the bedroom dressed and with the large blanket&nbs... Read Chapter

Warmth of the Sun

This chapter's song: Close to You by The Carpenters _________ We landed in Kuijec after a few hours of traveling. ... Read Chapter

Here We Go

"I am paralyzed, so afraid to die ... Tension strikes, choking me, worries grow." - Panic Attack by Dream Theate... Read Chapter

Days Like These

  Ed was quiet. Quieter than usual, that is. Sometimes, I think he&nb... Read Chapter

Here We Are

    I thought about Ed a lot, the next morning. We shared a room, but when I rose from my sleep, his bed was messy... Read Chapter


We stopped for ice cream, on the way out of town. And I did my best to smile, as a treat-filled cone and spoon were handed to me. Practi... Read Chapter

Happy Birthday, Ed

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROTHER!" Streamers and confetti popped out, and like Al had&nb... Read Chapter

With Rest

I rose early, blinking at the clock. Sunlight had partially answered my question, but the clock confirmed it was after eight. I suppose w... Read Chapter

Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray

    "You ask me what our future holds... I'll dig a hole and say, 'let's go.'" - Heavy Head, Elder Brother ... Read Chapter

Balancing the Scales

Ed was quiet, on the ride to Helltem. He gave no mention of what had happened between us, the aftermath I had swept up with kind phrases ... Read Chapter

Within Pages, Part I

  "The vultures will surround you...  I cry out 'love, keep your arms around me...'"  - Monday Morning, Death Cab... Read Chapter

Together, Part I

"The ground is shaking underneath, now that you're here A body's skipping beats when you appear" - Take Me As You Found Me, An... Read Chapter

Separation of Self

A/N: Warning, adult themes ahead. Alternate erotic version on BooksieSilk   ----------   It was cold, t... Read Chapter

For Our Lives

I got off the train with unstable legs. My hand kept wiping at my mouth, sure there was some evidence of what I had done. I was sure it w... Read Chapter

As You Wish

A/N: Alternate, erotic version on BooksieSilk!   I was a bit surprised when he spoke my name, so soft and quiet that I ... Read Chapter

With Time

As sleep left me, my surrounds became more clear. The pillow I was resting against wasn't made of feathers but instead a solid chest, my ... Read Chapter

Nothing More

We spent the nights differently now. Borrowing just one bed instead of two, our bodies merging into one sleeping form. We'd touch and kis... Read Chapter

Within Pages, Part II

We were four hours into library books when I pulled myself away from all the texts. Noticing there was no one around, noticing I was ... Read Chapter


  I was flying. I hit the rooftop hard, landing on both feet, the scar on my calf screaming. Ed met my eyes, that gol... Read Chapter

Lips of a Ghost

I stared at the back of Ed's coat through pouring rain. Another braid had been added, making the total six. Six years, hundreds o... Read Chapter

The Day I Regret

Days passed and blurred together; research spiked with the fear of being hunted again. It all went in a cycle, until the day I feare... Read Chapter


  "Run away, run away So predictable Not far from here You see me crack Like a bone, like a bone I'm so breakable" ... Read Chapter


I woke up a few minutes before he did. My thoughts stayed relatively bla... Read Chapter

Hands of Time

"Time out, let's stop and think this through, We've all got better things to do, Than talk in circles run in place, Answers inches ... Read Chapter


  I didn't notice it. Like before, I only caught a glimmer before everything kickstarted. Ed saw it first, flicker of... Read Chapter


The room was quiet, its brightness loud and causing a splitting headache. I stayed sitting on the edge of the bed, watching white bandage... Read Chapter


    Alternate image I was barely two steps into the living room when Al spoke. He held out the phone, momenta... Read Chapter


"When the rain comes down and hits my face, I try and remember a day when they weren't tears of pain. When will it all go away?" ... Read Chapter

After Rain/Shell of Someone Unknown

I awoke to the sound of rain pattering against the inn window. My eyes opened, seeing the other half of the bed embedded with the gho... Read Chapter

Together, Part II

"Empires rise, empires fall Will you be my constant through it all?" - Quiet, Jason Mraz It was evening time when I finally ... Read Chapter


Making this chapter PG-13-ish totally kicked my butt, but I’m back on a regular upload schedule!

18+ on AO3, Wattpad, and Quotev. Take your pick if you’re interested!
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Impatient Like a Flower

“When I fall asleep I feel you with me, until I fall asleep and you are with me.”  - ....And Counting - Lights It was r... Read Chapter

Sketching Strokes

Ed practically sang my name, as soon as we touched down in a hotel in a town near Central City. I looked over, dropping my bag, to see th... Read Chapter

A Man’s Answer

  Mustang hadn't been mentioned since the letter we sent off weeks ago. But as soon as we began moving towards Rush Valley, E... Read Chapter

Rush Valley

  Rush Valley was a place we had passed by many times, but never ventured into. I just thought of the ride we took to D... Read Chapter

Broken Parts

  The Homunculus in front of me grinned, steam rising from between sharp teeth. My right hand stretched out, the long cla... Read Chapter

Between Sand and Stone

Marco was a desolate, windy town made up of sand. It reminded me of passages I'd read describing Ishval; how people covered their fac... Read Chapter

The Bright Lights of the Northern Train

Al and I were in the middle of a card game when I realized something. I had played a lot with this deck, but as much as I had played,... Read Chapter


  It was cold, stepping off the train, my breath as transparent as the rest of me. I pulled the coat Edward had made cl... Read Chapter

Just Below the Surface

We were on the outskirts of Central, when it hit. I only caught sight of a small bomb, a figure high in the sky, and a sweeping ... Read Chapter

Miracles On 5th Street

Oh, man… Out of all the chapters I’ve written, this one was one of (if not the) absolute funnest to write! I’m not sure if “funnest” is even a word, but anyway I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for
Read Chapter

I’ll Follow You

It happened in the worst of times. I never saw it coming; I don't think I could've done anything to prevent it, even if my eyes ... Read Chapter

Resembool, Part I

"I was just a boy far from home  I became a man when you came along" - A Long Time Ago, Jim Croce I watched Ed get ... Read Chapter

Resembool, Part II

Knocks came to my door, reaching out to me in the dead of night. Not that I had been sleeping very much before... Ed gave me a sm... Read Chapter


  Winry spoke, breaking the silence created by us getting ready to leave. "You look exhausted, Ed." "I... Read Chapter


He was quiet on the train ride. We all were. I kept my stare on&nbs... Read Chapter

Fixing What Breaks

I woke up the next morning to the sound of him getting dressed. I watched his back for a moment, studying all the scars lining his skin w... Read Chapter

A Harsh Lesson; A Painful Truth

"You took it with you when you left, these scars are just a trace." He waited for one of us to talk. Arms on his legs, hands threade... Read Chapter

Revealed, Part III

With a hotel rooftop as our edge, he pulled away, breaking the kiss, and with the moon as our lamplight, rested his forehead against mine... Read Chapter


  "Turned up in this old place again... Can't seem to get away." - Heavy Rope, Lights I was a ghost—pale, transparen... Read Chapter


I let out the smallest of sighs, utterly content, my fingers threaded between the spaces of his ... Read Chapter

With the Sun, We Rise

  Daybreak began to bleed in as I awoke to Ed lazily kissing the back of my neck. His arm swept around me, holding onto my ... Read Chapter

The Day the Earth Stood Still

  I sat where Ed had placed me.  I hated waiting.  I hated feeling like I was a statistic outside of the... Read Chapter


I awoke on my side, some image before me and some ringing in my ears. Where...? How....? I was back, the Truth before me gone. An... Read Chapter


After all was silent, after Al had been taken away by ambulance, I caught Ed by the shoulder. The words were still ringing in his ea... Read Chapter

Reunion, Part II

The sound of a heartbeat is an amazing thing. How it shows each palpitation with spikes of a flatline.  I spoke to Edward and ... Read Chapter

One Last Promise

In the dead of night, I spoke of our adventures. Our way of speaking to one another through touch, kiss, stroke... All our transmissi... Read Chapter

Coming Home, Part II

There was nothing but sunlight. Standing there, in the the opening of the white picket fence, I looked over at him. Ed smiled bac... Read Chapter

Epilogue: To You, My Last Ex

I learned a lot when you left. I learned about taking care of myself. I learned that love doesn’t come easy; that it’s a slow, ca... Read Chapter

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Ann Sepino

I am so glad one of my high school classmates was a big FMA fan. Now I can finally put the crash course she gave me on its anime to good use. I love how this (re)introduction to the brothers starts off, especially Ed. He's such a sweetheart in this chapter, and his protective streak is so adorable. Looking forward to where this story will be going. :)

Sat, July 31st, 2021 1:50pm


Ed’s honestly a total sweetie throughout this whole thing… thank you so much for your comment! Reading it made my day :)

Sat, July 31st, 2021 9:39am

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