Life to Come

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

life to come

a Saturday evening
walk through the eucalyptus grove aromatic awakening
a tune remembered in the steps
fel da ree fel da rah
such wandering
upon the soft breathing earth

for a short while
the relentless news has chilled competing blame has stilled
a squack breaks through the reverie an unseen messager
upon some branch
with the cupping of an ear
and a look into the sky
I listen for the message sent

an evening calm
pervades the eucalyptus grove historical awakening
light streaming
through laced patterns up above shadows crossing on the path an untimely warning
for each mortal life

in such distant moments
the stat reports are quiet
the competing views at rest
yet belabored breathing is heard somewhere in the midst

a ventilator has come on
oxygen is needed
a nurse surrounds with care loved ones not present, not there

I breathe in deep and my eyes gaze up the eucalyptus trunks remembering three crosses
on the hill of calvary

in painful struggle for their breath not coming
a cry bewails the heavens for a god not there

it is finished
the stat reports updated another number is added and the world has one more record of a sacred life
wrapped in a shroud
laid in a tomb
buried in a waiting room

as the twilight
begins to merge with eucalyptus trees and shadows overwhelm
left over thoughts
become deep felt loss
as we continue
in the struggle
as the future manifests

Sunday morning came no stats were needed the rising image cast into the aching hearts of all afflicted

hope is found
in the will to live upon the earth life to be born

and the life to come...

Submitted: August 10, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Beckertz. All rights reserved.

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