The Man from the Stars

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the first short story in the series, "Spencer Marcus's Adventures in the Third World," which is a series about of my "Third World" series. This first story focus on setting up the this first set of short stories for the series, it currently at thirteen stories and will probably be thirty by the end of this first season. It's also important to note that this a a serialize series and not an episodic one. I hope you enjoy.

A man frantically looked around at the many different screens of his pod. They were all flashing red. He had to land very soon or let himself and his pod explode. That wasn't a very appealing idea to him, but all that was around was heavily forested areas. That was very strange, considering he had just been flying through open desert. The man spotted an open field, not too far away. However, it was going to be a very tight landing with minutes to get there before his engines overheated and exploded. The man took a deep breath, turning the wheel, and headed towards the field. He kept an eye on his engine readings, watching as the numbers rose. The numbers were getting too high. He had to land; the field was coming closer. It was close enough the overheat alarm was going off. The man had no more time to spare. He punched the speed and the alarm went crazy, the numbers shooting through the roof. One of the engines caught on fire. The man hit a button, starting the landing sequence. He looked through his view screen, the field just inches away. Another alarm went off; the landing gear stalled. The man thought: It's going to have to be a crash landing then. He punched the wheel and sped up. There was bump and entire pod began to shake. The man had clearly hit something, most likely a tree. The pod was spinning out of control, the ground coming up too fast.

The pod hit the ground, dirt exploding in front of the view screen.

The man looked around, opening the pods door and walking out of it. He looked at the pod, seeing smoke coming off it. The pod was clearly lost. The man took off his helmet and held it at his side, taking a round device off his belt and seeing if there was any signal. All he had was a spinning wheel. The man shook his head, placing it back on his belt and thinking: After thousands of years, we still have to deal with the spinning wheel of death. He crossed his arms, deep in thought: There must be a settlement somewhere nearby here.

“Who are you?” asked a deep male voice.

The man turned, seeing a massive greyish blue dragon, maybe 50 feet long and definitely taller than six feet, standing before him. He stepped back, placing his right hand on his blaster and thinking: There’s a dragon in front of me.

“There is no need for you to draw your weapon,” said the dragon, his greyish blue eyes on the man’s hand.

The man lowered his hand, not sure what to do.

The dragon walked closer to the man, his eyes narrowing on him. “I ask you again, who are you?”

“Spencer Marcus,” said the man, staring into the dragon’s eyes. Spencer took a quiet breath, trying to keep his fear from showing. “Who are you?”

“I am Wnoomah, the Elder Draco of Dragor.” The dragon’s leather grey-blue wings expanded, showing off his greatness.

Spencer nodded his head, feeling himself starting to fall backwards.


Spencer woke up, seeing that he was inside. He sat up, looking around the wooden room and shaking his head. Everything he had seen must have been a dream, there was no way that he had crashed a pod or met a dragon. Dragons weren’t real, they were just things of fairy tales. However, this didn’t look like a medical center, they hadn’t been built from wood in millennia, and there wouldn’t have been just one bed. The room was also a bit too small for a medical center; they could never treat all of the people on an Imperial class starship. In addition, it was clear that the only metal were the nails holding things together. Spencer looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath, before getting out of the bed. He started to walk toward the door, passing a mirror and noticing he was only in his boxer briefs. There was no way he was going to walk out of this room in just his underwear: Where are my clothes? Spencer looked around the room, not seeing his clothes… or any clothes… anywhere. He heard the door, running and grabbing the blanket off the bed to cover himself.

A young man walked into the room, looking at Spencer with a curious look on his face.

Spencer watched the other man, estimating they were both had to be twenty. What really caught Spencer’s eyes, other than the man’s piercing blue eyes, was the other man’s pointed ears. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen different alien races with pointed ears, it was a common hallmark of the Advondes, Tash’La, and Cone’Evon. The major difference here was that this man was clearly closer to a human than those other races. Spencer just kept his eyes on the other man, watching him place clothes onto the bed and feeling his face slightly warming. He wasn’t sure what it was from, also feeling his heartbeat speeding up.

“Sir,” said the man, turning and looking at Spencer.

Spencer shook his head, saying, “Yes?”

“When you’re ready, the Elder Draco and the Imperial Historian would like to see you above deck.” The man held his hands in front of himself, a grin on his face.

Spencer nodded, moving over to the bed and looking at the clothes.

The man nodded, starting towards the door.

Spencer turned to the man. “Excuse me?”

The man stopped, turning back to Spencer. “Sir?”

Spencer took a deep breath, knowing his face was blushing now. “What’s your name?”

“Aedeiel Harrenwyn.” Aedeiel looked down, a smile on his face.

“Aedeiel.” Spencer looked up, letting the name roll around his mouth.

“Though, most people call me, Aede.” Aedeiel stepped towards Spencer. “And your name?”

Spencer looked back at Aedeiel. “Spencer Marcus.”

“Spencer.” Aedeiel nodded his head again, leaving the room.

Spencer placed his right hand on his heart, feeling it beating faster than it ever had and thinking: You can slow down now. The pretty pixie-elf boy is gone. He sat down on the bed, taking a deep breath and looking at the clothes. They didn’t look like an Imperial issued uniform. Maybe he wasn’t on an Imperial Starship. Spencer stood up, dropping the blanket on the bed and picking up the clothes. He walked over to the mirror, throwing the sky blue shirt over his head and pulling the dark brown pants up. This was definitely not an Imperial issued uniform, it wasn’t even a uniform. It was more like something a member of the general public would wear, though maybe a bit outdated. Spencer shrugged, stepping back from the mirror and leaving the room. He headed down the corridor, seeing more wood and it crossed his mind that he could be on a sailing ship. It wasn’t like people didn’t sail on open water. That wasn’t the final frontier anymore, space was. Of course, there was the question of which planet it could be. Maybe if they had brought his pod on board, he could check the locator to see. However, his radars hadn’t show any nearby bodies of water around his crash site… and he couldn’t get a signal from his com device. Spencer came above deck, seeing it was daytime. He looked around, seeing the dragon, Wnoomah, from last night and a very short man, looking to be less than five feet, standing next to him. The two seemed to be in some sort of discussion.

They both stopped talking, Wnoomah turning his massive head and looking at Spencer.

A wave of fear washed over Spencer, him thinking: Maybe it wasn’t a dream.

“Of course it was not a dream,” said Wnoomah, turning his entire body and walking towards Spencer.

Spencer stiffened, watching the massive creature making his way across the deck with his massive, slender tail swinging side to side.

“Wnoomah!?” said the man he was talking to, turning and following the Draco. The small man then looked at Spencer, a curious look crossing his face with a raised right eyebrow.

“You are awake.” Wnoomah stopped before Spencer, lowering his head.

The small man stopped, looking at Wnoomah and then to Spencer. “This is the man from the strange sphere?”

“Yes, Iain.” Wnoomah raised his head, looking down to at Iain.

“Curious.” Iain walked towards Spencer, looking him up and down. He stroked his beard, nodding and stepping back. “He looks like a member of the Race of Man, but there’s something different about him.”

“That was my assessment as well.” Wnoomah looked back at Spencer.

Iain placed his arms behind his back. “Then where did he come from?”

“What do you mean Race of Man?” asked Spencer, raising a confused right eyebrow.

Both Wnoomah and Iain didn’t respond.

Spencer sighed, shaking his head. “Do you mean human?”

Iain lowered his arms. “What is hooman?”

“You know humans from Earth.” Spencer shrugged, not sure how to explain this. However, how does someone explain human?

“I can assure you, we do not.” Wnoomah looked back at Spencer. “There is no race or place  known by these names.”

“That can’t be right.” Spencer’s got a surprised look on his face, his jaw nearly dropping to the ground and his eyes popping out of his eyes. He shook his head. “What’s the database are you using?”

Iain raised another curious and inquisitive eyebrow. “Dat-a-base?”

“Yes!” Spencer yelled, throwing his arms open. He didn’t understand what was happening, walking away from the two and thinking: What kind of world is this? It’s so primitive.

“We are not primitive.”

Spencer stopped in his track, a terrifying realization coming over him. He turned back to the two, looking at Wnoomah. “Are you reading my thoughts?”


Spencer shook his head. He knew that some races had telepathic powers, though none of them were giant lizards with wings. This clearly wasn’t his world. However, maybe a more precise statement would be his universe. Spencer shook his head again, noticing something missing. There wasn’t a sea breeze or salty sea air. That wasn’t possible, even for this strange world. They were on a sailing ship that was clear from the unfurled sails, so there had to be a sea breeze or salty sea air. Spencer walked over one of the ship’s sides, seeing that they were in the air with the clouds passing by. How hadn’t he noticed this earlier? Spencer moved back, shock over taking him. He fell back.


Spencer popped up from the bed, finding himself in the same room he was in before. However, this time, Aedeiel was there. Clearly, him being on a flying sailboat and seeing a dragon and small man wasn’t a dream. However, at least he got to see the pretty pixie-elf boy again… it was probably better if he didn’t say that out loud, actually using Aedeiel or Aede.

“You’re up,” said Aedeiel, rising from his chair and walking over to Spencer.

“Ya,” said Spencer, throwing his legs over the side of the bed and looking down. He sighed. “Crazy day.”

Aedeiel raised his right eyebrow, sitting down next to Spencer. “What do you mean?”

“I crash landed on a planet that makes no sense to me and am surrounded by people who don’t understand what I’m saying.” Spencer looked at Aedeiel, not sure, why he was spilling his guts to someone that he’d only know for a few minutes. They’d had a conversation earlier. But it hadn’t been a very long or interesting one. However, Spencer felt very comfortable with Aedeiel, not being able to explain it. Spencer leaned into Aedeiel, kissing him.

Aedeiel pulled back, a shocked look on his face.

“I’m sorry.” Spencer moved away from Aedeiel, looking down again. “I don’t know why I did that.”

“It’s okay.” Aedeiel moved closer to Spencer, grabbing Spencer’s right hand.

“I’ve never done that before.” Spencer looked back at Aedeiel, holding Aedeiel’s left hand.

There was a knock at the door, the two looking up and watching it open.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” said Iain, walking into the room. “I just wanted to make sure that our guest is okay.”

“I am.” Spencer stood up, walking towards Iain.

“Very good.” Iain nodded, walking over to a chair and sat down. He looked at Aedeiel. “Would you mind, giving us the room?”

“Of course not, Sir.” Aedeiel bowed his head, leaving the room.

“Now.” Iain turned to Spencer. “I understand your name is Spencer and you came out of a strange sphere from what Wnoomah has informed me.”

“Ya.” Spencer sat down on the bed, not sure what this inquiry was about or going to yield.

“Though, that is a very strange name.” Iain stroked his beard, leaning back in the chair. “You look like you are a member of the Race of Man, but you refer to them as hooman, and you clearly have something different about you that I can’t seem to figure out.”

“Also right.” Spencer spread his arms out, leaning back.

Iain nodded. “So, what else can you tell me?”

Spencer leaned forward, placing his forearms on his legs. “What do you want to know?”

Iain took a deep breath. “Why don’t we start with where you come from?”

“I come from a planet called Earth.” Spencer took a deep breath. “From Republic City.”

“Yes, you mention Earth earlier, though I’ve never hear of Earth or Republic City.” Iain nodded. “Though, that doesn’t matter.”

Spencer raised his right eyebrow. “Why?”

“I’m assuming that you aren’t from here.” Iain leaned forward.

Spencer stood up, crossing his arms. “Where is here, anyways?”

“You’re on Tertio Mundus in the Four Lands.” Iain got out of the chair.

Spencer nodded his head, not sure what to make of that. “So, Wnoomah is a dragon?”

Iain nodded.

Spencer nodded. “And what about you and Aedeiel?”

“I’m a Dwarf and Aedeiel is an Elf.” Iain placed his arms behind his back. “Though, I suppose a more precise designation for Aedeiel would be Wood Elf.”

Spencer nodded, feeling slightly shocked and thinking: So, Dwarves and Elves do exist, along with dragons. He looked at Iain. “And where are we going?”

“To Regia in Urbe Positus.” Iain started to the door.

Spencer looked at Iain. “What is Regia in Urbe Positus?”

“The Imperial Capitol.” Iain stopped, looking at Spencer.

Spencer nodded. “Why are we going there?”

“It was where we were heading, when we found you.” Iain walked out of the room.

Spencer sat back on the bed, his mind spiraling. This was so strange. How had he even gotten to this world? There was no logical explanation. He was flying through a desert on Tyalin’San and now he’s here, in some other dimension. At least, he met Aedeiel, even if he was an Elf. What about his pod; they didn’t just leave it in that field? That was his only ticket back home. However, he was trying to get away. And if there was a way to this world, then they were no doubt going to be coming over soon. That was assuming that this pod’s tracking signal kicked in. That was a terrifying thought, his people coming through and potentially doing something.


Iain walked onto the main deck, seeing Wnoomah lying on the floor. The old Dwarven man walked over to the Elder Draco, placing his arms behind his back and looking at Wnoomah.

“You spoke with the Hooman?” asked Wnoomah, looking Iain.

“Yes,” said Iain, stroking his beard. “He seems quite strange.”

“We have already made that assessment.” Wnoomah rose from where he lay, sitting upright now. “What else have you learned?”

“He may not be from our world.” Iain got a puzzled look on his face, seeming to be deep in thought.

Wnoomah nodded, also seeming to be in deep thought. However, dragons always look like they are in deep thought… at least the older ones and Wnoomah was the oldest of them. “What else did he tell you?”

“That he comes from a place called Earth and a Republic City.” Iain looked up to Wnoomah, watching the dragon’s head swaying slightly back and forth.

“I have never heard of these places.” Wnoomah’s eyes narrowed.

“Neither have I.” Iain nodded, stroking his beard again. A look of fear crossed Iain’s face. “You don’t think he could have possibly come from the Darklands?”

“I do not.” Wnoomah took a breath. “He does not smell or look like a being from Panguana.”

Iain’s face returned to it more scholarly look. “Then what do we do with him?”

“Have Aedeiel watch over him.” Wnoomah spread out his wings, starting to lift of the deck. “Now, I must go. We shall be approaching Regia in Urbe Positus soon and the sun is beginning to rise in the east.”

“May the Mater Lignum protect you.” Iain nodded, stepping back from the Elder Draco.

“And you my friend.” Wnoomah turned, heading off into the distance.

Iain placed his arms behind his back, walking over to the stairs and heading below deck to get some sleep. However, it seemed pointless, if what Wnoomah said is true about the sun rising. He most likely was; dragons are never wrong about these things… especially when they had a part in creating the world.


Spencer walked onto the deck of the ship, looking around and watching the crew work away. He was surprised that he didn’t see Wnoomah anywhere, perhaps he had something better to do. However, Spencer could really think of what that could be, burn down a village maybe, horde treasure, or capture a helpless maiden. No, none of that seemed to fit right with this particular dragon… though that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be said for others. Spencer walked along the deck, not sure what he should be doing. It wasn’t like he could do anything to really help this crew. He had never been on a sailing ship… let alone a flying sailing ship.

“Spencer,” said Aedeiel, walking over to Spencer.

“Aedeiel,” said Spencer, turning to him.

Aedeiel stopped before Spencer. “You’re up?”

“I’m up.” Spencer shrugged a grin on his face.

“That’s good.” Aedeiel also got a grin, looking down slightly.

Spencer took a deep breath, not sure what to say next. This was so awkward for him, though maybe that was okay. It was probably just as awkward for Aedeiel.

“Spencer,” Iain’s voice cut through the awkward silence.

The two men turned to Iain.

“Aedeiel.” Iain stopped before the two.

“Master Iain.” Aedeiel bowed his head to Iain.

Spencer looked at Aedeiel, not sure, if he should do the same. It did seem like Iain was important enough, he had been introduced as the Imperial Historian. That had to be some really big, fancy title that only a select few get. Spencer bowed his head too.

“The head bowing isn’t necessary.” Iain held up his right hand, motioning them both to raise their heads.

They both rose.

“Now, we will be arriving at Regia in Urbe Positus very soon and I won’t be able to watch over our guest.” Iain placed his arms behind his back, looking at Aedeiel. “Aedeiel, you will be in charge of him.”

Aedeiel got a surprised look on his face. “Are you sure?”

“Wnoomah and I both believe it is the best solution.” Iain patted Aedeiel on the right arm. “I’m sure you’ll do great. You are my apprentice after all.”

“Yes, master.” Aedeiel sighed.

Spencer looked at Aedeiel, not sure what to make of this. They did have that kiss last night, but maybe it was nothing. Isn’t that just a horrible thought, that the kiss Spencer and Aedeiel shared meant nothing. However, maybe it was something else. This assignment seemed like a lot more than Aedeiel was probably use to.

“Very good.” Iain smiled and walked away.

Spencer moved closer to Aedeiel. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Aedeiel shook his head, turning to Spencer.

Spencer nodded, noticing something shining in the distance. He turned to face it, seeing the golden shining domes and sparkling marble towers. “What is that place?”

“Regia in Urbe Positus.” Aedeiel looked at the Imperial Capitol of the Four Lands.

“It’s amazing.” Spencer’s eyes were wide, taking in everything of this great city. He had seen many shining cities before. However, none were like this one, other than possible the legendary and mythical lost cities of Atlantis or El Dorado. Spencer started walked towards the bow of the ship, wanting to get a better look of the city. He stopped at the railing, a silent aw rushing over him.

“All crew prepare for landing,” a voice rang out over the deck.

The crew started rushing about, as the ship descended into the open fields around the city. The crew threw down ropes to men on the ground, as some of the ship crew zip lined down and helped the land crew. The ship continued to descend, landing gear emerging from the bottom of the ship’s hull. The land crew tied down the ropes, as the ship crew lowered boarding ramps.

“Let’s go,” said Aedeiel, grabbing Spencer by the right hand and heading over to one of the boarding ramps.


Iain walked into his office, most of the surfaces having stacks of dusk covered books and most of the walls having bookshelves that were overflowing with books. He walked over to his desk, sitting down and moving some of the dust covered books out of the way.

“Master Iain,” said a male Wood Elf, walking into the office. He was a fairly tall twenty-three year old with a slender muscular build that was apparent from the light blue short robe with forest green tunic coupled with brown pants and dark brown boots. His skin was fair with shortish dark brown hair and skylight blue eyes.

Iain looked up, saying, “Prince Aedenel.”

Aedenel walked over to Iain’s desk, picking up the books in one of the chairs in front of the desk and moved them over to the other chair. He sat down. “Where is my brother?”

“Aedeiel is on an assignment for Wnoomah and I.” Iain leaned back in his chair, stroking his beard.

Aedenel nodded. “Why wasn’t I informed of this sooner?”

“It was a decision that wasn’t made until last night.”

“But, I was expecting to be able to bring him back home.” Aedenel leaned forward. “How long will this assignment take?”

“I can’t say.” Iain shrugged.

“My parents are asking for him to come home, Master Iain.” Aedenel took a deep breath, shaking his head.

“And he will.”

“But, you can’t even tell me when this assignment will be done.” Aedenel raised his head. “And there’s no telling, if you will be taking him on another expedition.”

“It is the nature of the work.”

“I can’t go back to my parents with that.” Aedenel stood up.

“I don’t know what to tell you.” Iain looked up to Aedenel.

Aedenel sighed, turning and leaving the offices.

Iain stroked his beard, deep in thought.


Spencer and Aedeiel were walking through the main street of the city, Spencer looking at all of the fictional beings that he had only read about in storybooks. However, arguable the alien races that he had to deal with were far more bizarre, being vastly different from humans. These beings, aside from their sizes and skin colors, were much more human in form. Spencer looked at Aedeiel, saying, “This place is so crazy and cool.”

“You don’t have different races from where you come from?” asked Aedeiel.

“Yes.” Spencer looked back at the many different beings, there looked to be some more Elves and some Dwarves. At least, he assumed that’s what they were with their pointed ears and short statures. “But, not like this.”

Aedeiel looked around, seeing some of the people on the street looking at the two.

Spencer wasn’t fazed by this, just continuing to walk.

“You!” yelled a male voice.

Spencer stopped, turning to the direction of the voice. “Me?”

“Yes, you.” A man walked towards Spencer and Aedeiel.

Aedeiel walked in between Spencer and the man. “What seems to be the problem, friend?”

“That Contra Naturam.” The man pointed at Spencer.

Everyone on the street turned to look at what was happening.

Spencer walked passed Aedeiel, standing face to face with the man. He placed his right pointer finger on the man’s chest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Don’t you touch me, you Contra Naturam.” The man grabbed Spencer’s hand and was surprised to find himself flat on his face.

Aedeiel walked up to Spencer, seeing the people on the street with angry faces. “Let’s go.”

Spencer looked at Aedeiel, seeing a concerned look on his face. He nodded, the two leaving the main street.

Aedeiel looked back to the main street, seeing the man getting up and some of the city guard walking over to the man. He took a deep breath, grabbing Spencer’s right hand and started running.

“Stop those two!” a yell rang out.

Spencer looked back, seeing silver armored people running after them. He looked back at Aedeiel. “What are you doing?”

“We have to get out of here.” Aedeiel pulled them into an alley, pressing up against the wall. “Now, stay quiet.”

Spencer listened, as metal clanged pass them.

“Where did they go?”

“Keep searching, men.”

“We’ll bring them to justice.”

“One of them looked like that Wood Elf Prince.”


Spencer looked at Aedeiel, speaking in a whisper. “Prince?”

“Yes.” Aedeiel looked out of the alley. “Okay they’re gone.”

Spencer followed Aedeiel out. “Want to explain?”

Aedeiel looked at Spencer.” Explain what?”

“The prince comment.” Spencer threw out his arms.

“It’s nothing.” Aedeiel shrugged. “Just a title. It’s not like I’m going to inherit the throne.”

Spencer lowered his arms. “Why?”

“That great honor goes to my older brother, Aedenel.” Aedeiel looked down, shaking his head. “Thank the Dracones for that.”

Spencer nodded, knowing what that was like. He was a member of the Imperial-Royal Family, his great grandfather being the Great Emperor Richard Silva X, ruler of the known universe. It didn’t really matter, his place in the succession being so far down. Spencer grabbed Aedeiel’s right hand, a smile on his face.


Person that was dressed in black plate armor was walking around a spherical object, large enough to hold a person. He was holding a device, a blue beam coming out of the device and going up and down the object.

Another black plate armored person was walking around with the same device, a blue beam going up and down on the trees.

A third person was observing the other two, arms behind their back.

“Captain,” said the one near the object.

“Yes, lieutenant?” said the captain, turning and looking over to the lieutenant.

“This is his, ma’am.” The lieutenant looked at the captain.

The captain nodded her head, raising her right arms and pressing a button on her forearm. “This is Captain Cecil.”

“Yes, captain?” asked an even male voice.

“We’ve found Prince Spencer’s pod.”

“Very good. And the prince?”

“We are still trying to locate him.”

“The emperor wants him found soon, captain.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Very good.”

“Captain,” said the armored person, scanning the wood.

Captain Cecil turned to them. “Corporal?”

“I’ve picked up life signals.” The corporal looked at the captain.

The captain walked over to the corporal. “Which direction?”

“This way ma’am.” The corporal started walking.

"Lieutenant.” The captain turned to the lieutenant.

The lieutenant looked at the captain. “Ma’am?”

“Contact the rest of the unit.” The captain turned, following the corporal.

“Yes, Ma’am.” The lieutenant nodded. He pulled at circular device off his belt. “This is Lieutenant Cram, on behalf of Captain Cecil, ordering Sigma Unit to come through the portal.”

“Yes, sir,” said a voice.

The lieutenant returned his device to his belt, looking up to the sky and watching a massive ship appearing.

It hovered overhead, as smaller ships started to fly down into the field.

The lieutenant placed his arms behind his back, watching more people in black plate armor walking out. He walked toward them. “Troopers.”

“Sir,” said the armored people, standing at attention.

Submitted: August 10, 2020

© Copyright 2022 S.A. Wood. All rights reserved.

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