The Omega Event follows a group of eight teenagers who discover the truth behind a world ending nuclear event that could mean the end of America and themselves. After their initial disregard of the truth, a deadly encounter leads them to realize that the end is truly upon them. Desperate to survive, they set off on a life threatening road trip across America in the hopes to escaping the claws of death that is THE OMEGA EVENT.

(Note: this is a rewritten version of the original. I have hopes of publishing it eventually so I hope to get some sort of feedback)

Table of Contents

A Fallen World

Ground Zero #12, Former United States of America, 2027...   The sky is burning.   The ground is shaking. &n... Read Chapter

The Start of The End of The World

Gunshots echoed across the battlefield. Blood was spilled across the sandy beach, being stepped over by the decaying flesh covering the m... Read Chapter

The Discovery

  Day 1       "That was such a good movie!"   "Agreed!"   "Oh please, y... Read Chapter

The Bombing

"My baby!"   "Everyone out of the streets! Stay inside!!"   "My leg!"   "Over there! Another one!... Read Chapter

On The Run

GreenBrooke City had once been a thriving city filled with amazing people. And now, it was a pile of rubble. According to Quinn, who was ... Read Chapter


From there, it seemed we had the rest of the night planned out quite nicely.   Instead, we ended up with a pile of bullet ca... Read Chapter


His life clung to our world by a single strand, slowly being torn away as more and more blood began to pool up around his body.  ... Read Chapter

Outbreak in Indiana

We entered the city expecting to see a safe haven full of buildings, civilians, and hopefully a sunny day.   But all we foun... Read Chapter

The Fall of Indiana University

The monster lunged at him, slashing at Spencer's body with his claws. Luckily, he only sliced into his hoodie, tearing a small bit of clo... Read Chapter

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