Mages: From Ice

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A rustic, peaceful world in a foreign galaxy is suddenly found by the fleet of an interstellar empire. The two powers meet and spark a battle of magic against technology, meanwhile the remnants of an ancient war still haunt the planet and its inhabitants.

Table of Contents


Everything has it's time. At some point, even the most boundless, brilliant and wonderful thing is  reduced to nothing but grindin... Read Chapter

Solace 1 - Ready

Solace Fester’s soul screamed all around her and only she could silence it. The fresh faced Spiritist closed the door to her house as... Read Chapter

MIkhael 1 - Memory

Could power last forever? Was a king without a crown any king at all? These thoughts plagued Mikhael’s mind for quite some time, cycl... Read Chapter

Jon 1 - Birthright

Jon Hein was normal. Of course he was. There was no doubt about it. He was a little taller than most of his comrades of course, but that ... Read Chapter

Solace 2 - Wisdom

Hundreds of bells rang at once. Solace pressed the runic marking by the door to the Shooting Star, and the circular entrance swung slow... Read Chapter

MIkhael 2 - Conflict

Off came their heads. With a stroke as light as air, a score of flowers lost their blossoms. They were rotten before they even fell, de... Read Chapter

Solace 3 - Clash

The day had come. Solace had endured a shattered rest that night, but the tournament was now upon her whether she liked it or not. Rand... Read Chapter

Jon 2 - Meeting

“Ignition in one minute.” Stars winked at him from beyond industrial-strength glass, teasing him silently. The window itself wa... Read Chapter

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