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Now, the past is the past... The present is where this new journey takes place...


Pàl sits alone in his bedroom which has been decked out with towering shelves filled with many books. He is seated on a cushiony chair that is attached to his windowsill.


“Hi, Pàl! What are you doing?” Jamie asks, coming into the room without knocking.


Pàl looks up from the book he’s reading and says, plainly, “I am reading.”


“Cool! What are you reading?” Jamie excitedly asks, approaching quickly.


“The history of Mycono. Do you want to see it too?” Pàl asks, smiling invitingly at Jamie.


“Yeah!” Jamie says, smiling back at Pàl.


Pàl moves over a bit so that Jamie can sit next to him. He turns back to the first page, revealing the tiny print. Jamie sits next to Pàl and looks at the book, squinting at the tiny words that seem to go on and on forever.


Pàl looks at Jamie and asks, “You can read the writing, right?”


“Um...” Jamie replies, blushing in embarrassment.


“That’s okay, I can read it to you if you would like. Just don’t tell Malcolm and Fraizer,” Pàl says with a chuckle.


Malcolm and Fraizer were notorious for making fun of Pàl for his love of books, especially Malcolm.


Jamie smiles and says, “Thanks, Pàl!”


“Okay, the first part is about the first Sìneag and a place called CloudsTown,” Pàl begins, briefly looking over the text before reading it out loud.


“Wow, cool!” Jamie says, grinning.


Pàl clears his throat so he can begin reading, “Approximately 10,000 years ago, though some scientists suspect many more years, the world was first created. Along with the surface world we now dwell on, there was also an island created in the sky out of clouds. This cloud island was known as CloudsTown. In CloudsTown there lived the very first  humans including a young girl named Sìneag...”


Pàl gets cut off by a knock on his bedroom door.


“Someone’s at the door,” Jamie informs Pàl.


“Maybe if we ignore it, whoever it is will go away so we can continue reading,” Pàl says as he looks over the pair of reading glasses that suddenly appeared on his face.


“Wow! What happened?!” Jamie asks Pàl.


The reading glasses disappear from his face as he continues reading, “Sìneag is remembered as the animal’s caretaker. She had many different kind of animals, most of which do not reside on this surface world. When her fellow humans were in need, Sìneag sent giant birds to provide transportation. The birds were known as Turstrikens...”


Pàl cringes as the knocking gets louder and rougher.


“Turstrikens sound cute! Did they have different colors?” Jamie asks.


“Yes, it says they came in many different colors and looked mostly like the human who would become their master. The rarest one was the flaming red Turstriken rode by the famous hero... But we haven’t got to that part yet,” Pàl says, ignoring the knocking.


“Shouldn’t we get the door?” Jamie asks, getting concerned.


“Well... If you want to open the door, then go do it. I just didn’t want our special moment together to be ruined,” Pàl says, frowning.


Jamie frowns and says, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings...”


Pàl smiles slightly and says, “It’s okay, Jamie; we could always hang out later.”


“Okay!” Jamie says, opening the door. 


Much to Jamie’s surprise, nobody was there. Being as forgetful and easily distracted as he is, Jamie leaves the room anyways.


“I’m gonna go hang out with Malcolm!” Jamie calls out excitedly.


Pàl shakes his head at Jamie’s silliness and puts his book down. A loud scream is heard from the hallway suddenly.


“What the heck?!” Jamie cries out, running back into Pàl’s room.


Pàl asks, “What just happened out there?!”


Shaking with fear, Jamie replies, “I don’t know, but I’m scared!”


Malcolm comes in with steam coming out of his ears and yells, “Which one of you jerks was in my room earlier without permission?!”


“Um... I don’t know... Did you just scream?” Jamie asks, shaking nervously.


“Of course I did, you thief! I have all the reason to scream when someone stole something from me!” Malcolm screams, ready to punch anything that moves.


“I would never steal anything!” Jamie cries out as he takes a step towards Malcolm.


Malcolm takes his mallet out and readies it to swing, “You know you took something! It was very special to me, too!”


“No! I swear, I didn’t. Please don’t hit me!” Jamie pleads.


“You know you took it! You are a liar! I have all the right to smack you over the head right now and you couldn’t stop me!” Malcolm yells.


“Malcolm, I promise I never took whatever it is you lost!” Jamie says as he hides behind Pàl who go up from his window seat.


Malcolm tries to shove Pàl out of the way, still yelling at Jamie, “You know darn well what you took! Don’t you remember?!”


“No, I never took it. What is it?” Jamie asks.


“It was my blanket, for goodness sakes!” Malcolm yells then mumbles something under his breath.


“Oh... I did borrow your blanket... Oopsies,” Jamie says, suddenly recalling the incident he had before he came to Pàl’s room.


“Well, give it back, you little dumb-head! If you don’t give it back, I will whack you so hard you forget who I am!” Malcolm threatens.


“Um... I would, but I... I accidentally burned it with my Fire Wand... Oops,” Jamie admits, looking sadly at the ground.


Malcolm drops down on his knees and cries over a red beanie hat that happens to be on the floor, “Why?! Why have you done this to me?! I can’t even replace that blanket!”


Jamie walks over to Malcolm and pats his back, though awkwardly because Malcom is down on the ground now.


“Aw, Malcolm... I’m sorry! I did not mean to! You can have my blankie!” Jamie cries.


Malcolm looks up from the soaking wet beanie hat he had been crying all over, “Are you serious?! Don’t you need that blanket?!”


“Nope! You can have it!” Jamie offers.


Malcolm is still frowning and asks, “Wait, what’s the catch? No one would give a jerk like me their blanket!”


“I feel bad about burning your old one... and,’re not a jerk; you just get the grouchies at times. Please take my blanket,” Jamie insists.


“Aw, Jamie...sometimes I love having you as my brother...” Malcolm says as he smiles.


“Cool!” Jamie says, smiling in return.


“Okay, is our little conflict over yet?” Pàl asks, his arms crossed disappointedly.


“Yep!” Jamie replies.


“Okay, so if you are done with your problem then can you tell Fraizer to hurry up and make lunch,” Pàl says and licks his lips, “I would like cookies with my meal.”


“Okay,” Jamie says as he goes out the door and goes into Fraizer’s room, “Fraizer, Pàl wants you to hurry and make lunch and me and Pàl want cookies, please.”


“Cookies? What kind do you want? Chocolate chip? How do turkey and cheese sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies sound?” Fraizer asks Jamie.


“Yummy!” Jamie replies.


“Okay then, I will get started on a meal for four, unless we get a surprise visitor,” Fraizer says as he stands up and gets ready to go to the kitchen.


“I’m gonna go see Pàl,” Jamie says, entering the library bedroom.


“Oh, you’re back! What did Fraizer say about the cookies?!” Pàl asks in an abnormally excited tone.


Pàl is typically the more relaxed and nerdy brother of the McNeill quads while Jamie is usually the most excitable.


“He said yes, he’s gonna make cookies, yay!” Jamie responds.


Pàl’s eyes grow large with joy and excitement.


“Are you excited!?” Jamie asks.


“Of course I am excited! I love cookies!” Pàl responds.


“Pàl, you’re not acting like yourself!” Jamie says as he stares at Pàl strangely, “I love cookies, too!”


“What do you mean by “not acting like myself”?! I want cookies!” Pàl says and drools.


“ cookies, too?” Jamie says, confused.


Thanks to the unnatural flow of time, lunch is finished within minutes.


“Pàl! Jamie! I finished making lunch! Don’t you smell those cookies?!” Fraizer calls up the stairs.


“Yay!” Jamie yells as he runs to lunch.


“Cookies!” Pàl yells as he runs downstairs really fast, almost knocking Jamie over.


“Be careful, Pàl,” Jamie warns.


“This lunch looks fabulous!” Pàl comments.


“Yeah, it does!” Jamie agrees.


“Do we have to wait for Malcolm?!” Pàl asks, impatiently eyeing the cookie tray.


“Yeah, of course,” Jamie says smiling.


“Cookies!” Pàl says, resisting the urge to eat one.


Malcolm comes down the stairs a few moments later and his eyes are a deep shade of red.


“Malcolm, what happened to your eyes?!” Jamie asks, noticing this right away.


Malcolm laughs evilly in a scratchier voice than normal.


“Malcolm, you’re kinda scaring me...” Jamie says, frowning.


Malcolm laughs evilly again and then says, “I have taken control of Malcolm so I can get you!”


“Who are you?!” Jamie asks, shaking in fear.


“You don’t recognize my voice?! I will let you guess!” Malcolm says, crossing his arms.


“Um... I really hope it’s not Mungo or Scotty,” Jamie says, listing the two most troublesome people he knows.


Malcolm laughs evilly and then admits, “I am Scotty!”


“Oh, no!” Jamie calls out as he runs to the front door, “Pàl, Fraizer, we need to run!”


Scotty/Malcolm takes his sword out.


“Oh, no I forgot my sword! Guys! We gotta go!” Jamie screams, opening the door.


For some reason, Pàl and Fraizer aren’t moving to escape, they are both standing still, staring in shock and horror at Scotty/Malcolm. Scotty/Malcolm takes a step closer to the two boys left.


“Guys, we gotta go!” Jamie screams, running in front of them.


Scotty/Malcolm says, “You guys better run or I will kill you here and now! The best part is, you can’t hurt me without hurting Malcolm!”


“You monster!” Fraizer calls out.


Jamie shakily yells, “L-let Malcolm g-go!”


“Ha ha ha! That it is a complement to be called a monster!” Scotty/Malcolm says and laughs.


“What did you do to Malcolm?!” Jamie asks.


“Give us Malcolm back or else I will stab you with my sword!” Fraizer threatens.


“Do whatever you want to me! You will only damage Malcolm’s body and not me! Come on! Stab me if you dare!” Scotty taunts.


“What do you want with my friend?!” Jamie asks.


Scotty laughs and says, “If I told you, you would stop me!”


“Please leave Malcolm alone!” Jamie pleads.


“Or else!” Fraizer threatens.


“Or else, what?!” Scotty/Malcolm asks.


“I’ I will...” Fraizer says, trying to think of what to say.


“Please, Scotty! Let Malcolm go!” Jamie begs.


“Would you rather me posses you?!” Scotty asks.


“Yes... If you let Malcolm go...” Jamie agrees.


“Jamie! What are you doing?! You don’t want to be possessed!” Fraizer warns.


“If he lets Malcolm go, then I will...” Jamie cries, “Good-bye guys...”


Scotty slips out of Malcolm’s body and slides into Jamie. Malcolm falls limply to the ground.


“Jamie! No!” Fraizer screams.


Scotty/Jamie opens his eyes, they are red just like Malcolm’s were.


“Give back Jamie!” Fraizer screams.


“I won’t give him up, but I would trade him for you and I will keep going around until you kill each other,” Scotty/Jamie says and then covers his mouth, “Oops, did I really tell you my plans?!”


“Why would we kill each other??” Fraizer asks.


“You guys are so stupid, you will kill each other to get rid of me!” Scotty/Jamie says.


“We are not that stupid! We’re not even stupid! You’re the stupid one!” Fraizer argues.


“Give me a good detailed reason why I am stupid!” Scotty/Jamie demands.


“Umm... Let me think. Because you’re evil!” Fraizer says.


“Being evil doesn’t make me dumb, I may not be wise, but I still am smart!” Scotty/Jamie tells Fraizer.


“Sure,” Fraizer says, rolling his eyes.


“Bye bye!” Scotty/Jamie calls out as he runs out the door as quickly as Jamie can go.


“We gotta save Jamie!” Fraizer says.


Malcolm wakes up and rubs his sore head, “What happened to me?! I felt like a puppet! Ouch! My head feels funny!”


“You got possessed by Scotty; Jamie sacrificed himself for you... Now he’s possessed. We gotta go save him!” Fraizer informs Malcolm.


“Oh my gosh! Why isn’t Pàl doing anything about it?!” Malcolm asks.


“I’m protecting the cookies!” Pàl says, he is huddled up over the tray of cookies.


“Pàl! What did you do the whole time, protect cookies?!” Fraizer asks, and then he walks over and takes the cookies from Pàl.


“My cookies! I was planning on eating them since we never ate lunch! I am starving!” Pàl whines, uncharacteristically.


“Pàl! Jamie just got possessed by Scotty and you’re worried about lunch!” Fraizer yells.


“True heroes don’t work on an empty stomach. It could sicken the hero causing them to die at the most random time,” Pàl explains.


“Fine... Here... Let’s go!” Fraizer says and hands Pàl some cookies.


Pàl excitedly eats half and puts the rest in a pouch attached to his belt for later.


“We have to save Jamie! What would I do if my buddy was to be killed?!” Pàl asks.


“Let’s go,” Fraizer says and goes outdoors.


Pàl and Malcolm follow Fraizer.


“I bet Scotty is so stupid he just ran home like a coward!” Pàl suggests.


Fraizer laughs and says, “Yeah, I bet he did.”


“Does anyone have a plan for removing Scotty?!” Malcolm asks.


“Pàl?” Fraizer asks.


“For once I have no idea what we should do! Man, this is all my fault! If I stayed upstairs with Malcolm, this wouldn’t have happened!” Pàl cries.


“Pàl, it’s not your fault! How about we lure him out some how?” Fraizer suggests.


“Mungo... He knew how to stop Scotty. Where can we find him?” Pàl asks.


“Um... He... No, Pàl, I don’t know,” Fraizer says, shaking his head sadly.


“The one time we need him, he isn’t here?! Why does this always happen?!” Pàl asks, looking very distraught.


“I don’t know...” Fraizer says.


“Why?! Why has this happened to us?! Why can’t this be easy?!” Pàl sobs, “Why?!!!!” 


Pàl tugs on his hair in frustration and sadness.


“Without Jamie, everyone is sad. Pàl... We can do this...” Fraizer says.


“But how?! If I am the smartest one and I don’t know how to do it then how can anyone else do it?!” Pàl cries.


Fraizer sighs, “Pàl, I don’t know...”


Before anyone can stop him, Pàl lights a small fire on the ground and purposely burns himself on it. 


“Why is everyone staring at me?!” Pàl cries, his tears falling on a large burn.


“Pàl! What in the heck are you doing?!” Fraizer asks and puts out the fire, “You need to get yourself together! You are not acting like yourself!”


“Life is unfair! Let me die here in maximum pain!” Pàl says and tries to start another fire.


“No! Pàl! We need you! Don’t do this!” Fraizer says.


“But I let Jamie get captured and now we can’t help him! Maybe things would be easier if there were only one or two McNeill’s” Pàl cries.


In a nearby house, someone just so happens to pick a dramatic sad song to play on their violin.


“It’s not your fault. If it’s anybody’s fault, it’s Malcolm’s!” Fraizer says, pointing a finger at Malcolm


“How is it Malcolm’s fault?! He didn’t choose to be the first to be possessed!” Pàl says, defending Malcolm.


“No, if Malcolm didn’t get possessed then Jamie wouldn’t have sacrificed himself to save Malcolm!” Fraizer explains.


“Maybe we should hear Malcolm’s side of the story...” Pàl suggests.


“Yeah! Can’t I defend myself?!” Malcolm asks, looking very annoyed.


“Okay... Let’s hear it,” Fraizer says.


“Okay, so I was in Jamie’s room collecting his blanket when all of a sudden this giant one eyed blob thing comes in the window! After that, I couldn’t control myself!” Malcolm says, keeping the story short.


“Why were you collecting Jamie’s blanket?” Fraizer asks.


“That’s a long story for another day; I don’t feel like telling you the details. Pàl saw our conflict and solution so he knows why I said this,” Malcolm says.


“Let’s go save Jamie! Maybe Princess Sìneag knows where Mungo is...” Fraizer suggests.


“I should’ve thought of that! She might be able to locate Mungo for us!” Pàl says, tears fly off of his face as his head jerks up.


“Yeah, let’s go!” Fraizer says.


The remaining three McNeills make their way down to the castle where Princess Sìneag is.


“We’re here!” Fraizer says.


The three boys just up and enter the castle without contacting any of the guards first.


In a loud voice, Princess Sìneag asks, “Who has entered my castle?”


“Just us...we’re here because we need to find Mungo...” Fraizer replies.


Princess Sìneag gets off of the throne and walks into the room that the McNeills are standing in.


“Why do you need Mungo all of a sudden?” Sìneag asks.


“Mungo knew how to defeat Scotty...” Fraizer says.


“I’m sorry, but according to the latest legend, Mungo and Scotty both died so neither of them should be around,” Sìneag says after staring in confusion for a bit.


“Jamie got possessed by Scotty! We have to save him!” Fraizer cries out, he then calms down, “Please, Princess Sìneag...You have to help us find Mungo...”


“Oh! If Scotty is alive, then maybe we could find Mungo! I am coming with you guys!” Sìneag says, she pulls out a sword and shield from seemingly nowhere.


“No...Sìneag... It’s way too dangerous... I don’t want you to get hurt...” Fraizer says.


“But, Fraizer! I want to come with you! I even know where to check for Mungo!” Sìneag says, waving her sword around in a demonstration of her skill.


“Oh, okay...” Fraizer says and frowns, “Just please be careful.”


“You have helped me so many times, now is my chance to repay you by helping you find your friend!” Sìneag says and walks out the castle door without telling anyone around the castle first.


“Err... Shouldn’t you tell someone you’re leaving...?” Fraizer asks, looking confused.


“Nah! They don’t care! Even if I was kidnapped all they would do is wait for you to save me!” Sìneag says with a giggle.


“That’s irresponsible,” Fraizer comments.


“Oh, well! Let’s get moving we don’t have all day!” Sìneag says.


“Okay, then...” Fraizer says.


Sìneag leads Pàl, Fraizer, and Malcolm towards the forest.


“Okay, who needs a bathroom break?!” Sìneag asks once they reach the trees.


“Not me...” Fraizer says.


“Well, I have to, anyways! Um, it might take me awhile, but a friend of mine shall be with you shortly. Any questions about what I have just said or shall I repeat myself?” Sìneag asks.


“Nope,” Fraizer says.


“Please don’t follow me, then!” Sìneag says and goes behind a tree.


“Why would I follow you?!” Fraizer asks.


Malcolm and Pàl snicker. A few minutes later, a figure comes walking down the path towards the three McNeills.


“Hi, I’m Fraizer,” Fraizer introduces himself to the new person.


“Yes, I can tell by your appearance. I am here to help you find Mungo,” the person says.


“Who are you?” Fraizer asks.


“You may have heard of my name before... My name is Shield,” the person says.


“Shield? I haven’t heard your name before, aside from the defensive armor...” Fraizer says, shaking his head.


“Okay, well, now you have!” Shield says and looks at Pàl and Malcolm, “So, are you guys Pàl and Malcolm?”


“Yep. How can you help us find Mungo?” Fraizer asks.


“I know where he lives! He is still alive!” Shield says.


“Yes, we need him to tell us how to save our friend Jamie!” Fraizer says.


“Then what are we waiting for?! We go to Mungo’s place quickly!” Shield says, eagerly.


“What about Sìneag?” Fraizer asks.


“Um, you could go get her if you are that worried about her. I have no idea where your Sìneag is. You do,” Shield says.


“Let’s just wait...” Fraizer says.


Shield sweats nervously and says, “Uh, don’t you think we could leave her...? Waiting takes so long! Would you rather leave your Sìneag all by herself and save your friend or wait for your Sìneag and possibly lose your friend?!”


Shield then glares at the three McNeills authoritatively. 


“Okay...let’s go,” Fraizer says, reluctantly.


Shield sighs in relief and wipes the sweat drops off of their forehead. 


They then say, “Okay, follow me!”


With that, Shield leads the three McNeills into the forest. Fraizer starts to hum.


“What are you humming?” Shield asks, curiously.


Fraizer stops humming and replies, “A song that helps to pass time... It’s called the Time Ballad.” 


Fraizer continues humming.


“Ah, yes, I knew I recognized that tune! I mean…what a lovely sound. Okay, so we really don’t have too much farther to go!” Shield announces and takes out a violin and plays along to Fraizer’s melody as they walk.


Fraizer smiles as he hums; pleased to have some music to go along. After a few musical minutes, Shield stops in front of a rundown building.


“We’re here, remember to keep your voice low and please, don’t shine any lights inside,” Shield whispers.


“Okay?” Fraizer says, confused.


Shield playfully nudges Pàl and Malcolm and whispers, “Won’t have to tell you guys because you’ve been quiet the whole trip.”


Shield opens the door quietly and carefully.


“Don’t insult me, I just...” Malcolm says, starting up, but not finishing his thought.


“I’m thinking...” Pàl explains.


“Malcolm, you miss Jamie,” Fraizer says.


“No, I don’t,” Malcolm says.


“Yes,” Fraizer says.


“No!” Malcolm yells.


“Yes!” Fraizer argues back.


“No!” Malcolm yells louder.


“Yes!” Fraizer yells.


“No!” Malcolm yells.


“Yes!” Fraizer yells.


Shield angrily whispers, “Guys, you’re going to scare Mungo away! Don’t you remember what I just told you?”


Fraizer sighs and says, “Yes... We remember...”


“I can answer for myself!” Malcolm yells back.


“Why didn’t you, then?” Fraizer challenges.


“Because you cut me off!” Malcolm yells.


“Did not!” Fraizer denies.


“Did so!” Malcolm yells back.


“Did not!” Fraizer says.


“Did so!” Malcolm yells back.


“Did not!” Fraizer yells back.


“Did so!” Malcolm yells.


“Did not!” Fraizer yells.


“Did so!” Malcolm says.


“Did not!” Fraizer yells back.


Shield is very frustrated by this point. They snap, “Okay, if you two don’t know how to behave then maybe we should turn around and do this some other day.”


to see Mungo!” Fraizer says.


Malcolm sighs.


“Now that’s more like it!” Shield says and opens the door quietly and enters room. A figure shuffles through the darkness away from them.


“Mungo?” Fraizer calls out.


A pair of bluish eyes appears near a patched up mirror.


“Do you see what this is?” the person with the bluish eyes asks.


“A broken mirror?” Pàl asks, “Or a portal to another dimension perhaps?”


“Yes, that is exactly what this is. I have come from it and use it to be alive right now. I just had to fix it, but as you all probably know, Scotty used it for evil, again!” the person says, clearly not making any sense. It is Mungo Hepburn.


“Is there a way we can defeat Scotty without breaking your magic mirror more than it already is?” Fraizer asks, trying not to offend Mungo by calling out his craziness.


“Yes, there is another way! No one was supposed to tell you because I was supposed to die a hero!” Mungo says.


As it turns out, there is some truth to what Mungo is saying. During one of Scotty’s reigns of terror, he used magic from that exact mirror to strengthen himself more. The only way to weaken him enough to destroy him was to shatter the mirror... Which is why the mirror is still in tatters.


“I thought you did die a hero...” Fraizer says.


“Oh. yeah! I did! Somehow, I learned how to revive myself!” Mungo says, though this also made little sense to the others.


“Can you tell us how to defeat Scotty?” Fraizer asks.


“It’s very complicated and you have to be very close to him for it to work... I shall reveal myself to you?” Mungo asks.


The McNeills look at each other in confusion. Mungo steps out of the darkness into a patch of light. At first, he looks faded like a shadow, but then, in a flash, he regains his color.


“I didn’t know you could do that!” Fraizer says, amazed.


“There’re a lot of things that people don’t know about me...” Mungo says.


“Um... Okay...” Fraizer says.


“Most people wouldn’t know that I can change my eye color if necessary, like to pretend to be someone else,” Mungo says and closes his eyes, transforming into Pàl.


Despite only mentioning that he can change his eye color, he makes a full transformation.


“Wow!” Fraizer says.


Pàl stares silently, unsure of what to say.


“What do you think, Pàl? Pretty neat disguise, huh?” Mungo asks.


“Yeah... You look just like me...” Pàl says.


“Yeah, sure you like it!” Malcolm says.


“Whatever, Malcolm,” Pàl says.


Mungo transforms back into himself and says, “Well, is anyone ready to get rid of Scotty?!”


“Yeah! Let’s go!” Fraizer says.


“Don’t act like Jamie,” Malcolm says.


“Aww, why?” Fraizer asks, still acting like Jamie.


“Because it’s annoying,” Malcolm grumbles.


“I just miss him,” Fraizer says.


Mungo sees Shield and calls out, “Sìneag?!”


“Where?” Fraizer asks, looking around.


Mungo points to Shield and asks, “Isn’t that Sìneag?!”


A big sweat drop slips down Shield’s face.


“No? Sìneag has the most beautiful blue eyes. Shield has red eyes?” Fraizer says, confused.


Shield wipes the sweat away and sighs.


“That face, though...” Mungo says.


“Are you guys related? You and Sìneag?” Fraizer asks Shield.


Yet another sweat drop forms on Shield’s forehead and they say, “No... We know each other.”


“Why are you acting nervous? Are you Sìneag?” Pàl asks.




“Yeah! I am a guy! Plus it’s a little hot right now!” Shield says and uses his hand to fan his face.


“Okay... but why are you acting nervous...?” Pàl inquires.


“I’m not nervous! I’m just ready to get on with this quest!” Shield says.


Malcolm impatiently says, “Let’s just go!”


“You miss Jamie,” Fraizer says, starting an argument all over again.


“I do not!” Malcolm yells.


“Yes you do!” Fraizer yells.


















“You guys haven’t changed... Not a single bit!” Mungo says.


“SHUT UP!!!!” Malcolm yells. 


The veins on the sides of Malcom’s head bulge.


“Okay... We need to stop at a certain store before we go any further!” Mungo says.


“What store?” Fraizer asks.


“A very important store!” Mungo replies, still not saying the name of the shop.


“Let’s just go!” Malcolm yells.


“Shush Malcolm; we have to pick something up first!” Mungo says.


“Don’t tell me to hush!” Malcolm yells.


“Malcolm! Be nice!” Fraizer whines.


“I told you to stop acting like Jamie!” Malcolm says.


“No I’m not,” Fraizer says.


“Yes you are,” Malcolm says.


“No!” Fraizer yells.


“Yes!” Malcolm yells back.


“Guys, stop fighting...” Pàl says, very annoyed.


“Don’t tell me what to do!” Malcolm yells.

Submitted: August 29, 2020

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