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Everyone heads off to Scotty’s Tower. On a day with no clouds, you can almost see the top of the tower if you look far enough up!


“Let’s go in!” Jamie says when they arrive at the tower.


“I have the key!” Aonghas exclaims and pulls out a strangely familiar key, unlocking the door.


“You’re so smart!” Jamie compliments Aonghas.


The first thing seen is a mural of 8 boys. Four had brown hair and four wore mostly black. Of the boys with brown hair, one held a green sword, one held a red fire wand, one held a purple bow and one held a blue mallet. Each of the boys in black had different colored eyes that matched the color of the key items the boys with brown hair had. Did this mean something?


“Aonghas, what’s that mural?” Jamie asks.


“It tells a story...a story of eight boys. One who favored green, one who favored red, one who favored purple, one who favored blue and four who wore black; each of the four boys in black had eye colors of the four key items the first four carried. They were to one day all come together, but then, one day, a storm arose and stopped them from ever being together, even forgetting each other and who they used to be. They all were disguised, one in which did not stay in his human form... That is how the legend goes as far as I am concerned. I don’t actually believe in legends though...this legend is a myth... Another part of the mural tells of how dark and light will one day reunite...” Aonghas replies as though he has recited this interpretation many times.


“Cool!” Jamie says.


“Yeah, I guess you can say that, but the legend is false,” Aonghas says, scowling.


“Okay!” Jamie says, still smiling.


“What do you think, Pàl?” Aonghas asks.


“The legend is false,” Pàl confirms.


“It’s totally false! There is no way that could ever happen!” CrossBones says, his tongue lolling out.


“Okay, so should we find Scotty?” Aonghas asks.


“Let’s just go...” Pàl says.


Aonghas leads the group up a few flights of long spiraling stairs. Pàl follows along at the back of the group, not entirely interested in the mission.


“Oh boy! Oh the joy! Which floor are we going to?!” CrossBones asks, wagging his tail like crazy.


“The one Scotty’s on!” Malcolm yells.


“I hope you finish this soon,” Sìneag says.


“Finish what soon?” Jamie asks.


“This conflict,” Sìneag says.


“Oh... I don’t know how long it will take...” Jamie says.


A door opens somewhere upstairs.


“Hey, I think I heard a door just open somewhere upstairs?!” Jamie says, confused.


“Do you think it’s Scotty?” Mungo asks.


“Yeah!” Jamie cries out.


“Let’s go,” Sìneag says.


With that, all of them run up the stairs.


“We’re here!” Jamie calls out.


Scotty dashes back inside the room he came from, without shutting the door, and shouts, “Don’t hurt me!”


“We’re not here to hurt you! Rain promised she wouldn’t hurt you!” Jamie says.


“Oh great, you brought Rain with you!” Scotty says, folding his arms angrily.


“Share your hat with her!” Jamie demands.


“No! I can’t remove my hat or I’ll be powerless! Also, why would I give it to someone who tried to kill me?!” Scotty asks.


“Because, you love each other!” Jamie says.


“No way! We hate each other!” Scotty and Rain say at the same time.


Scotty and Rain glare at each other. Jamie just giggles in response.


“Meow! Potty head! Meow!” Rain hisses.


“Raw end!” Scotty yells.


“Just be lovers! You’re perfect for each other!” Jamie says and smiles.


“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Scotty and Rain both cry out.


“Awww, you guys are such a cute couple!” Jamie says, giggling.


“Good bye, Rotten!” Scotty says and slams the door to the room he is hiding in.


“Meow! Good riddance, Potty the selfish loser! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“What are you doing? You’re gonna let him... Oops, I mean, go ask nicely and be sure to say “please”,” Jamie says.


“Meow! I’ll never get my wind powers at this rate! Meow!” Rain cries out.


“Go ask him nicely and say “please”!” Jamie repeats.


“Meow! Nope! Meow!” Rain says, turning away.


“Please!” Jamie asks, making a puppy dog face.


“Meow! I am going home...oh wait! Never mind! Meow!” Rain says and walks sadly down the stairs.


“Wait!” Jamie calls after Rain.


“Meow! What?! Meow!” Rain asks, annoyed.


“Please stay... Please,” Jamie begs.


“Meow! Why would I when I can’t have what I want?! Meow!” Rain asks.


“Because, we can help you!” Jamie says.


“Meow! How?! Meow!” Rain asks.


“Um, we’re heroes,” Jamie says.


“Meow! Okay, but how are you going to make Scotty give me his hat? Meow!” Rain asks.


“We’re going to ask nicely,” Jamie says.


“Meow! Nope! Meow!” Rain says and walks away.


“What if we can get Scotty to apologize?” Jamie asks.


“Meow! He is never going to apologize! And even if he does, it’ll be because you forced him too! Meow!” Rain says.


“He feels bad about you taking the blame for his crime. He just can’t apologize because he likes you,” Jamie explains.


“Meow! That makes no sense! No sense at all, in fact! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“He loves you,” Jamie states.


“Meow! Scotty hates me! It is obvious that he hates me! Why in Mycono would he love anyone?! Meow!” Rain asks.


“If he didn’t love you, why did he scream like a girl when you scratched him?” Jamie asks.


“Meow! Because he is pathetic! Meow!” Rain says.


Scotty calls out from behind the closed door, “Am not!”


Jamie laughs.


“Stop laughing at me!” Scotty cries.


“Meow! Well this is kind of amusing... Meow!” Rain says.


“I’m not laughing at just you, Scotty, I’m laughing at you BOTH,” Jamie says and laughs harder.


Scotty comes out of the room and shouts, “Go home! I don’t want you guys in my house!”


“No, we’re not leaving until you apologize,” Jamie says.


“I can’t! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” Scotty cries out.


“Please...” Jamie begs.


“I can’t! Just go away already!” Scotty says, crying.


“Aww, don’t cry!” Jamie says.


Scotty is sad and angry at the same time and shouts, “Just go away! I’ve had it!”


“Okay...” Jamie says.


Scotty runs back into his room, still crying.


“Scotty... Please...just stop crying,” Jamie begs.


There is complete silence from the room for ten whole minutes.


“Scotty, are you okay?! You’ve been quiet for a long time,” Jamie says and goes into Scotty’s room.


Scotty is hiding underneath his blanket.


“Aww, Scotty it’s okay...” Jamie says and pulls off the blanket.


Scotty hides a picture he happens to be holding and says, “I told you to go away!”


“Don’t yell at me... What do you have there?” Jamie asks.


Scotty sniffles and yells, “None of your business!”


“Please don’t yell at me...” Jamie begs.


“What do you want from me now? I have played good guy for you, wasn’t that enough?” Scotty asks.


“I’m leaving...” Jamie says and starts crying.


“Wait, come back, and I’ll show you...just don’t tell Rain,” Scotty says.


“No, I’ve done you enough trouble...” Jamie says.


Scotty tries to show Jamie the picture. Jamie closes his eyes calmly. Scotty puts the picture away and the silence restarts. Jamie opens one eye. Scotty is no longer in the room; the only thing changed is that the blanket is now wrinkled.


“Scotty?!” Jamie calls out.


The picture is left on the bed and the window is cracked open a little. Silence still fills the room. Jamie looks at the picture. The picture shows two Mouleepole hugging each other while standing under a mushroom.


“Aww, that’s so cute!” Jamie says.


Rain steps into the room and cries out, “Meow! You let Scotty escape! Meow!”


“Is this you?” Jamie asks, holding out the picture.


“Meow! No way! Why would that be me?! Meow!” Rain replies nervously.


“I don’t know...” Jamie answers.


“Meow! Why does he have a picture of two random Mouleepole hugging anyway?! Meow!” Rain asks.


“I don’t know...” Jamie says.


“Meow! I am going to leave now... Meow!” Rain says.


“Okay,” Jamie says.


Rain pushes the window open and jumps out, “Bye bye!”


“NOOO! RAIN!” Jamie cries out.


A soft thud is heard as Rain carefully lands on the ground, about ten stories down.


“Are you okay?!” Jamie calls out.


“Meow! Of course I am! It was only ten stories! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“Um... Okay...” Jamie says.


Aonghas enters the room and says, “They’re both gone?!”


“Yep!” Jamie says and smiles.


“Where are they?! We can’t just have my father running around somewhere!” Aonghas says, panicking.


“I really don’t know...?” Jamie replies.


Aonghas picks up the picture and says, “Aw, this is a cute picture!”


“Yeah, it is! Do you know who they are?” Jamie asks.


“Not really, but notice that one has red eyes and one has blue eyes,” Aonghas points out.


“Weird...?” Jamie says.


“Yes, I don’t have enough information to support my guess, but this one...” Aonghas says and points to the one with red eyes, “ Scotty.”


“Cool!” Jamie says.


“Yes, but I don’t know who the other one is,” Aonghas says.


“Huh...maybe It’s his girlfriend?” Jamie suggests.


“I didn’t know he had a girlfriend!” Aonghas says, surprised.


“Rain, right?” Jamie asks.


“Well, obviously this was at least 1,000 years ago because they are Mouleepole,” Aonghas says.


“Maybe it’s Scotty’s mother and father?” Jamie suggests.


“True, because that one really looks like what I imagine Scotty to look like,” Aonghas says.


Scotty,” Jamie suggests.


“Should we bring my dad back just so he doesn’t wind up in trouble again?!” Aonghas asks.


“Yeah,” Jamie says.


“Come on!” Aonghas says and creates a staircase from the window to the ground with magic.


“Okay,” Jamie says and goes down the magic staircase.


On the ground is fresh cat prints going in one direction and shoe prints heading in the other direction.


“Let’s go!” Jamie says and follows the shoe prints.


Aonghas also follows the shoe prints. Jamie starts humming cheerfully.


“Where do you think my dad went? The only place nearby is the forest,” Aonghas says.


“The forest!” Jamie says and smiles.


“Let’s hurry up and find him; he could get lost and be stuck in there forever!” Aonghas says.


“Okay,” Jamie says.


When Jamie and Aonghas arrive at the woods, a mysterious figure is standing there.


“Hi!” Jamie says to the person.


“Hello, who are you and what’s your reason for being in the forest? These woods are dangerous,” the person says.


“My name’s Jamie! And we are looking for a friend of ours!” Jamie says.


“Jamie? I heard that name before, but that memory is lost in time. My name is Emerald of the Forest, but you may call me Emerald,” the person says.


“Nice to meet you!” Jamie says, grinning.


“I think I have seen your friend dash into these woods,” Emerald states.


“Yay!” Jamie exclaims.


Emerald then turns and says to Aonghas, “And you, you look a lot like me.”


“Yes, I do,” Aonghas says.


“Yes, in fact, the only significant difference I see is your eye color and hair color. Your eyes are red and mine are green like emeralds,” Emerald says.


“Hmmm... You’re right...” Aonghas says.


“Anyways, let’s find your friend. The man eating plants are pretty hungry at this time,” Emerald says.


“Eep!” Jamie says.


“Yes, and we also have double-headed man eating plants, giant forest spiders, various sizes of a thing I like to call rock-throwers, and a variety of slime that lives and eats flesh. We have to be very careful in these woods; also, if you take a wrong turn you will wind up completely lost. So watch your step, have your sword ready, and let’s go!” Emerald says and enters the woods.


Jamie follows, as does Aonghas.


“I also should tell you that this forest is large and connects multiple places together. If you go a certain way, you’ll wind up in an area where the Mouleepole live. If you go another way, you will find the Woods People. There are also other untraveled paths and trick paths that’ll make you end back up where you started,” Emerald explains in tour-guide fashion.


“I’m scared,” Jamie says, trembling a bit.


“With a great tour guide like me, you don’t have to be scared. Which way do you think your friend went?” Emerald asks and points to two out of three pathways.


“Ummm, I don’t know?” Jamie says.


“What’s your friend’s name anyways? You never told me,” Emerald asks.


“Scotty!” Jamie says and smiles.


“Scotty?! Are you serious?! How is that guy your friend?!” Emerald asks.


“Because we got him to be good!” Jamie explains.


“In that case, he probably headed towards the Mouleepole village,” Emerald says.


“Okay, let’s go!” Jamie says.


“Yeah, before Scotty crushes the Mouleepole!” Aonghas says.


“He wouldn’t do that,” Jamie says.


“Where did Rain go anyway? We never figured that out,” Aonghas asks.


“I don’t know,” Jamie says.

The group walked for awhile until they reached a place deep in the woods.


“Okay! We’re here! Watch your step; you wouldn’t want to crush the Mouleepole!” Emerald says.


“Okay,” Jamie says.


Emerald pulls back the branches and vines to reveal the super tiny village.


“Aww, little housies!” Jamie squeals.


“Shhhh!” Emerald says and points to some tiny mice-like people that are watching from behind a couple of mushrooms.


“AWW, THEY’RE SO CUTE!” Jamie exclaims.


The Mouleepole hide behind the mushrooms, afraid of Jamie.


“Where are you going?!” Jamie asks them.


“Your voice is too loud,” Emerald explains in a whisper, “Also, these younger ones don’t speak our language yet...”


“Oh...” Jamie says, lowering his voice.


“Look!” Emerald says, pointing to one with red eyes carrying a small hat.


“Hey! That one looks like Scotty!” Jamie says, getting loud again.


The little Mouleepole turns and look up at the three boys.


“Hi, Scotty!” Jamie calls out.


“What?! I’m not Scotty! I know him, though, my name is Target!” the little Mouleepole says.


“Have you seen him?” Jamie asks.


“Yes, he was here a little while ago. He told me to take this cap to his house and put it somewhere safe so Rain doesn’t find it,” Target says.


“Can I see it?” Jamie asks.


“No, he trusted me to take this cap straight to his house,” Target says.


“Just for a minute...” Jamie says and makes a puppy dog face.


“Fine, but don’t run off with that! Scotty would kill me if he saw me give this to you,” Target says and holds out the tiny hat that could fit on the tip of his thumb.


Jamie takes the hat gently and comments, “It’s so tiny...”


The cap suddenly grows to the size of Jamie’s head as he is holding it. Jamie takes off his red beanie hat and puts on Scotty’s hat.


“No! Take the cap off! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!! The first wish you make, you’ll get! Please take Scotty’s hat off! He is totally going to kill me!” Target squeals in fear and hides behind the mushrooms.


“Cool!” Jamie says.


He wishes for ice-cream and then gives the hat back.


Target takes the hat and shrinks it back down to Mouleepole size.


“You should really work on not wearing everyone’s stuff!” Target says.


It suddenly starts raining ice-cream really hard. The Mouleepole run screaming back into their houses.


“What have I done?!! ALL I DID WAS WISH FOR SOME ICE-CREAM! I’m sorry!” Jamie cries.


“That’s what Scotty said when he turned into a demon or whatever! Watch what you do, and never under estimate the power of magic! I have to get home before I am ice-creamed out! Ha, ha! Get it! Oh well, I won’t be around for much longer when Scotty sees!” Target says.


“Bye...” Jamie says. 


Jamie waves goodbye to Target and proceeds to eating the ice-cream off of the forest floor. Target walks through the mounds of ice-cream that are gathering on the ground; carrying the little cap with him to his house.


“Look at all the ice-cream... I just wanted one,” Jamie says.


Emerald just stands there with his mouth wide open, surprised at what just happened. Aonghas is licking the ice-cream.


“Let’s clean it all up!” Jamie says.


“What the flopcakes happened here?!” Scotty cries out.


“Uh oh...” Jamie says.


“Target! Bring me my hat!” Scotty demands.


Target comes out of his house and hands Scotty his hat. Scotty puts his hat on and transforms into his human form. Then he uses his wind power to blow the ice-cream away.


“Target, I am so disappointed in you. I told you to bring the cap to my house and let no one under any circumstances touch it. I come back and there’s ice-cream everywhere!” Scotty scolds.


“It wasn’t all my fault the boy in the red hat did some of this!” Target defends himself.


Scotty takes a deep breath so he doesn’t scream and then he says, “Target, if you hadn’t given him my cap, this wouldn’t have happened. Now, I’m going to go easy on you this time around and just give you a warning, but next time...there will be consequences!”


“Okay...” Target says.


Scotty turns to Jamie, “And you! You shouldn’t have asked for it!” he calms down and says, “Anyway, This is my great nephew Target. I am his grandpa’s big brother.”


“Nice to meet you!” Jamie says.


“Yeah, because we didn’t meet so well earlier,” Target says, embarrassed.


“Okay, I have an hour before I have to go back to protecting the forest, does anyone want to go somewhere?” Emerald asks.


“Me!” Jamie says.


“Okay, so Jamie, where should we go while I got time?” Emerald asks.


“The pet store!” Jamie says.


Emerald laughs, and when he does, his green eyes sparkle as though they were real emeralds.


“Okay, Jamie, we will go to the pet store. We might just run into something interesting on the way,” Emerald says and takes the lead.

Submitted: December 04, 2020

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