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Jamie, Aonghas, and Scotty follow Emerald to a pet store. Scotty is carefully holding Target to make sure he won’t get lost. The five of them enter the pet shop. There are cats, dogs, chickens, and other various types of pets here.


“Kitties! And puppies!” Jamie cries out excitedly.


“Meow! There you guys are! They captured me! Meow!” a gray cat meows from the kitten cage.


“Hi, Rain!” Jamie says and runs excitedly to the kitten cage and opens the cage, “Aww a kitty! Can I keep it?”


“Agh! Rain!” Scotty cries out and quickly moves towards the door.


“Scotty, she’s in a cage...” Jamie says and goes to the counter to ask the price of the kitten.


“Ah, the fluffy gray kitten? She’s worth about 100 bucks, if you couldn’t say more! She was found wandering all alone, but her type is worth a lot!” the shopkeeper says.


Jamie smiles and says, “Okay.”


He hands the cashier 100 bucks. In the case of Mycono Kingdom, the currency called bucks is actually colorful stones which can be found pretty much everywhere, even under ground. The shopkeeper takes the keys and unlocks the cage. He pulls Rain out and hands her to Jamie.


“There, if you want her to not get put in a pet store, you should give her a collar and tag. Pets are good for your health! Is there anything else you need or would like?” the shopkeeper asks.


“No, thanks,” Jamie says and then smiles at Rain, “You’re my pet now!”


“Meow! Oh the shame! If only I wasn’t stuck as a cat! Meow!” Rain says.


“We can play with yarn!” Jamie suggests.


“Meow! Scotty? Meow!” Rain calls sleepily.


“He just ran off,” Jamie states.


Rain falls asleep in Jamie’s arms. He pets her and she starts purring softly. Jamie smiles as Rain snuggles up with him.


“Wow, I guess Rain doesn’t mind being a pet!” Emerald says.


“Yeah, I can’t wait to show the others!” Jamie says excitedly.


Rain whispers in her sleep, “Scotty, oh Scotty… Please come back. Scotty...”


Jamie giggles.


“Why is she dreaming about my dad?!” Aonghas asks, looking disgusted and disturbed.


“She probably likes him,” Jamie says.


Rain snaps awake and yowls, “Meow! Scotty is in trouble! Meow!”


“What?! Calm down, had a bad dream,” Jamie says.


“Meow! Are you sure? Not that I care... Meow!” Rain says.


“Awww, you’ll be okay, it was just a dream,” Jamie reassures the kitten.


“Meow! Don’t we have somewhere to be? Meow!” Rain meows, embarrassedly.


“I don’t know,” Jamie says with a shrug.


“Meow! Why don’t we join the others who are probably still waiting at Scotty’s Tower for us? Meow!” Rain suggests.


“Okay, let’s go!!” Jamie says.


Emerald then asks Aonghas, “Wait, your dad is Scotty?!”


“Yes, he’s a terrible father though,” Aonghas says.


“I can see that! Well, I will meet your friends and return to the forest, does that sound fair?” Emerald asks.


“Yeah!” Jamie says.


Rain jumps out of Jamie’s arms and says, “I’ll lead the way!”


“Okay!” Jamie says and follows Rain.


Rain leads everyone towards Scotty’s Tower.


“YAY!” Jamie exclaims.


“So, this is where Scotty hides? It’s too obvious!” Emerald says when they arrive.


“Yeah...” Jamie confirms with a nod.


Rain runs along to where the open window was. Jamie follows her. Everyone climbs up the tall stairs to Scotty’s room.


“Scotty?!” Jamie calls out.


Scotty peaks out his window and says, “Yes, your friends are here and apparently they are very concerned about your disappearance!”


“Oops,” Jamie says.


“No! You brought Rain with you?!” Scotty asks.


“Meow! Hello, Scotty! Meow!” Rain meows.


“She’s my new kitty!” Jamie says.


“But, why?! She was a Mouleepole before; she knows too much to be just a pet! She probably has even seen me in my underwear for all I know!” Scotty cries out.


Rain is unamused.


“Eww!” Jamie exclaims in disgust.


“Meow! I promise, I haven’t! Meow!” Rain says.


CrossBones comes crashing into the room and says, “Oh boy! Oh the joy! Whatcha talkin’ about?! I want to be a shadow one day! All humans who can turn into shadows are my roll-models!” His tail is wagging excitedly.


“Okay... We’re talking about stuff...” Jamie says.


“Oh boy! Another Shadow Person! Hello, friend! Anyone who is a Shadow Person is my friend!” CrossBones says and holds out a glowing paw thing for Emerald to shake.


“Hi,” Emerald says, but he doesn’t shake hands with CrossBones.


“Oh boy!” CrossBones says and howls a random tune out of nowhere.


“Okay, I’ve got to go guard the forest, bye,” Emerald says, turning and leaving.


“At least I have two other shadow people!” CrossBones says and does a doggie twirl.


“Meow! What were we talking about again? Meow!” Rain asks.


“You being my kitty!” Jamie says, excitedly.


“Meow! Right... Meow!” Rain says and sits up on the windowsill.


“You’ll be a good kitty! However, I have one problem...” Jamie says, frowning.


“Meow?!” Rain asks.


“I don’t think the others want a kitty...” Jamie says.


“Meow! They let the dog stay! I bet I’m easier to control than a hyper dog! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“Oh boy! Oh the joy! Would you look at the beautiful sunset from here?!” CrossBones calls out, his tail is wagging really hard.


“Oh, that is pretty...” Jamie comments, staring at the sunset.


Just earlier it was sun high, but thanks to the uneven flow of time, the day is nearly over again. Everyone files into the room suddenly.


“Hey! Don’t step on me!” Target calls out.


“Hi, everyone!” Jamie says.


“We went looking for you awhile ago!” Malcolm yells.


“I got a kitty!!” Jamie cries out excitedly.


“Seriously?! That’s Rain...but aren’t Rain and Scotty in love? So technically, Scotty would be in love with your pet...that is kind of weird!” Malcolm says.


“No! I hate Rain! She tried to kill me this morning!” Scotty yells.


“Can I get a normal kitty?” Jamie asks.


“Nah, that’ll slow us down! We already have this dog!” Malcolm says, pointing to CrossBones.


Rain makes a sad face and walks out of the room.


“But look how sad you made her...” Jamie says and makes a sad face.


“She’s gone now! She’ll probably run off and try to kill herself so we don’t have to worry about her anymore...” Malcolm says.


Scotty randomly socks Malcolm in the face really hard.


“No!” Jamie says and cries.


Malcolm is moaning and rubbing his face while lying on the floor.


“Oops! That was my natural reaction! I just suddenly felt like punching him!” Scotty says, “Sorry!”


Jamie keeps crying.


“I said sorry! I’ll help Malcolm up if that’s what you’re worried about!” Scotty says.


Jamie stops crying.


Scotty reaches over and pulls Malcolm to his feet and says, “Now, don’t ever talk about people that way again!”


“Don’t tell me what to do!” Malcolm yells.


“Look, I have to go find Rain before she gets into trouble and it’s all your fault! When I get back you better not say a word to her about what you just told Jamie!” Scotty yells and pushes Malcolm a little, “You got that, young man?!”


Malcolm is mad and doesn’t reply.


“Good, now I have to figure out where that girl went!” Scotty says.


“Okay!” Jamie says.


Scotty heads to the door and then asks, “Does anyone want to come in case something happens?”


“I will!” Jamie volunteers.


“Okay, Target has to stay here because he is so small. Let’s go, Jamie!” Scotty says.


Jamie waves at everyone and says, “Bye!”


“Let’s go catch a cat!” Scotty says and holds out a catching pole that suddenly appeared.


“Yay!” Jamie says.


Scotty exits the building and says, “Look for fresh signs of a cat, she probably just came through here.”


“Look, kitty tracks!” Jamie calls out.


“We will follow them, then!” Scotty says.


Jamie and Scotty follow the cat tracks. After awhile, the two notice that the tracks stop at Lake Mycono...


“...oh my gosh... Rain...” Jamie says and starts crying.


“Don’t cry; we haven’t evaluated the whole situation yet! There has got to be a logical reason for this!” Scotty says.


“She died...” Jamie says, still crying.


“No... She wouldn’t have died, she’s too tough! Plus, knowing her, she’s probably just doing this to drive us nuts!” Scotty argues.


Jamie drops to his knees still crying and says, “Cats can’t swim...”


“Jamie, she may not be able to swim, but if she kept her head out of the water, she would’ve floated herself downstream,” Scotty explains.


“No, I think she did what Malcolm said...” Jamie cries.


“Jamie, you would have to be an idiot to believe that Rain would do what Malcolm said. Don’t listen to Malcolm; he’s just a sack of poop!” Scotty says.


Jamie stops crying and says, “That’s not very nice...”


“Maybe if we follow the river we will find Rain,” Scotty suggests.


“Yeah, good idea,” Jamie says, but he still is worried.


Scotty makes a boat appear and says, “Or we could take a boat.”


“Let’s go,” Jamie says.


Scotty hops into the boat, but Jamie climbs in more carefully.


“Now, we have to row together otherwise we won’t get anywhere!” Scotty says, grinning.


“Okay,” Jamie says and grabs an oar.


Scotty starts rowing. Jamie rows as well and sings a childish song as he does. Scotty’s grin widens and he begins singing the same song, but with an evil tone, emphasizing all the wrong words.


“Okay, you could use a little practice...” Jamie says, wincing.


“Okay, we are almost downstream; do you think Rain is on the other side?” Scotty asks.


“Yeah!” Jamie says.


“You know, we only had to row to get the boat moving because this current is strong...” Scotty says.


“Okay!” Jamie says.


Scotty relaxes for a short time when suddenly, he spots land, “Hey look! Land up ahead!”


“Is Rain there?” Jamie asks.


“Over there!” Scotty says and points to a branch sticking up over the stream with a wet gray thing holding onto it.


“We have to save her!” Jamie cries out.


“MEEEEOW!! Help? I fell into the lake and I’m all wet! MEEEEEOW!!” Rain yowls from the branch.


Jamie foolishly jumps into the water and swims over to Rain.


“Jamie! Your chain-metal armor is gonna get wet and heavy! You might sink!” Scotty cries out.


Jamie grabs Rain and tries swimming with her. The water is slowly making Jamie sink; the materials it is made from aren’t suited for water. Jamie holds Rain above the water and tries swimming again.


“Rain, can you get on my head?” Jamie asks.


“Jamie! You’re sinking! If I was on your head you’d just sink faster!” Rain yowls.


“I can’t swim with you in my arms!” Jamie argues.


“True...” Rain says and reluctantly climbs up onto Jamie’s head.


“Jamie! You won’t make it back! You’re in the middle of the lake!” Scotty cries out.


Jamie tries swimming anyways.


“Jamie McNeill!” Emerald cries out and jumps into the water to help save the two who are sinking.


Jamie struggles to stay up.


Emerald grabs Jamie and says, “Hang on! I’ve got you!”


“Thank you!” Jamie cries out.


Emerald swims to shore with Jamie and Rain.


“You saved us! Thank you!” Jamie says, he smiles and hugs Emerald.


“You’re welcome! It’s my job to protect people,” Emerald states.


“Meow! Scotty! Why didn’t you help?! Is it because you hate me that much?!” Rain asks.


“Um...” Scotty replies, unsure of what to say.


“Meow! I need to get dried off! Meow!” Rain yowls.


Scotty blows wind at Rain and says, “There!”


“Meow! Thank you, Scotty! I think I’ll stick around with your gang a little longer! Meow! I’ve got nowhere else to be anyways! Meow!” Rain meows.


“Yay!” Jamie says.


“Meow! I just don’t want to see Malcolm’s face again! Meow!” Rain meows.


“He’s part of the group, though,” Jamie says.


“Meow! Fine, but he doesn’t respect me! Meow! Just like someone else I know!” Rain says and glares at Scotty.


Scotty hides behind Jamie.


“Scotty, she can’t hurt you,” Jamie says.


Rain’s tail is wagging angrily.


“Guys please don’t fight!” Jamie cries.


“Meow! He is a coward! He runs from trouble and lets others take the blame! AND NOW, HERE HE IS, HIDING FROM A CUTE FLUFFY KITTEN! You hear me Scotty?! You are a wimp! A TOTAL COWARD!! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“Please don’t kill me, I’m sorry!” Scotty cries out.


“Meow! And I’m still not ready to trust you! You could put us all in danger for all I know! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“I won’t! I swear!” Scotty cries out.


“THAT’S A LIE! Someone is going to end up using you to destroy everyone! You are too easy to push around! Like a yarn ball, you unravel and it becomes harder to trust you!” Rain yowls.


Scotty falls silent.


“Guys, please stop fighting!” Jamie begs.


Scotty paddles his boat back to the shore. Rain hops out first.


She’s heading back to Scotty’s Tower, but first, she calls back, “Meow! Let’s go! Meow!”


“Okay!” says Jamie.


Rain leads the way, carefully staying away from the edge of the river. Jamie is humming. Rain is walking in a showy way; her tail straight in the air, slowly moving back and forwards. Scotty freaks out.


Rain turns to look at Scotty and says, “Meow! You know, I know you are freaking out behind me. I could sense it! Meow!”


“That’s creepy...” Scotty says with a whimper.


“Meow! Get used to it! Meow!” Rain yowls.


Scotty falls silent. Rain turns back around and continues leading. Jamie is still humming.


“Meow! What should we do when we arrive?! Meow!” Rain asks.


“Let’s play with string!” Jamie says.


“Meow! Okay. What is Scotty going to do? Clean the tower? Meow!” Rain asks.


“No, I’m going to stay home and do the usual...” Scotty says.


Rain’s tail twitches slightly and she asks, “Meow! Like what? Sleeping? Hiding? Meow!”


“...Yes...” Scotty admits.


“Meow! I knew you’d be hiding from something! Meow!” Rain says.




Rain quickly climbs up Scotty’s leg and sits on his shoulder. She calls out triumphantly, “Meow! Oh yeah?! Because I just found you! Meow!”


Scotty screams.


“Meow! Ha ha ha ha! Too funny! Meow!” Rain yowls.


“Rain, leave Scotty alone, please,” Jamie says.


Scotty is terrified. Rain makes an adorable kitten face at Jamie.


“Aww...” Jamie says.


“Help me,” Scotty squeals.


Rain hops onto Jamie’s shoulder.


“Yay!” Jamie says and starts petting Rain.


Rain purrs delightedly.


“Scotty, how can you be scared of her?” Jamie asks.


Rain stares at Scotty.


“She wants to kill me!” Scotty cries.


“Meow! I might hold off the killing for now; I’m very weak as a cat! Meow!” Rain says.


“Oh, thank goodness!” Scotty says, sighing in relief.


“Meow! But, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be back to my original form. Meow!” Rain meows.


“Yay!” Scotty cries out.


Rain slaps him with her tiny kitten paw.


“Sorry!” Scotty says.


“You better be! Let’s go!” Rain says.


The group keeps on walking.


“Meow! I can’t even remember what being a Mouleepole felt like! Meow!” Rain meows, trying to start another conversation while they are walking.


“Very small...” Scotty replies.


“Meow. I’m guessing it is worse than being a kitten the size of a guinea pig. Meow,” Rain says.


“At least you’re not a wolf...” Scotty says.


“Meow! Yeah, if I was a wolf would I be a small pup or a full grown wolf? If I was a full grown wolf, I’d totally gobble you up! Meow!” Rain says.


“You’d be a small pup...” Scotty says.


“Meow! That seems reasonable. Meow!” Rain says.


“Do you still hate me?” Scotty asks.


Rain closes her eyes to think about the question. She meows, deep in thought. Scotty waits for an answer.


“Meow! I’m fine with you for now; just don’t abandon me again... Meow!” Rain cries out.


“Okay, is this part of some plan to kill me?” Scotty asks wearily.


“Meow! No! I can’t even kill anyone in this form! I have more important ideas than to hurt myself trying to kill you... Meow!” Rain says.


“Okay...” Scotty says.


Rain meows.


“Let’s go!” Scotty says.


Rain leaps down and happily leads the way. Scotty follows Rain, not as scared as he was before. The group arrives at Scotty’s tower after awhile of walking.


“Meow! Here you go! Meow!” Rain meows.


Scotty runs inside. Rain meows in confusion.


“Don’t worry, he’s just happy to be home,” Jamie says.


“Meow! Can I go home with you, Jamie? Meow!” Rain asks.


“Of course!” Jamie replies.


Rain meows happily.


“Yay! Let’s go!” Jamie says and forgets about the others. He takes Rain home.


“Meow! Aren’t you forgetting something? Meow!” Rain asks.


“Um, no? I don’t think so?” Jamie says.


“Meow, okay, but if Malcolm hits you over the head with his mallet don’t blame me. Meow!” Rain says.


“Malcolm, Pàl, Fraizer! I forgot the others!” Jamie says and turns around.


“Meow! How about Mungo, Aonghas, and CrossBones?” Rain asks.


“Let’s get them all! I forgot!” Jamie says and picks up Rain. He runs as fast as he can back to Scotty’s Tower.


“Oh boy! Oh the joy! For a second there, I thought you’d leave us here!” CrossBones says, his tail wagging excitedly.


“I did forget... I’m sorry!” Jamie says.


“I see you brought Gusty with you!” CrossBones says.


“Gusty? Oh, her name is Rain,” Jamie says.


“Okay!” CrossBones says and sniffs Rain’s fur.


Rain patiently waits for CrossBones to finish sniffing her.


“I’m really sorry!” Jamie says.


“Ah, you’re back!” Aonghas says.


“Yep!” Jamie says.


Mungo comes out and stands next to Aonghas.


“Hi!” Jamie says.


“Oh, hi Jamie!” Mungo says and waves.


“I want to be a Shadow Person too!” CrossBones says and sits by Mungo’s feet.


“CrossBones, you’re a great dog though,” Jamie says.


“Yes, I obey Mungo and Aonghas very well, don’t I?” CrossBones asks, tilting his head.


“Yeah!” Jamie says.


“Meow! But I think you can be very loud at times... Meow!” Rain says.


“That’s not true...” Jamie says.


“I love my Shadow People!” CrossBones says and licks their hands.


“We love you too, CrossBones,” Aonghas says.


CrossBones’ tail is wagging happily.


“Yeah,” Mungo agrees.

Submitted: December 30, 2020

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