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“Hey... Is that Emerald?” Aonghas asks when the group exits Scotty’s Tower.


Emerald is running quickly towards the group shouting, "Guys! Something's happening to the forest! I need help, quickly! We have to evacuate the Mouleepole and Forest People!" 


"What?!" Jamie asks.


"I can't stop it myself! I need everyone's help right away!" Emerald says, panting.


"What's happening?!" Jamie asks, sounding frightened.


"Someone opened a portal to the Distorted Realm to engulf the forest in chaos and darkness!" Emerald says.


"That's terrible!!" Jamie exclaims.


"Exactly, we need to hurry before the distortion expands to the rest of Mycono, Tellis, and many other places, too!" Emerald says.


"Let's go!" Jamie says.


The whole entire group, including Target and Rain, excluding Scotty, hurries towards the woods.


"Oh my gosh!" Jamie cries out as he sees what has happened.


An eerie purple fog is foaming up inside the woods like soap in running water.


"No! It's too late! What could we do?!" Emerald asks, looking around frantically.


"Are they all dead?!" Jamie asks.


"I don't know! I can't see through the fog!" Emerald says, squinting.


Jamie starts to cry.


"All you have to do is turn on a lantern! Who has one?!" Malcolm asks.


"I have a Fire Wand!" Jamie says and pulls out a red and orange stick.


"No! Don't do that! You'll burn down the forest!" Emerald yells.


"Okay," Jamie says and puts away his Fire Wand.


"I have a lantern," Fraizer says and pulls out a lantern.


As soon as the lantern is drawn the fog clears a little.


"Let's go before my lantern dies!" Fraizer says.


“Oh no! Your lantern can die?! Poor little thing!” Jamie cries out.


“Not for real. What I mean is the flames will go out,” Fraizer quickly explains.


“Oh! That’s a relief!” Jamie says with a giggle.


"Okay, how far do you think we could get?" Emerald asks.


"To where we can save everyone!" Fraizer says, sounding extra confident.


Everyone stays around the glow of light and enters the woods.


"I hope everyone's okay..." Jamie whispers.


Suddenly the group is stopped in their tracks by a strange glowing wall with the face of a cat imprinted on it.


"What's this?" Jamie asks, cowering.


"I don't know! This is scary!" Fraizer says.


"I'm scared!" Jamie says and hugs Malcolm.


Even Malcolm appears to be a bit scared of the wall. He takes no notice of the fact that Jamie is hugging him. CrossBones reaches out a magic paw to touch the wall.


"Don't touch it!" Fraizer warns.


"Darn!" CrossBones says and puts his fake paw down.


"I've seen a picture of this in a legend I read before!" Pàl says, suddenly remembering where he had seen this before.


"Is it evil?!" Jamie asks.


"Yes, yes it is. Let's step back!" Pàl suggests.


"Okay," Jamie says and steps back.


Everyone else starts backing up as well, not wanting to get hurt by the wall. Suddenly, a giant hand reaches out of the wall and grabs everyone. Jamie starts screaming. Everyone passes out.


After a long time, they all wake up in prison cells.


"Where the heck am I?” Pàl asks.


"We're in prison, did we do something bad?!" Jamie asks.


"Jamie! You look like a wolf!" Pàl cries out.


"What, so do you?!" Jamie cries out.


"Ah, crud! This can't be happening! Look!" Pàl says and points to Malcolm, Fraizer, Mungo, Aonghas, and Emerald.


"Cool! I'm a wolf!" Jamie says and starts chasing his tail.


"But look at me! I'm human! Not just a human, but a Shadow Person! Oh boy! Oh the joy!" CrossBones cries out.


"This is cool! What's Rain?" Jamie asks.


Rain angrily replies, "I'm a flower! What good is a flower to you?!"


"Well... Flowers are pretty!" Jamie says, trying to look on the bright side of things.


"At least I have legs..." Rain mutters.


"Why is CrossBones a Shadow Person? Isn't it suspicious that there are now four McNeills and four Shadow People? This could mean something!" Emerald says.


"That's true... I wonder why we're wolves...” Jamie wonders out loud.


"Personally, I think wolves are beautiful, misunderstood creatures, with lots of mystery!" CrossBones says.


"I think they're pretty!" Jamie says.


"You guys are chained up, whatcha gonna do?!" Rain asks.


"Break them! Duh!" Malcolm says.


"How are you going to do that while you are chained down?!" Rain asks.


"Oh..." Malcolm says.


"I'm chained to the wall!" CrossBones calls out cheerfully.


"What kind of person would do that?!" Malcolm asks.


"I don't have a clue, but we need to find away to unchain ourselves..." CrossBones says. 


CrossBones looks at Target who has been changed into a mouse. Not too much different than his normal form.


"Squeal! What?! Squeak!” Target asks.


"Target! You aren't chained down! Could you run off and find the keys?" CrossBones asks.


"Squeak! Okay. Squeak!” Target says and crawls out of the cell.


"Do you think Scotty's okay? We left him at Scotty's Tower," Rain asks.


"He won't be if the darkness spreads!" Malcolm yells.


"For all we know it could be spreading right now!" Emerald says.


"Hurry up with those keys!" Malcolm yells.


"Squeak! Found them! Squeak!" Target says and scurries back into the cell with a bunch of old keys.


"Just hurry up and unlock me!" Malcolm growls.


"Squeak! Hold on! These keys are huge! Squeak!” Target says.


"I don't care! Hurry!" Malcolm yells.


Target clumsily unlocks Malcolm and continues on to unlock the others.


"Finally!" Malcolm cries out.


"Squeak! There, you are all unlocked! Squeak!” Target says once he has finished his task.


"Thank you!" Jamie says.


"Squeak! I do like that I'm a little bigger in this form, but people don't like mice. Squeak!” Target says.


"I do!" Jamie says.


"Squeak! Yeah, but most people don’t! And I’m not just a mouse, but a light purple one with red eyes! Squeak!" Target says.


"Can you speak to people in this form?" Jamie asks.


"Squeak! Nah, as a mouse only CrossBones can understand me! Regular humans wouldn't stick around to listen to my small voice! Squeak!" Target says.


"Aww man," Jamie says.


"Squeak! At least you understand, and listen. You're a big wolf and I'm a mouse the size of a computer mouse! Squeak!" Target says.


"Well, I'm the smallest wolf... Yay!" Jamie says.


"Yeah, you're smaller than I was in my dog form!" CrossBones comments.


"No, I’m not?" Jamie says in confusion.


"Oh boy! I just realized I wasn't chained to the wall anymore!" CrossBones says and falls to the ground.


Jamie looks at himself and says, "Oh, I am..."


"I like my purple eyes, such a pretty color... The color of that book I saw Pàl with recently!" CrossBones says and sits up, "Well, remind me that falling off of a wall is painful."


"Okay! Falling off of a wall is painful!" Jamie says, grinning.


"Thank you!" CrossBones says.


Aonghas sorrowfully stares at the cell bars. Malcolm runs into the bars and then curses when he only ends up injured. Jamie tries to squeeze though the bars.


Emerald is quietly whimpering, "The forest! I let this happen to the forest! I should've tried to stop it myself! Oh, my friends! My poor little friends! All gone because of me!"


"Stop feeling bad and help us! IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!" Malcolm growls.


"I was the protector of the forest; they all trusted me," Emerald cries.


Pàl walks to the corner of the cage and says, "Hey, guys! There's a soft spot on the floor right here!"


"Just shut up!" Malcolm says and walks over to where Pàl was and shoves him out of his way, he starts digging.


"How am I supposed to get out?! I'm a flower!" Rain cries.


"CrossBones is a he's a Shadow Person, he can carry you," Jamie says.


CrossBones picks Rain up and takes her through. Emerald is still lying in the dungeon cell, feeling bad for what isn't even his fault.


"Hurry up!" Malcolm yells at him.


Emerald starts crying.


"Malcolm, you made him cry..." Jamie whines.


"So?" Malcolm asks, snarling.


"Aww, don't cry, Emerald! I'm sure they're fine," Jamie says.


"Mysie had always trusted me, even as a young child. I was all alone in the woods; she had found me and brought me with her to her village. She trained me to protect the forest and she trusted me with the responsibility!" Emerald recalls for Jamie to hear.


"I'm sure they found a way..." Jamie says.


"I might as well follow you guys so I can save them. Mysie was like a mother to me. I wouldn't stand it if she died!" Emerald says.


Malcolm digs out the way and barks back, "Hurry up!" He leaves the cage.


Emerald scrambles through the hole.


"Finally!" Malcolm growls.


Jamie crawls through the hole. Aonghas quickly follows behind Jamie. 


Jamie barks like a puppy and shouts, "Yay, we made it!" 


The whole group is now standing in front of the dungeon cell.


"Yay! Now where?" Jamie asks, looking around.


"I suppose we should get out of here," Pàl decides.


"Let's go!" Malcolm urges.


"The exit isn't open... Maybe we have to pull a switch?" Pàl suggests.


"Where the heck is the switch?!" Malcolm growls in annoyance.


Fraizer naturally runs into the next cell and jumps to grab the lever in his mouth, opening the exit.


"Good job, Fraizer!" Jamie cheers.


"Let's go! We have a world to save!" Emerald says.


"Okay, let's go!" Jamie says and smiles.


The line formed to crawl through the hole is in this pattern, CrossBones and Rain, Pàl, Aonghas, Jamie, Mungo, Malcolm, Emerald, Fraizer, and Target following behind.


"Why can't I be first?!" Malcolm asks.


"You can't always be the leader!" CrossBones points out.


"Do you want to fight?!" Malcolm growls.


"No, plus there are four people between us," CrossBones says.


Malcolm growls madly.


"I'm sorry! I don't even have feet!" CrossBones says, sweating nervously.


"Guys, please don't argue!" Jamie pleads.


"Okay!" CrossBones says.


"If you don't have feet, how do you walk?" Rain questions CrossBones.


"He floats!" Jamie answers.


"Yeah, because I think someone cut my feet off," CrossBones says.


Jamie stops in shock and asks, "How can someone do that?!" He starts crying.


"Stop crying, I'm fine now! I guess I should change the subject if you're going to cry so much over something that doesn't matter," CrossBones says.


"How can someone do that?! It's messed up to cut off an innocent puppy's feet!" Jamie cries.


"Actually, I was human when it happened, I was just a young boy, they took my hands and feet...I was left there to die!" CrossBones says, suddenly remembering this previously forgotten detail.


"Oh my gosh! That's terrible..." Jamie cries.


"I don’t remember who did it, but I transformed myself into a dog..." CrossBones explains, “So... I guess I was a Shadow Person before? I wonder how much else I forgot!”


"Oh my, well it's great you're alive," Jamie says.


"Everyone thought I was dead...I ran away from there and met up with Mungo," CrossBones says.


Mungo briefly glances at CrossBones.


"Hurry up and go!" Malcolm snaps.


CrossBones exits the tunnel. Jamie keeps going. 


"I guess we have to navigate through the sewer now," CrossBones says.


Flowing in front of them is a trench filled with stinky smelly water. The water level is pretty low currently and the ground under it looks painful to step on.


"Eww, gross!" Jamie exclaims in disgust.


"It's only the truth!" CrossBones says.


"I know!" Jamie says and walks ahead. He sees a monster and screams, "Ahhh, a monster! Save me!!"


"I'll save you!" Fraizer says. He barks and bites the monster, causing it to die.


"Thank you!" Jamie says.


"You're welcome!" Fraizer says.


"Aww, I can't give you a hug in this form..." Jamie whines.


Fraizer licks Jamie's face.


"Why didn't I think of that?" Jamie asks and licks Fraizer's face.


"Oh, Mysie! Don't worry; your woods will be protected once more!" Emerald cries out.


"Why are you talking to yourself?!" Malcolm asks.


"I just miss everyone..." Emerald says.


Malcolm sighs.


"They were the closest thing I had to a family..." Emerald says.


Jamie licks Emerald's face and says, "It’s okay...they're okay..."


"It feels like I lost everything all so quickly!" Emerald cries.


"Just shut up, you're making me feel pity!!" Malcolm yells, wrinkling his snout in disgust.


"I hate you..." Emerald says and keeps walking.


"I hate you too!" Malcolm snaps back.


"How can you say that?!" Jamie asks.


"Look! More monsters!" Aonghas calls out.


About six creatures come close to the group.


Jamie hides behind Malcolm and squeals, "Save me!"


Malcolm lunges at one of the monsters and bites down on it. He says, "Pleah! Monsters taste bad!"


"You know, I have a sword!" CrossBones says after Malcolm takes down the six monsters at once.


"Thank you!" Jamie says and licks Malcolm's face.


"Yuck! You are gross! When I'm a human again you better not go around licking me!" Malcolm yells.


Jamie laughs and says, "I won't."


Malcolm keeps wandering with the group.


"CrossBones, do you know how to use your sword?" Jamie asks.


"Oh boy! Oh the joy! I never held a sword before!" CrossBones says as he reaches back to grab the sword.


"Well, you hold the part that's not pointy," Jamie says.


CrossBones uses magic to hold the sword out and looks to Jamie. "Like this? I don't have actual hands, but does this look right?"


"Yes! Great job!" Jamie says.


CrossBones thrusts his arm forwards for a jab.


"Great job!" Jamie cries out.


"That felt great!" CrossBones says.


"It did?" Jamie asks.


"Yeah!" CrossBones says and removes the sword from the wall that it got stuck in.


"Cool!" Jamie says.


"That was pretty forceful! It could have killed a monster!" CrossBones says, bubbling with excitement.


"Isn't that what swords are for?" Jamie asks.


"Of course it is! Swords are to protect people!" CrossBones says.


"Where'd you get a sword?" Jamie asks.


"I don't know! It just appeared!" CrossBones says, shrugging his shoulders.


"That's lucky!" Jamie says.


"I wish I was useful!" Rain says.


"You are!" Jamie says.


"I'm no help. I can barely move on my own because of my delicate plant legs and I have no weapons!" Rain says.


"Don't worry we will be back to our original selves soon!" Jamie says.


"I hope so! An animal could easily try to eat me!" Rain says.


"I won't let that happen," Jamie promises.


"Good! Because this girl is not food!" Rain says.


"I don't think you're an edible plant anyways," Jamie says.


"I'm a sunflower, is that edible?" Rain asks.


"Yeah, but it doesn't taste good," Jamie answers.


"Well that's a good sign!" Rain says.


"Yep!" Jamie says.


“Squeak! Well, actually... Rodents find sunflowers to be pretty tasty... Squeak!” Target comments.


“AHH!” Rain shrieks.


“Target, please... Don’t scare Rain! We’re all scared enough as it is!” Jamie says, giving Target puppy dog eyes.


“Squeak! Sorry... Squeak!” Target says.


"Hey, guys! We can't pass through here because of the spikes, but there must be a lever to pull that'll solve this problem!" Pàl says.


Jamie looks around and then says, "Hey, I found a lever!"


"Jump up and pull it down!" Pàl says.


"Okay," Jamie says and does as he's told, "I did it!"


Water trickles in, filling the room just a little bit more, but enough to swim over the spikes. Target is on Fraizer's back and CrossBones has Rain.


"Swimming time!" Jamie says and jumps into the water.


"I am about to burst your bubble, Jamie; this water most likely came from toilets," Pàl says.


"Gross!" Jamie cries out.


"Well it is the sewer, what would you expect?" Aonghas asks.


"Well, um..." Jamie says.


"Hey mouse boy! Want to play?!" a sewer rat asks and laughs evilly at Target.


"Squeak! No, thank you... I'm trying to find the way out with my friends. Squeak!” Target replies.


"What gang are you from?! You sure look tough!" another sewer rat comments.


"He probably is with the other mice," the first sewer rat says.


Target laughs and says, "Squeak! I'm not a mouse, I'm a Mouleepole. Squeak!”


"Mouleepole? Which gang is that? I haven't heard of the Mouleepole!" the second rat says.


"Where are you headed?" the first rat asks.


"Squeak! I'm on my way out of here. Squeak!” Target says.


"That's cool, I was born down here so I tend to stay down here," the first rat says.


"Nah, it's because he doesn't ask for help crossing the sewer," the second rat argues.


"Shut up, Drip!" the first rat calls out.


"Squeak! Do you need help? Squeak!” Target asks.


"Drip doesn't know what he's talking about!" the first rat says.


"But Drop! You even told me how much you wanted to leave!" Drip whines.


"Squeak! My friends can help you. Squeak!” Target says.


"Ah, no one would take time to help out a couple rats!" Drop says.


"Squeak! My friends would! Squeak!” Target says.


"Drop and I will accept your offer!" Drip says.


"Drip!" Drop scolds.


"Squeak! Okay, follow me! Squeak!” Target says.


Drip and Drop follow Target. He leads them back to the group.


"So this is your gang? What's the name of it?" Drip asks.


"Squeak! I don't know. Squeak!” Target says.


"Hey! Is that wolf naturally purple like that?!" Drop asks, pointing a finger at Pàl.


"Squeak! No, he was a human, but he got turned into a wolf. Squeak!” Target explains.


"Oh! That makes sense!" Drop says.


"Hi!" Jamie says to Drip and Drop.


"Oh boy! Look everyone! Target's back!" CrossBones cries out.


"Squeak! Yep. Squeak!” Target says.


"Are those rats coming with us or something like that?" Pàl asks.


"Squeak! Yeah. Squeak!” Target says.


"Okay," Pàl says.


"Yay!" Jamie says.


"Hey, let's keep moving! Okay?" Fraizer calls.


"Squeak! Okay. Squeak!”

Target says.


"Where are we anyways? I can't tell from down here," Rain says.


"Squeak! I don't know. Squeak!” Target says with a shrug.


"To tell the truth, I totally miss Scotty. It's no fun without his stupid fearful attitude!" Rain admits.


"Squeak! I don't know where we're at! Squeak!” Target says, getting stressed out.


"Hey, calm down! I wasn't necessarily talking to you!" Rain says.


"Squeak! Okay. Squeak!” Target says.


"I hope everyone is okay! I wouldn't like it if someone died!" Jamie says.


"No one's going to die!" Malcolm yells.


"Thank you, Malcolm!" Jamie says and licks Malcolm’s face twenty times.


"Ugh! Gross! Don't lick me again! Or else!" Malcolm yells, snarling.


Jamie backs away with his tongue still hanging out. Malcolm growls. Jamie pulls his tongue back in. Malcolm yawns, exhausted from the long trip. Jamie playfully pounces on Malcolm.


"No!" Malcolm growls.


"This is fun!" Jamie says and jumps off of Malcolm to do a play bow.


Malcolm growls more. Jamie stays in place, his butt up in the air. Malcolm is annoyed. Jamie playfully smacks Malcolm's face. Malcolm growls and claws Jamie.


"Ow! Pàl! Malcolm clawed me!" Jamie says, whimpering.


"Well, you shouldn't have aggravated him," Pàl says.


"I just wanted to play!" Jamie whines.


"Well, Malcolm didn't want to play," Pàl says.


Jamie, with his tail tucked between his legs, hurries off to meet Emerald on the new side of the room.


"Hi, Jamie," Emerald says.


"Hi, Emerald! Malcolm hurt me!" Jamie whines.


"That wasn't right, Malcolm," Emerald says and glares at Malcolm.


"He aggravated me!!" Malcolm snaps back.


"Apologize!" Emerald demands.


"Why should I apologize for something I'm going to do again?!" Malcolm asks.


"Now!" Emerald commands.


Malcolm mumbles a very incoherent, "'m sorry, Jamie!"


"Apology accepted!" Jamie says.


"That was awful!" Malcolm yells.


"I feel better!" Jamie says.


Malcolm continues on to the other side of the room.


Jamie follows Malcolm and asks, "Malcolm, will you play with me?!"


"No, I'm busy trying to get out of the sewer," Malcolm says.


"Please..." Jamie begs.


"Fine, let's play the silent game where we see who can stay quiet the longest," Malcolm says.


Jamie smiles and falls silent. Malcolm watches Jamie. He remains silent. CrossBones playfully sticks his tongue out at the two. Jamie smiles some more. Drip and Drop climb onto Malcolm's back to make him say something.


Malcolm growls and says, "Get off of me!!"


"Jamie wins!" CrossBones announces.


"Yay! I win!" Jamie cries out.


"That's not fair! I could've won if those rats didn't climb on me!" Malcolm yells.


"Aww, Malcolm, don't be sad..." Jamie says.


"I'm not sad! I'm angry!" Malcolm yells.


"Well, you won second place," Jamie says and smiles.


"True..." Malcolm grumbles.


"Yay, we won!" Jamie says.


"Oh boy! Oh the joy!" CrossBones says and then falls into the water.


"CrossBones, are you okay?!" Jamie asks.


"Yeah, I'm okay, but my clothes are wet," CrossBones says and steps out of the water.


Jamie pounces on CrossBones playfully and does a play bow.


"Let's play!" Jamie cries out.


CrossBones bends over like Jamie.


"Um, CrossBones, do you realize that you aren't a dog? That just doesn't look right..." Pàl says.


Jamie giggles and says, "He's right."


"Woof? I'm not used to being a Shadow Person yet," CrossBones says.


"You make me look bad," Mungo says with an annoyed groan.


Jamie smiles. CrossBones wiggles his butt at Mungo.


"No, thanks," Mungo says, looking away.


"What a shame, I guess he wasn't taught very well," Aonghas says and looks at Mungo.


"Don't look at me like that!" Mungo says.


CrossBones tickles Aonghas until he falls over. Aonghas is laughing.


"That was random," Mungo comments.


"What? Don't people tickle dogs?" CrossBones asks.


"Yes," Mungo says.


"I'm going to tickle you!" CrossBones says. He runs around tickling everyone.


"Don't tickle me!" Malcolm growls.


"Fine," CrossBones says and tickles Jamie instead.


Jamie giggles.


"At least he can't tickle me..." Target says.


"Tickles!" CrossBones says.


"Squeak! No, I am too small! Squeak!” Target protests.


CrossBones looks at his arm and says, "Oh yeah, if I had a finger I could tickle you with just one finger."


"Squeak! It's good you can't tickle me. Squeak!” Target says.


"Tickle tickle, Pàl!" CrossBones cries out.


"No, I would not like to be tickled," Pàl says.


"Could we go now? I don't like being in the sewer," Emerald says.


"Yes, let's go!" Fraizer says.


Emerald carefully squeezes through a small hole. Fraizer follows.


Emerald stops and sniffs the ground and says, "Watch out! A monster was just here!"


"M-monster?!" Jamie asks.


"Nothing I can't handle!" Emerald says.


"I can handle it!" Malcolm says.


Suddenly, a black beast with sunken in eyes and a face covered in warts jumps out at them. Malcolm leaps at the monster. Jamie hides behind Pàl.


The monster explodes into purple smoke as Malcolm bites it.


"You did it!" Jamie cries out.


"I was supposed to do that!" Emerald argues.


"Well, too bad, I beat you to it!" Malcolm boasts.


"Oh, well!" Emerald says and sniffs the ground again.


"Let's go!" Fraizer says.


Emerald continues walking while sniffing the floor. Jamie's tail wags excitedly as he walks. Pàl keeps checking to make sure that everyone is following. Malcolm definitely is, but Rain isn't in sight.


"CrossBones, I think you left Rain back there. Will you go get her and come back?" Fraizer asks, balancing two rats and a mouse on his head.


"Oh, I did...didn't I?" CrossBones says and goes back to where he was earlier, "Rain, are you there?!"


"I'm over here. All alone again!" Rain calls out, slowly moving along on her little plant legs.


CrossBones runs and grabs Rain.


"Thank you! You are a nice young boy!" Rain says.


"You're welcome," CrossBones says and carries Rain back, "We're back!"


"Good, now we're all here!" Pàl says.


"Yay!" Jamie exclaims.


"I wish to have my real body back, or at least my cat form!" Rain complains.


"At least you're a pretty flower!" Jamie comments.


"Yeah, but the thing about flowers is, they need sunlight! There's no sunlight down here!" Rain cries out.


"We've got to hurry!" Jamie cries out.


"Looks like an exit is up ahead!" Aonghas says.


Jamie runs to the exit and yells, "Yay!"

Submitted: January 31, 2021

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