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Your mentality will either make you or mar you

*Moment of Liberation*
*Topic - Your Mentality Part 1*
*Having the right mindset can Literally Change your Life*
 Who you are today is a product of your mentality.
There is something about mentality, it does not deal with wealth, status or even education. It is that dangerous.
*Mentality can raise the least knowledgeable to the top and make the most educated settle for mediocrity.*
*Mentality is your perception about, life, things and even yourself*
Mentality makes an ignorant man speaks superbly convincing even his ignorance and makes a wise man looks timid in his array of wisdom.
*I am responsible for whatever result I have in my life, if I want different results, I have to change my thoughts and action*
What you settle for in life is not a product of what life throws to you, but rather your mentality.
*Your choices are largely a product of your mentality.*
In my small journey in the Cosmos, I have seen small people aspire for great and practically impossible things, I have also witnessed great persons settle consciously for less and even consciously choose what is even wrong and justify it.  All these defy educational qualification. It is based on mentality.
Before I use to think people cannot choose to settle for less willingly if not life and situations conditioning them to.
But guess what?
I am wrong, I have witnessed people not pressured or no life conditioning wanting less even when they boast of their own capacity.
*Your mentality will either make you or mar you.*
*What is your mentality?*
*I Teach Purpose*
*Living Legend*

Submitted: August 15, 2020

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