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My application submitted to you reflects my deepest concerns in detail, since I became a Certified Paralegal 1987, then trained as a Private Investigator working in a legal field with quality professionals to make a difference in our society. I recently retired. 2020 has awakened my indifference again to a society where endless events need our voices. and I refuse to be silent any longer. America and our world have challenges, we must organize to face them, together, I am so ready to engage actively with your organization to make a difference. And I thank you truly for this opportunity to do what we can in your Society of Professional Women, ISFP, we actively can accomplish progress collaborating on issues, as side by side, hand in hand, we have goals to reach.

I want to join very progressive women who understand women need to educate other women, as best we can to hope they retain a desire for a life without having to sacrifice who they are, what they can become, having choices available, that will allow them to be content, and armed with all they need facing never-ending challenges to their destiny in real-time!

I'm a 33 year retired Certified Paralegal Private Investigator who worked on many people's cases, now I'm working on mine, writing my book, stage production, essay competitions, video storytelling editing together 8mm, 16mm films, archives of original musical recordings, Tedx Talk, seeking authors, filmmakers, who are all in my trajectory. I am facing the facts coming out of my closet with skeletons who haunt me in my dreams and nightmares to have their voices heard, tons of evidence that I am the original...,
" 1950's Daughter of Bonnie and Clyde!"

I have grouped a preponderance of these facts that lead up to this conclusion in 5 videos submitted for an award to produce my story on 3 stages, in the
2020 competition for $100,000. I created my YouTube channel, setting up my Podcast and blog thereafter. I'm motivated with my heart in hand to tell the whole truth, that we women fought to change the paradigm shift before 1973, Roe vs. Wade saved women's lives. 39 Senators and 168 Representatives voted we revisit and challenge our landmark decision.

Well, I'm here to stand up, tell our story, that women died in vain. We have health care to prevent unnecessary suffering. We already paid the price so others don't have to like women in underdeveloped countries in our world who have no alternatives and try horrible methods to self-abort. My goals are met with haters and naysayers along the way, but I've faced them before and I'm still standing, in grief, but more than determined as ever to make a difference if I can.

Here I am, hoping to step up to your/our challenges to unite the causes for women, we see forthcoming in 2020. I appreciate this opportunity and believe the more we reach out, stand up to the facts, we can strive to educate future generations across our world.

Submitted: August 17, 2020

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