It happend just as the clock stuck midnight

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It happened just as the clock struck midnight



Auspicious, was the word that didn’t come into his mind! For nine months he’s listened to the music she played and to all the poetry she’s spouted. At first it meant nothing; but quite quickly understanding started to intrude. It’s uncertain how or when he became aware; but each day has shed more light on the mystery of life. The sounds of voices fascinate him, each with its own cadence and tone; some he hears a lot but others less often. He recognises her voice of course. Whenever she speaks he can feel the vibrations above him and he’s learned to tell what mood she is in. Whilst time is of no consequence; as each day passes he feels a little more constricted. Instinct tells him to exercise and at irregular intervals he stretches his legs and throws his hands into the viscous solution that has been home since awareness.

It is after a second comforting thrust with his legs that he hears her yell and midnight strikes. Voices begin to reverberate and the mood is urgent. Suddenly the cosmos erupts and he begins to feel as if he is sliding. In a moment his world starts to wash away and the voices become a little clearer. For the first time he feels pain; his body is being compressed and he has stopped moving. Voices are raised and he can feel her crying. Now a strong voice echoes in his ears “it will have to be a “C” section”.  Suddenly a light appears above him and he is being lifted into a place he does not understand.  Much later, he will learn of the joy that heralded his arrival; in the meantime he just tries to focus his eyes on new surroundings.


Submitted: August 18, 2020

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A very unusual piece of writing, focusing on the moment of birth. Well done.

Tue, August 18th, 2020 6:58pm


Thanks for reading H. Self "awareness", when it starts and how it affects human development is a subject that interests me. Best wishes Peter.

Wed, August 19th, 2020 1:31am

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