I want to live

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The Imaginarium

A poem I wrote about my view on life (and like my life, I rushed it).

I used to have faith in fairy tales 

Once so long ago. 

That changed when my heart so frail

Was forced to know.


My beliefs were shattered 

Lost in the wind. 

What I knew was scattered 

Nothing in the end.


The veil lifted from my eyes 

Revealed to me the world. 

I could now see all the lies 

My mind forever whirled.


How was I to know 

The pain of life? 

Why must we go 

Live in such strife?


Death is a relief 

If only that were true. 

The peace is brief 

Before nothing replaces you. 


They say life and death 

Are nothing without the other.

Only true upon the final breath 

The two complete each other. 


But I’d rather live with pain 

Than not live at all.

Why can’t I stay the same 

And prevent the final fall?


Why must there be so many laws 

In such a broken place? 

Our world was born without a cause 

Of virtues not a trace. 


Though I see evil all around 

What right do I have to judge? 

I’ve watched it without objecting a sound

The victims are right to have a grudge.


Is there anything possible 

That can be done?

Is the gap crossable

Can salvation be won?


How can we fix something 

That’s been broken since the start? 

What could we ever bring 

That won’t just fall apart? 


What we see as society 

Is only a false shield. 

Put against anxiety 

All fates are sealed. 


All it will take 

Is one clumsy touch. 

Our buildings will break 

It shall be as such. 


Destruction will come 

The question is when? 

Ruled by the dumb 

Choice descends upon them.


Before armageddon

Action must be made. 

To avoid being lead in 

To our graves.


Or so I’d ask them 

If I believed. 

But I know mayhem 

Is guaranteed.


So before the land

Destroys itself.

Despite their demand 

I shall be myself. 


For in our twisted home 

There is only one bliss. 

That if in this hell we must roam 

We can try being more than this.


No matter how dark it gets 

We still remember the light. 

The end is not here yet 

We can still do right.


I may be a pessimist 

A cynic if you will. 

But I’m not a perfectionist 

I’ll take what I will. 


Even as the last second ticks away 

A part of me will still try. 

Against myself I’ll always hope for a way 

For despite myself I cannot deny-


That I want to live.


Submitted: August 18, 2020

© Copyright 2020 EMENTIOR. All rights reserved.

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