darkness befalls me

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if poetry is your love, delve into this

A knock on my door 

suddenly I hit the floor 

tormented by the ghouls that I try to ignore 

haunted a rich man when they were poor

twisted and creeping forever more 

they came to call on my life and destroy the soul that I wore 

calling them rotten to the core 

rotten to the core? 

I laugh and rush busting through my door

hoping for a vengeful giggle on the people who attack my home with a knock 

and with the high stroke of the clock 

I open the door to a hat

A hat? "I spoke

this hat seemed to be sat on top of the wooden floor.

I picked up the hat and laughed

talking amongst myself with the life I adore.

Laughing away slapping the hat my windows flung open

and my curtains shook

on one simple laugh I remember reading the devils book 

selling my soul? has it been took?

I spin round and look, 

the eroma of death silenced my thoughts 

back towards the bookshelf which perched aside the fireplace,

as I bend down to tie my lace 

my breathe increased in pace

and the hat returned to the same place where I heard the knock on my door.

the knock of five bellowing beats 

takes me hiding behind my seat 

afraid to take a peak

incase of death whom tried to steal my heartbeat,

"Who goes there" I stutter

afraid to even mutter

scared to close the window shutter

frightening is to say so

do I stay or should I go 

and answer the door

A mist takes over my room 

I feel a lone chill of doom

only one way to see the gloom and thats through the window

in shines the moon

But pondering if that will be my tomb

pushed out by a thought 

wondering whos banging on my floor.

the tippy tapping nears me on my dark wooden floor

I founded my futures death 

knowing I am next

as the door swings open

the darkness cascades upon the floor.

Reaching up high 

I found my time is nye 

I am about to die 

peace and galore 

tormenting for the beast who stated the devils tour

and nothing more.

Submitted: August 19, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Tyrone Kingley. All rights reserved.

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