All I Want For Christmas!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: A Writers World

All children have a Christmas want list, but none are like Mattie's! Can she get her wish, time will tell. A Christmas story for children with hopes & aspirations that sometime seem impossible, but then Christmas is a time for miracles, isn't it!

All I Want For Christmas
Little Mattie walked with the other children from the
orphanage to the department store, a few blocks away
to see Santa. She happily smiled as they passed the
lighted trees on the street, the bells ringing
everywhere, and the carolers singing. She loved
Christmas. She felt in her coat pocket to see if her list
for Santa was still there, it was, making her smile
happily. It was cold, but she didn’t mind. Maybe this
would be the right Christmas and Jesus would answer
her prayers for a mom and dad. She knew Santa
couldn’t really answer it, although she made her list
along with the other children who were younger than
her and still believed in Santa Claus. But she was five
now, and knew what Christmas was really all about. It
was about Jesus being born and coming to earth to
save everyone. Sister Marie had told her that in their
Sunday School class at the orphanage. But she would
pretend for the other children who still believed.
The orphanage had given all the children warm
mittens, boots and coats. Sister Marie said a very nice
man had donated money so all the children would be
warm when they went outside.
Mattie like nice people. She thought the world was
full of nice people, and when she met people who were
mean, and remembered what sister Marie said, that
they were mean because they had sad hearts without
love. Then she would have them pray for all the mean
people and ask God to make their hearts happy hearts.
Mattie eyes were amazed as they walked and Sister
Marie showed them all the decorations in the store,
and all the toys. Another nice man had donated
money for each child to pick one gift to take back to
the orphanage and put under their tree. Mattie didn’t
know what to pick. There were so many beautiful dolls
there, and barrette, and jewelry that she liked. She was
so excited as she looked at everything, that she never
noticed that she was all alone now, with no familiar
faces she knew. Where was everyone. She walked
slowly, holding the beautiful black doll she had chosen
in her hands. There were so many people all walking
around happily, but none that she knew. Suddenly a
hand grabbed her hard making her arm hurt.
“Hey, the man said. Put that doll back right now or
you’re going to jail.”
“It’s mine, she said, the nice man said I could pick
whatever I wanted.” She felt herself starting to cry
because he wouldn’t let go of her arm, and it hurt real
He turned her around until she could see his face. He
had a red face, big black eyes, wore glasses and he
wore a uniform like the policemen wore.
“And just where is this nice man, he asked again,
looking around the store. I don’t see him.”
Mattie looked around behind her, hoping to see Sister
Marie, but there was no one.
“So, where is this man?”
Mattie looked around again, then she saw two feet
walking in her direction. They stopped right in front
of her and the policeman.
“The man’s right her, a voice said, so please let go of
the child’s arm.”
Mattie looked up. He was a stranger. But in her heart
she knew he was a stranger with a happy heart, who
Jesus had sent to help her.
The policeman let her arm go, and walked off in a
rush yelling at someone else. Mattie prayed a prayer
for him to get a happy heart because he really needed
“Are you okay,” the stranger asked as he rubbed her
Mattie looked up into his face. It was soft and nice
with white skin. His brown eyes smiled at her. He was
very tall and wore a big coat to keep himself warm.
“Is this your doll, he asked smiling at her.
“I didn’t steal it, I didn’t. Sister Marie at the
orphanage said a nice man paid for each child to pick
one special gift to put under our tree.”
“Well, he took Mattie’s hand in his. Lets go pay for
that doll.”
Mattie liked the feel of his hand as they walked, it was
strong. It made her feel safe. Then a woman came to
the man. He smiled and kissed her. Mattie could tell he
liked the woman. She was very pretty with long brown
hair, and carrying lots of packages wrapped in pretty
paper. They talked for sometime then they walked to
the register and paid for
the doll. Sister Marie had told her that skin color was
God's choice when he makes people. Some are
different colors but, all are Gods children. Mattie knew
now that this was true. The nice man, and the
woman's skin was different than hers, but that didn’t
matter if the person had a happy heart. The man at
the counter seemed to know the nice man and woman
by name, and smiled happily when he saw them. They
wrapped the doll in beautiful paper then handed it to
her. Mattie didn’t know if she would ever see them
again, but she would pray for them to stay nice people.
Christmas was almost here, only two days away.
Mattie was happy that they would be going back to the
department store for the annual Christmas children's
program, she loved the pictures with Santa, and the ice
cream, cookies, and cake they served the children after
a lunch of hamburgers and french fries. She could
hardly wait to go. She prayed for the mean policeman
with the unhappy heart that worked there, but she
didn’t want to see him anymore.
Mattie was surprised to see the nice man and woman
there too. Rushing from her seat she ran up to them.
“Hi, she said happily, looking up into their faces.
“Well, hello the man said looking down at her, his wife
standing beside him, her hand in his.
She was wearing a long red dress and heels that were
red too, with a long sparkling necklace around her
neck that Mattie liked. She was very beautiful. One
day Mattie hoped she would be beautiful too like the
lady, and help other orphans like herself.
Are you having a nice Christmas?” He smiled at
Mattie again.
Mattie was silent a moment. “Its nice, I guess, she said
The nice man bent down to Mattie's level. “Not
getting everything you want for Christmas.”
Mattie shook her head. “No, I’m not yet, she smiled
happily. But I know one day Jesus will answer my
prayers. I can wait.” She smiled again.
The man was confused, as well as his wife, as they
looked at her.
“He moved closer. “Wait for what, what do you really
want?” His eyes searched Mattie’s.
“What I really want is a mom and dad, but I haven’t
got them yet, she smiled. But I know it will happen
one day on Christmas.”
“Mattie, Sister Marie embraced her gently. I’m sure
Mr. Harrison and his wife have lots to do in their store
with so many customers. You shouldn’t take up all
their time.” She gently led Mattie back to the table
where all the other children were sitting. But Mattie
was glad that now she knew his name was Mr.
Harrison, and that he owned the store. She wondered
if he had any kids, and what were their names.
Mattie was happy when Sister Marie said that she
would be going back to the department store to pick a
gift for Mother Agnes for Christmas. She asked every
child to write a card, or draw a picture to add to the
gift, to thank Mother Agnes for taking such good care
of them. Mattie knew what she would do. She would
draw a picture of Jesus standing by Mother Agnes,
smiling at her. Jesus would be happy because Mother
Agnes was a kind lady and helped others, like he
wanted all people to do.
Sister Marie didn’t take everyone along with her to the
department, she only took two of the older girls, and
then to her surprise, she asked Mattie if she wanted to
go. Mattie was so happy.
She prayed that Jesus would let her see the nice man
who owned the store and bought the doll for her. She
liked him. Mattie promised that she would stay close to
sister Marie, and not wander away like she did that
day when the policeman found her holding that doll.
Mattie kept her promise. Walking close to sister Marie,
still looking at all the beautiful decorations. Her eyes
lit up at the big Christmas tree that was so huge and
stood in the center of the store. Their orphanage had
a small tree. She and the other children had helped
decorate it. She helped string the popcorn, and hang
the candy canes on it. It was fun. She looked at the
tree again. One day Jesus would give her a home, a
mom and dad, and a big tree like this one. She saw
all the little children lined up to sit on Santa’s lap. It
made her a bit sad. By her getting lost the other day,
she had missed talking to him or taking a picture like
the other kids did. She wanted to tell Santa the same
thing she told him every year. She wanted a mom and
a dad.
Sister Marie picked a very large bible for Mother
Agnes, she would have all the children sign their
names in it before it was gift wrapped. She said that
Mother Agnes’s would be very happy when she saw all
the children who signed it, and knew they loved her as
she loved them.
Mattie knew Jesus had heard her prayer about seeing
the nice man again. He was only a few feet away from
them, talking to a man. He looked sad. Mattie
wondered why. Sister Marie was right there beside
her, and she had promised to stay close to her. She had
to keep her promise. The man was starting to walk
away. Mattie knew she had to do something, or he
would be gone and she might never see him again.
“Mister, she began to yell loudly……. Mister.”
The man stopped talking to the young man and looked
in her direction, then began walking towards her and
Sster Marie.
“Mattie, Sister Marie bent down beside her. Have you
forgotten about using your indoor voice. You don’t
yell when you’re inside. Remember?”
Mattie lowered her head, knowing Sister Marie was
“Well, nice to see you again. The man said with a
smile, as he stood before them. You’re Mattie, right?”
Mattie smiled. He remembered her name.
“Mattie, and what’s your last name?”
Mattie lowered her head. “I don’t have one, she said
sadly. Just Mattie, that’s all.”
She felt Sister’s Marie’s arms go around her waist, as
she pulled her close.
“Mattie was left on the orphanage’s steps when she
was only two weeks old, with a note that just said her
name was Mattie.” She kissed Mattie’s cheek warmly..
“Do you have a last name mister?”
The nice man smiled again. “Harrison, Mr.
Harrison.” He reached over and squeezed Mattie’s
hand. I’m sorry you don’t have a last name. he said.”
“Don’t be sad Mattie said happily. I’ll have a last
name one day when Jesus sends me my new mom and
dad. Mattie smiled broadly. I pray every Christmas to
Jesus, and maybe this Christmas I’ll get the answer to
my prayers. Jesus can do anything.” She giggled
happily. I just have to wait. I’m good at waiting.”
The nice man smiled. “I bet you are, he said giving
her hand another tight squeeze. Mattie liked the feel
of his hand in hers. Was this how it would feel to have
a dad to hold her hand. She thought it was, and she
liked it a lot.
“Do you have kids, Harrison” she asked.
“Mattie, Sister Marie looked down at her. You
shouldn’t ask personal questions like that. I’m sorry
Mr. Harrison. She’s just being a child.”
Mattie saw him smile. He wasn’t mad at her question.
“No, not anymore.” He stood up, taking a long deep
breath. Well it’s been very nice seeing you again
Mattie. You have a great Christmas.” Then walked
Mattie watched him walk away, he looked very, very
sad. And that made her sad too.
Sister Marie explain to Mattie that many years
ago Mr. Harrison and his wife were in a car accident
with their son. His name was David. The doctors did
everything they could but they couldn’t save him. This
made Mattie very sad. Now she understood why he
looked so sad when she asked about his children.
“I'm sorry Sister Marie, Mattie said, wiping the
tears from her eyes. I didn't know.”
“I know you didn’t Mattie, Sister Marie said giving
Mattie a warm hug. I just want you to know why he
might look sad, especially around this time of year
because it happened right before Christmas. and they
had their tree up and all their presents and then they
lost their little boy.”
Mattie thought a lot about Harrison as they walked
back to the orphanage with Mother Agnes's gift. She
wanted to do something to make Mr. Harrison happy.
She knew exactly what she would do. She would invite
Mr. Harrison and his wife to the orphanage for
Christmas where they would see all the happy
children, and that would make them both smile. They
would be able to play with them, eat Turkey, Apple pie,
stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce and then watch their
smiling faces as they opened the gifts his store had
given them. They would have so much fun. Mattie
happily jumped up and down on her bed, she was so
happy at her idea. “Thank you Jesus, she said for
telling me what to do.”
Mr. Harrison stood at his office window and looked
out over the city. The snow was falling, and he could
hear the Salvation Army ringing their bells for money,
and see the people dropping their coins in the kettles.
Christmas tree lights in the city square, were twinkling
away. Everything looked so pretty, as it should at
Christmas time. Christmas was only two days away.
He walked back and sat down at his desk, thinking
about the cute little black child he had met at the store
two times now. She was so happy about Christmas.
David his son was so much like her. Always excited,
like he was that fateful night before the accident
happened. Their tree was up, and they were on their
way to pick up his parents from the airport. It was all
so fast, and in seconds their son was gone. The
accident was unavoidable. The driver had a heart
attack at the wheel and lost control and hit them, and
like David, he died at the scene, while they survived.
Their lives were slowly getting better, but his wife was
still grieving David’s death, although she tried to hide
it. He was happy that she was more open
to looking into adoption after three years of
The thought of having a child to love and care for,
seemed to be just what she needed. He didn’t mind
raising someone’s child. He loved the thought of being
a father again, and was truly looking forward to it. He
would raise the boy as his son. Take him fishing, to
baseball games, teach him how to play chess, like his
father taught him as a child. And maybe one day, if he
desired, carry on the Harrison name, and take over the
department store after he retired. Yes, having a son
would be nice indeed. He thought about little Mattie
not having a last name, and wondered how many
others were like her. At least they could make one
child happy, and give them their name through
adoption. He hoped little Mattie would be as lucky, and
that her Christmas wish for a mom and dad would
come true!
Sister Marie stood watching Mattie from her
bedroom. She was working hard on something, but
what? Sister Marie walked over and asked her what
she was doing. Mattie looked up at her happily.
“I think Mr. Harrison and the nice lady are supposed
to be my parents, they're supposed to adopt me, so I’m
writing them a letter.”
Sister Marie’s mouth dropped. She was totally
shocked. She didn’t know how to answer the child.
Mattie had been waiting to be adopted for so long, and
for some reason it just hadn’t happened yet. Many
couples had come to the orphanage to look at the
children, but they like most couples wanted an infant
that they could raise, not one who was almost six years
old like Mattie.
“How do you know that Mattie, Sister Marie asked.
“I just know in here. She laid her hand on her heart,
as she smiled happily. I just know it here.”
Sister Marie looked lovingly at Mattie. If only it was
that easy, she thought, as she watched Mattie draw a
picture of the three of them together. Most families
adopted within their own races. Although times were
changing and adoptions of children of different races
happened more today, still she didn’t want Mattie to be
hurt with her expectations that the Harrison's would
want to adopt her. They were of a different race from
her, and from what she had heard about them,
through other agencies they were currently seeking a
boy child not a girl.
“I'm going to invite the Harrison's over here for
Christmas so they can see what a good girl I am.. They
will see what a good helper I am here at the
orphanage. Then they will know that I will be a great
helper if they adopt me I'm good at helping in the
kitchen, and I can make my own bed too. I'm good at
a lot of things.”
She finished the letter and handed it to Sister Marie.
“Will you take it to Mr. Harrison tomorrow, and invite
him, and the pretty lady to come?” Her little brown
eyes looked up into Sister Marie’s face with
expectation. Christmas is only two days away now, I
have to send this letter to them. She smiled. They’ll
understand when they read my letter it, and will come
here for Christmas.”
Sister Marie didn't know what to say so she just
nodded yes. There was so much hope and little
Mattie’s eyes that she just couldn't say no, she just
couldn’t break her heart. But would Mother
understand when she found out what she was doing
for Mattie. She would worry about that later, whatever
the consequences were, Mattie was worth it.
Sister Marie walked quickly down the street to the
department store, whistling as she went, Joy To The
World. The spirit of Christmas was definitely in the
air, and had touched Mother Agnes heart. It was a
real eye opener when she said it was okay to deliver
the letter to the Harrison, they probably wouldn’t come
anyway. Sister Marie frowned as she shuffled her
boots through the snow. Sometimes Mother Agnes
could be such a pessimist. Many of the Nuns thought
the same, but would never voice it openly. She hoped
Mother Agnes was wrong. Mattie had such faith for a
little child, and Sister Marie was beginning to think
maybe she was right. This could be her year for a
miracle from the Lord.
Mr. Harrison was talking with some employees when
she entered. He immediately noticed her and walked
over to where she was.
“Nice to see you again Sister Marie, if I remember
correctly. He smiled. What do you need today. He
smiled warmly. More gifts for the children?”
“No, Sister Marie smiled. I’m on a mission. She
reached in her pocket and pulled out the letter. One of
our girls, little Mattie, asked me to give you this letter.”
He looked strangely at Sister Marie, then flashed a
quick smile. He started to open it, but sister Marie
gently touched his hands.
“Please wait until you are alone before you read it, it’s
for you and your wife, she said softly. And when you
read it, she took a deep breath. Read it with the love
the author intended to show, and remember she’s just
a little girl, who thinks you’re the whole world.”
Sister Marie turned, and walked away, not giving him
a chance to speak, she could feel his eyes on her as she
“It’s up to you Jesus, she whispered, Mattie’s counting
on you, and so am I. It’s all up to you now.”
Mr. Harrison was just about to open the letter when an
employee came rushing up to him. There was an
important phone call for him. They said it was an
emergency. He stuffed the letter quickly into his suit
pocket and rushed off to answer the call. Was it his
wife, or had something happened to the plane that was
bringing his parents from California to spend
Christmas with them? All sorts or thoughts went
through his mind, and none of them were good. For
the past three years, bad things had happened right
before Christmas, he hoped this wasn’t another one. It
was his wife, she was crying so hard. The only words
he could understand were come home quick, then she
hung up. He was frantic as he drove home. Rushing
through the door, he found his wife sitting on the
couch bawling. Rushing to her he took her in his
“What’s wrong?”
She looked up into his face.
“The adoption agency called, she said breathless.
There’s no babies available for adoption, we’re on a
waiting list for maybe a long, long time.”
“How long,” he asked, looking sad, as he pulled her
into his arms.
“Maybe two years, unless we want an older child, they
have lots of older children who need homes. She stood
up suddenly. I don't want an older child, I want a baby
I can love and raise, is that too much to ask God for?”
He didn’t know what to say. She had been so hopeful
this year. She’d even gotten into the Christmas spirit
and bought a tree with all the trimmings, something
she hadn’t done for three years. She had decorated
the house in preparation of sharing the good news
with his folks when they came, about the possible
adoption. Now none of it seemed to be coming true.
He tried to console her by saying two years wasn’t
really that far away. They had waited this long, a
couple of years more wouldn’t matter. He took off his
suit coat, oblivious to the letter stuffed in his pocket
from little Mattie, as he and his wife talked about the
future and what to do next.
Christmas came and went, with no visit from
Harrison. Mattie couldn’t understand why. She was
sure they were suppose to be her parents. Harrison
had a good heart, and when he held her hand, she just
knew he was the man she wanted to be her father. And
the pretty lady to be her mother.
Sister Marie said that sometimes what we want isn’t
for us right now, but that didn’t mean that God
wouldn’t give it to us later. She said, one day soon
God would give her a mom, and a dad, who would love
her forever.
Mattie’s heart was sad, but she still believed Jesus
because he knew how much she wanted a last name,
and how much Jesus loved her, and wanted her to be
happy. Sister Marie went to the department store
many times in the next two weeks, and although she
asked Mattie to come along, Mattie always said no.
She would stay and help Sister Teresa & Mother Agnes
at the orphanage doing small chores. Even Mother
Agnes was upset that Mr. Harrison and his wife said
nothing about Mattie’s letter, and invitation to visit the
orphanage over Christmas. Mattie enjoyed all her
gifts, and thanked everyone, but late at night when she
said her prayers Sister Marie would hear her pray for
Mr Harrison and his wife to keep their hearts good,
and she would tell Jesus that she wasn’t mad at him
because she didn’t get the two gifts she really wanted,
but she could wait until he sent them, then she
thanked him for the gifts she got.
One day Sister Marie decided to go see Mr. Harrison
and find out why he didn’t answer little Mattie’s letter.
She and Sister Anna, along with Mother Agnes went to
the store. They asked for Mr. Harrison, then sat
silently in the store until he came down from his
office. They were totally shocked when Mother Agnes
motioned for them to be silent. She would speak to Mr.
Harrison herself. Mr. Harrison smiled as he
approached the three of them. Sister Anna, could tell
he remembered sister Marie by his smile to her. They
smiled in return. He looked at the unfamiliar face
before him and smiled too,
“I don’t think we’ve met.” He extended his hand to
shake Mother Agnes hand, but it wasn’t extended.
“No we have not.” She said in a gruff voice that both
Sisters knew meant she was serious about what she
was about to say.
“Are you a church going man,” she asked looking him
straight in the eyes.
The Sisters could see that Mr. Harrison was stunned,
and caught off guard.
“I go occasionally, but not like I should. I’m not
Catholic,” he muttered.
“That figures, she replied, and you not being a
Catholic has nothing to do with it. She moved closer
to him. It has to do with breaking a little girls heart
who thinks the world of you. The bible says “If
anyone causes one of these little ones—those who
believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them
to have a large millstone hung around their neck and
to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Chapter 18:6,
just in case you want to look it up Mr. Harrison.”
Sister Marie and Sister Anna could see the utter
surprise cross Mr. Harrison's face’
“I would never do anything to hurt anyone, especially
a child.” He stood looking at them all. What have I
done for you to accuse me of doing such a thing?”
Mother Agnes mover closer. “You never answered her
“What letter. What are you talking about?”
“The one I delivered to you two days before Christmas
from little Mattie, Sister Marie spoke up. Remember,
you were just about to read it and I stopped you and
told you to read it by yourself after I was gone.”
Mr. Harrison stood still for a moment. Then a light
went on in his mind.
“Yes, I do remember, but that was the day I got an
emergency call from my wife. I stuffed it in my suit
pocket, and it’s still there.”
He sat down on the bench beside the two Sisters.
“I forgot all about it. I’m so sorry.”
“You need to tell Mattie that, not us.” Mother Agnes
said in her gruff voice. Then nodded to the Sisters.
Come Sisters, we don’t want to miss our afternoon
prayer time. We have a lot to pray about.” She glanced
in Mr. Harrison direction, then followed the sister
down the hallway.
His wife was so surprised when he told her the
whole story about his first meeting with Mattie, and
about the letter which he had totally forgotten, that
Sister Marie had given him from her. He rushed to his
closet and went through his suit coats until her finally
found it crumbled in the pocket of his Christmas suit,
the green one with the Christmas wreath on the lapel.
He wore it every Christmas since he could remember.
He opened the letter and straightened the paper so
they both could read it. There before them was a
picture of a man, a woman, and a little girl.
At the bottom of the picture, were the words Mom,
and dad.
“Oh honey, that’s so sweet, his wife said wiping the
tears from her eyes. She’s a very sweet little girl. I
remember her. The cute little black girl with braids
who kept smiling at us. Oh, she must feel so hurt that
you didn’t acknowledge her letter.
“Thanks, he said getting up and pacing around the
room. Now I feel even worse than when Mother Agnes
looked me. I honestly forgot honey. So much was
happening that day. Your emergency phone wanting
me to come home. I just stuck it in my pocket, and ran
to you. Never thought about it again, until Sister
Marie reminded me of it this afternoon”
“Oh honey, we must do something nice for little
Mattie. I know, she sat up, a look of excitement on her
face. Lets have her over to spend the weekend, we can
bake cookies together, and take her shopping. I know
that will make her happy. All little girls love to shop.”
He looked at his wife, then back at the picture.
“There’s something I’d like to talk to you about honey.
Something really important that could affect both our
lives, and one special little girl without a last name.”
His wife looked at him in wonder. “What is it honey?”
Mr. Harrison took his wife’s hand in his.
“Something I hope you will want to do as much as I
Mother Agnes decided it would be better not to tell
Mattie of their meeting with Mr. Harrison. Mattie was
back to her old self, happy and playing with the other
children. But she knew that in Mattie’s little heart she
had not given up on Jesus answering her prayers for a
mom and dad. Mother Agnes watched Mattie closely.
Of all the children in the orphanage, Mattie seemed to
have so much faith in God. She was constantly telling
all the children about Jesus, and how much he loved
them, and that one day they would all have mom’s and
dad’s. Who ever did adopt Mattie, she was sure they
would hear many stories about Jesus from her lips.
God had plans for Mattie, she was sure of that, and
she hoped she would be around to see her grow in
body and spirit as a God filled woman to serve him.
Mattie loved to play in the snow. Mother Agnes let
them all go outside and make a snowman. She said
the snow was just hard enough after the snowfall to
make a snowman, and that Sister Marie would
supervise them. Mattie along with the other children
was eager to do her part. Each child could pick
something to put on the snowman. Mattie decided she
would put the pipe in the snowman’s mouth, after it
was made. It was a fun day. They named the snowman
Charlie. The children worked until Charlie stood tall
in the yard in front of the orphanage. He had a hat,
two Oreo cookies for eyes, a carrot for a nose, black
jellybeans for a mouth. And then Sister Marie put her
wool scarf around his neck to complete his look. They
all laughed. Charlie looked very cool. Mother Agnes
came out and took a picture of them all standing by
Afterwards they went inside and had hot chocolate.
Then they helped Sister Marie put the Christmas tree
away, and all the ornaments for next year. Sister
Marie read them stories, and they all prayed together
for love and peace in the world, and that everyone
would have a happy and loving hearts. It was almost
bedtime when the doorbell rang. Mattie, along with all
the other children ran to the door anxious to see who
was there.
“Mattie.” Mother Agnes voice was calling her. Mattie
wondered why as she pushed through the crowd of
children until she was standing beside her.
Mother Agnes smiled down at Mattie, then pointed to
the open door. Her eyes grew wide. There stood
Harrison, and the pretty lady beside him. They had
gifts in their arms. Mattie saw mother Agnes nod to
Harrison, and smile as they walked inside the door
“I want to apologize Mattie, Harrison said, bending
down close to her. I forgot to read the letter you wrote
me because I forgot to take it out of my pocket until
someone reminder me. He looked up at Sister Marie,
and smiled. It was a beautiful picture you sent me. I
am so sorry that we didn’t come at Christmas time, but
we are here now. He reached out, taking Mattie’s hand
in his. Is that okay?”
Mattie smiled. “Yes, she said happily, jumping up and
down, then hugged Harrison's neck as tight as she
“Do I get a hug too?” The pretty lady said bending
down with her arms outstretched to Mattie.
“Sure.” Mattie said, rushing into her arms. She was
soft and warm, and she smelled so good. Mattie didn’t
want to ever leave her arms. Was this how it felt to
have a mother. To love and hold her close? She so
wanted that.
“Mattie.” Mr. Harrison touched her hand.
Mattie turned and looked at Harrison. He moved
closer to her and the lady.
“How would you like Harrison as your last name, and
us as your mom and dad”
“Oh yes, Mattie said with joy. Oh yes.
See, I told you that Jesus was going to give me a mom
and a dad, he never lies. I got my wish. She ran
around the room yelling, and dancing. I got my wish.”
Mother Agnes didn’t scold her for being loud, or for
yelling and dancing. She was too happy for Mattie to
do any of those things. She only smiled along with
Sister Marie. Little Mattie’s wish had come true after
The Beginning!
Mattie not only got the two things she wished for, but
sisters and brothers too. The Harrison’s adopted three
other little girls and two boys from the orphanage.
They became a happy family and Mattie always told
everyone how Jesus answered her prayer for a mom
and dad, and gave her sisters and brothers too. Mrs.
Harrison was never sad again. She was busy cooking,
sewing, and shopping with her little girls. Mattie was
the oldest of the three girls and was a great big sister,
and helper to her mother. Mr. Harrison loved all his
sons, and taught them how to play chess like his father
taught him when he was a boy. He took his sons
fishing, boating and camping. They all became a
happy family loved by their parents and by their
grandparents as well. Mattie never lost her faith in
Jesus, and talked about him everywhere she went. And
when she grew up and finished school she took over
the family business along with her sisters and
brothers. And she never forgot the orphanage and
those who loved her while she was there. She visited
Mother Agnes, Sister Marie, and Sister Anna often.
And Mattie got another of her wishes. She grew up
and was a beautiful woman, just like she hoped for,
but more important than everything, Mattie had a
happy heart!

The End

Submitted: August 19, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Jaylove. All rights reserved.

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