The Shadows of the Dream A novel

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New York, 1972.
Amanda Rain is a young woman who arrives at Portland Manor, a 18th century old place of mystery, in which her life is placed in grave danger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The Book is PG for romance, mild violence, sex references, adult themes. New York, 1970 The house seemed to wait f... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

. Portland Manor, New York ____ New York, 1972 Two years' later... Amanda Rain arrived at the gothic, 18th century Ma... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Amanda Rain ____   Amanda looked at the spacious rooms. 'They're good', she said. Childerson nodded.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The darkness of Portland Mansion ____ The woman appeared.  'Isabelle', Charles said. 'Charles', she smiled. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

  Running away is fraught with danger ___ Part II ___ The rippling storm off the sharp cliffs hovered in the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Amanda is in danger ___ Isabelle looked at Charles. 'If the plan fails, we could be gone from here', she said. 'Aman... Read Chapter


Amanda leaves Portland Mansion ____ Amanda changed into a pretty pink gown. Her slippers were on the ground. In her ... Read Chapter

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