Chapter 4: Chapter Four

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The darkness of Portland Mansion


The woman appeared. 

'Isabelle', Charles said.

'Charles', she smiled.

'Isabelle. You're his sister', Amanda said.

The woman had long, black hair, brown eyes, and petite. 

Her face was harsh. 

'Charles and I own the Mansion', she told Amanda.

It was the beginning of the trouble to come.


Amanda walked to the room.

'How could you Charles? I didn't want you to love me. All of you plotted against me'. Charles sighed. 

'Your parents asked me to seek marriage advice, knowing you were difficult'.

'Difficult! I don't need you', Amanda shouted.

And she fled the Mansion.


The dark clouds hovered above Amanda's head.

She ignored the rain, and her clothes were drenched.

'Amanda! Don't be silly. Please come iniside!', Charles yelled.

'No', Amanda ran further away.

He forced her to look at him. 

'Don't be silly, girl'.

'I'm a woman'.

'Act like my wife, Amanda', Charles shouted.

Amanda knew that running away hadn't worked.

She followed Charles back towards Portland Mansion.


Isabelle and Childerson were drinking in the Study Room.

'She's back, Charles'.

'Amanda is a problem', he said.

'She is too immature for marriage', Childerson told him. 

'Her parents promised me to her', Charles said.

'Two years' ago', Isabelle sighed.

'Amanda hasn't grown as a woman', Charles said.

'Where is she?', Isabelle asked him.

'In the Guest Room', Charles answered.

Thunder boomed outside, as Amanda shivered.

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Submitted: August 21, 2020

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