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Today, I am not so full of self

practicing a far more greater wealth,

waking up to brand new day,

seeking God and His glorious ways


Today, I light personal candle of prayer

in hopes that I will properly share,

desiring within to be in line

with all my friends in perfect time


Today, I yearn not my own will

but to quietly be still,

knowing all I say and do

will actively prove true


Today, unafraid to seek what's higher,

not be afraid when challenged in mire,

trying to practice what I release,

believing on grace anxiety cease


Today, may I share each interlude

and not do so with a rude attitude

may Gods grace direct my course,

empower me with miraculous force.

Submitted: August 21, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Deblynn. All rights reserved.

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