The Epidemic Book One A novel

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New York, 1974.
In the city that never sleeps, Rowena Barclay, a nurse in hospital, struggles to deal with the news that a lot of people are falling sick in the city the city that never sleeps.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The Epidemic is a new version of the book that was written several years ago. In the CO-VID 19 World of 2020, it is still relevant today as it was back then.
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Chapter Two

___   Doctors in the New York  hospital in the 1970s ___ 'This is what is really going on, Professor Ger... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

___ Part 2 ___ November 2, 1974 President Gerald Ford couldn't face the racial violence in the city of New York. He ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

British nurses treating patients who are on ventilators ___ London, England, Christmas, 1974 The girl was excited to... Read Chapter


New York, December 25, 1974 Christmas Day It was a bleak Christmas in New York. Everyone was sick, and the fever had taken it... Read Chapter

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Thank you, HJ.
The prologue is short.
Chapter One of The Epidemic, is longer.

Mon, August 24th, 2020 1:31pm

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