Just Beginning

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I hope you know how hard it was
For me to walk away from you
Even after everything you put me through
You took the best parts of me
and broke what was left of me
I hide behind anger and hate
Loving you was my gravest mistake
I loved every part of you
Even the parts you never thought I knew
I would've given you the world or traded it all for you
I have never felt a love so deep
When you werent around I felt incomplete
How could you turn around and just betray me
I even put my feelings aside
Sat quietly as the days ticked by
Just hoping I would have a place in your new life
I have a thousand questions
That I know will never be answered
Even if they were, it honestly wouldn't matter
No answer you give would justify
All the tears you've made me cry
Somethings are better left alone
Some stories left untold
I really, truly, hope you stay happy
At least then my pain wasn't for nothing
If it brought you joy, then at least that's something
There will come a day when this pain and anger fade
When it does, I hope I like the person I become
Because God knows I won't be the same
I'll gather up the shards of my heart
And try to peice together the few that remain
Even though you and I have come to an end
I realize now, my story is just beginning 

Submitted: August 26, 2020

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