Chapter 12: Annex

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: dreamscape

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Before I dreamed to eject the disc an unlock screen. I clicked A for OK. A surprise but who doesn’t like more?


Presented is a warmly welcoming English cottage, inviting for somebody. Jaguar parked outside. Two storey, with vines on a large section of its exterior. On screen is the instructions of control, no qualms its INTERACTIVE CINEMA. Pressed A for OK.


Christie, all her body for all its worth is showering. Goes on a while. That could make a man…onscreen prompt ¬. The D pad. I pressed left on its cross shape. She shuts it off turning the knob left. Under my joystick control exited the shower and guided her to the bedroom. Forgot towels were a mundane part of life. Here it’s found folded on its rack. Press A to interact.   


Picking it up, proceeds to dry off. The X prompt appears at different stages: the striking silver hair; face; neck; back; chest and the like even bottom of the feet and directed walk to the window. X to part window curtains to let in more light.



¯ sequentially on the pad to make the bed I was directed to. Next over to the double door closet. RT+LT to open, would be the left and right triggers. A cut scene saw her retrieve and wear a dark sports bar and panty.


Hey, hey nobody to see.    


Entering the living room is greeted by a pet all black panther covered by a towel thrown on its face. X to sit on the couch and again to open a laptop and activate.


 As a player I feel rather odd when I play “third person” Christie the sexy when somehow cuts to outside her place to play “first person.” Seeing through her eyes instead. The property there to my front. I move forward by joystick and onto the grounds.


A narrow stone path with low cut grass either side led to the quaint door. My character was guided another path, foliage as cover.


A short stroll later and at the home. X to climb to a second floor window. Press it rapidly to force ajar and pass inside. Can look around, comfy pad. A little walking and directed to a table. X to pick up and stash a clock in my sack. Kept prompted to swipe stuff. I enter the kitchen and given the chance to explore.


X to inspect hanging pots and pans; pressed again for the cupboard.


Next I am Christie third person in a short cut scene reading the computer when her head turns to a noise and gets up. The game directs me downstairs. X to open the door.


What you know is a small cinematic – what’d you know she finds a bandit. First person this fella? Played two people!


Christie coming upon the intruder doesn’t act like a usual woman. Much less barely dressed in her own home: doesn’t cry, scream, act surprised much less run. Sense I get she’d explore suffering and pain and something worse underneath.


My game into an interactive mode by way of a dialogue menu system. Following each statement, the player can select from a list of menu responses.


The startled bandit threatens her. Caricature in all black topped in a knit cap. Y to choose a reply.


‘Have my belongings in your bag don’t you?’

From the list orders, ‘Get on the ground!’

Took several steps deeper into her own kitchen. I chose, ‘Answer me.’

I picked, ‘So what.’ His eyes lick her body. ‘Who are you?!’ he snarls.

‘You won’t keep any or your life.’

‘I said get on the bloody ground!’

Picked the most psycho response. ‘My job makes me go places for the hunt and you found me.’ Christie smiled. By job, the fatal kind.


Cut scene the feline enters, halting at its owner’s side, rubbing upon her leg a bit then locks eyes on him. A chill swept his face.

‘Listen love.’ Holding up the sack. ‘Want all this back? I’ll be on my way.’

‘So soon? Broad daylight a guest invited themselves. Make yourself at home.’ The girl wore a satisfied look, folding the arms. One more choice.

v  Kitty meal.

v  Let robber go.

v  Call Bobbies (police).



procrastination galore. Started while I was home during the 2020 coronavirus. Dragged for months. Happily for me completed when the story was set - August summer. 

Embers started 2003. Yup year the game released. My very first notes were handwritten in a copy book, typed notes begun 19 February 2009.

When a PC became available typing notes went in different directions. The Holocourt was a toffy. I think was going to show the near end. I reworked those notes that settled the storyline you just a party to and only many years later with smaller changes was I able to pen it.

Somewhere along the line was to be a screenplay, then settled on novella. I owned this game. The salesman rang me up and offered I take yes or no (I hate ultimatums). Over the phone told him my intent for a story. His system stored my previous request for it.

DOAXBV not my first sports story rodeo – had written short stories before the game even released. To game connoisseurs place names changed to match real Trinidad locales and new names or places added namely Quinam and San Fernando.

to El Tucuchejungleand Argyle Mountain; Niki beach to Blanchisseuse; Private beach to Tyrico Bay.

the same with my own additions mainly the hut.

The same game otherwise but carries a real story.

Desired to utilize songs that caught my fancy – most reflect a particular part of the story it plays at. Only one from the game - Bob’s. Attempted to prioritize Trinidad born artistes.

Ayane's talk with Tina excludes the dark circumstances of birth by her mother Ayame – wanted to keep a light story.

Ask who my fav girl – Christie. Remember the first game I played her in but was known to me from TV – X play for sure, ‘Beautiful hair,’ they said. A young man had his system in a St. James game arcade. DOA3.

Unknown when a sequel will come, much less if – typed note were made. I put a lot of effort and sweet, you booklover are worth it. The short story is my annex to you dear reader.

Date - Tuesday, 26 August 2020.


Submitted: August 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.


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