Michelle vs Melania

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Pardon me, I have a sick sense of humor, lol...

Michelle vs Melania 
Michelle Obama is in Washington D.C. for the annual African American Women's Conference, She's promoting her new book, “Becoming”
and the conference is part of her national tour. The conference was
a very successful and enjoyable one for Mrs. Obama, after the
conference, she and several other keynote speakers, went out to
dinner at one of DC’s famous eateries. 
While preparing to order the Chef/Owner, a friend of Mrs. Obama,
comes to the table and politely mentions, Melania Trump had come
in and was seated across the restaurant just out of eyeshot.
Truly not of any great importance to Michelle, but it made for good
table talk amongst the accomplished women. It was discussed
of course that there was no true love lost between two women,
and was quickly forgotten and they ventured into more desirable topics. 
Toward the end of the dinner, Mrs. Obama excused herself to go to
the restroom, as she walked in she noticed Melania there, pampering
her face in the mirror, the exchange between the two of them went as follows;
Michelle: Hello Melania, how are you doing?
Melania: Mrs. Obama, I’m wonderful and you?
Michelle: I’m good thank you, and please, call me Michelle.
Melania: I hear you and Barack bought a big beautiful house, aren’t you so
lucky to be raking it in on America’s dime.
Sidenote: Melania spoke in a condescending way, then she flipped
her hair with her hand.
Michelle: First of all Dear Melania, do not speak to me in that vituperating tone,
you can look that word up later, and secondly, I believe it’s President Orange
and your whole family that’s using the White House to hunt for Greenbacks.
Melania: Oh really, well you know Michelle how many times I had to have the presidential bedroom cleaned, 3, 3 Michelle, before we could get the smell of fried chicken out.
Michelle: Wow, girl you really do think money is a shield from an ass whooping,
you know you’re not the first racist family to live in the White House, but thank God,
Jill Biden told me last night, she plans to have the place fumigated to get the
stench of racism out.
Sidenote: this is when Michelle put her purse down.
Melania: Michelle, look at this.
Sidenote: Melania points to the skin tone on her arm.
Melania: This is the color of America, you people were just brought over to visit,
and never went home, and you know what they say about fish after a few centuries. 
Sidenote: this is when Vesuvius began to rumble.
Michelle: Bitch please, you need to get your narrow ass out of here,
before I take off my shoes and make some news…
Sidenote: just then, they heard a toilet flush, and a little elderly White lady
comes out the stall, she had a slight grin on her face and walked over and
began to wash her hands, neither woman moved from their positions,
the lady dried her hands and walked toward the door, as she passed Michelle,
she raised her hand high and Michelle high fived her, the lady opened the door
and then turned to Melania and said, “Bitch Please” laughed and walked out.
Michelle: Michelle looked at Melania and said, “Bye Felicia”
as she pointed toward the door.
Sidenote: Melania walked out, and Michelle smiled and thought to herself,
“Bitch Please!”

Submitted: August 27, 2020

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Jobe Rubens

Porn scenario - Michelle and Melania end up tribbing in the restroom.

Thu, August 27th, 2020 3:25pm


Not my first thought, but what ever floats your boat...

Thu, August 27th, 2020 9:08am

88 fingers

Currently, I have a 7 part story on these two ladies over on Booksiesilk called, Women Also Keep It On The Down Low.

Sun, August 30th, 2020 12:59am

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