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even after 25 years! she is still catching my eyes.
but i know it's too late.

The school's annual festival was going on. The whole time I was thinking what am I doing here. I sat in a chair in front of the stage. All alone .

Then I used to study in sixth grade. I was still at the limit of my boredom! That she has come. She was in seventh grade at that time. She was one year older than me.

She was dancing on a song. I was shocked. Suddenly my boredom was over. All of a sudden this program became very special for me. This is what I wanted to think about to get out of here some time ago. After all, why not? Today I saw a nymph myself.

After that my eyes would always find the same face. Excuses to drink water. In half holiday. On the way . everywhere. Just one face could be seen and a smile would come on my own face. It used to be the cold winds to the Himalayas. All the glow of the whole world came out of this one face.

Happiness was discovered by looking at this single face. Likewise, 3 years have passed since I saw her. Our school was till tenth standard. It was her last year. I had one left. But I never dared to talk to her in these three years. Then came the day of the last annual school program.

Every year, this day was very special for me. After all, why not? The only nymph in the world, World's most beautiful figure On this day everyone used to be fascinated by her illusion. Or maybe just me. In this three years I had no opportunity to talk to her. Or maybe a lot of opportunities. But I did not dare. Because I was not famous in school. Neither was very good. But I was not worried about it.

I would get full satisfaction just by looking at her. If someday she does not come then it seems as if this whole world is not there. After today's program, I clung to the chair for a while. I didn't hear any sound for a while.

The only nymph and I were in this world. Then I returned and saw that all the clapping were doing. Probably returned in applause. I hate this voice that woke me up from a dream.

I ran from my chair. Towards the back of the stage. don't know why. But skipping all the chairs, I was pulling out fast. After all she was standing in front. In a blue purple color suit. The white scarf seemed to be a flowing milk fountain. In the middle of the forehead, there was a small red sun like bindi.

The hair-like face hung like a snake. A snake that she was twisting with just her finger. And perhaps removing Kundan from his ear. but why? Do not know. I dared to go to her. There was no any expression on her face. I was happy due to fear. The glow of his face was increasing. I reached her. from behind!

"Listen, Ragini"! I said. This name was "Ragini" of that nymph.

 Yes! She turned back. 

"You are very good today," I said with trembling lips.

 Thanks Veg! She took my name.


 Meaning she knew my name. And I do not even know this. How could this happen? How can she know me? 

 I came back thinking the same.

And this was my last meeting with her. After that, his family changed the city. Don't know where And I haven't even searched. But today, 26 years later, I still remember her well. And maybe I can never forget.

Submitted: August 28, 2020

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Fri, August 28th, 2020 5:02pm

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