A Ghostly Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is dedicated to Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band of all time, and their late drummer Jimmy Sullivan. I also dedicate my writing to my family for encouraging me to follow my dreams.

It’s been twenty four years since the tragic and mysterious loss of the parents of Emily, 26, and Quinn, 32. Emily’s night terrors are coming back, reliving the day of which she saw them die.

When she finds out that Jimmy, a mysterious, dynamic guy, who is also a drummer of a hard-rock / metal band whom she has fancied for what feels like forever, will be back from being gone for a year. With no explanation to anyone where he went, he spontaneously shows up at a party Quinn will be attending, and she suddenly feels that a void has been filled. Sparks begin to fly between them, but a horror and supernatural occurrence has been revealed with Jimmy, causing Emily’s world to change forever.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

"In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel, living in a Garden of Evil."     Another night. Another hour of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

I follow Jimmy inside of Matt's house, and due to panic, I can't help but anxiously look around to spot Quinn. Why do I let that imbecile... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The white and pink leaves are falling off the cherry blossom trees as I'm walking down a trail that leads to a pond. The water shimmers i... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

I ended up staying at Jimmy's house way later than originally planned. The guys had left to go do their own thing, while I hung out here ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

"So, you saw him? He was in your dream?" Jimmy asks, storing the remainder of the meat in the storage freezer. The other guys are sitting... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

  Jimmy and I manage to get everything out of my room and packed into the car before Quinn gets home from work. I also slipped the l... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Our first night there was incredible! The bed was extremely comfortable, I slept (mostly) well, and Jimmy and I were snuggled up close al... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

We did it.    We got our citizenship taken care of, Jimmy and I got a car of our own, as well as the others.  We d... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Jimmy has plans to go baby shopping with Matt, so while he's gone, I decide to hang out with Brian, Zacky, and Johnny. They're playing vi... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

The guys are getting ready to leave for their show, and since it's fall season, I decide to make some apple cider and watch horror movies... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

  I hear the cries of an infant as my eyes begin to open from a deep sleep. I search around the room and notice Jimmy holding our ne... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

  The following morning, we head out to the campsite. I'm excited to learn how to hunt with my bare hands; but don't get me wrong, I... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

  The following morning, I get up and get Violet ready for her morning feeding. After nursing her for about thirty minutes, we head ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

 We make it home and notice Violet is happily enjoying her baby swing. She was clearly spoiled; mainly by Brian, of course. Her eyes... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

I wait with bated breath as time passes and I hear not a sound or notification from anyone. All I can think about are the "what-ifs" in t... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Chapter contains graphic adult content
Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Quinn's funeral is approaching and we have to travel all the way back to Arkansas for it. What's terrifying is nobody knows his cause of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

We decide to go out and celebrate our engagement the following morning by going out on the lake with the guys, as well as a couple of the... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

  After a very long and exhausting trip back to my hometown for a week, we find our way at my old home. Quinn's old belongings are a... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

We make it to the steakhouse just a few miles away. The delectable aroma of steak and pork overwhelms my senses as we walk inside the res... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

The blush-pink sun surrounded by an aura of radiant peach begins to rise above the trees. I open my eyes to the solace sound of birds sin... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Jimmy's Point of View    I sit in the recliner in the living room, across from the luxurious and comforting fireplace, wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Emily's Point of View     The following morning, I wake up to a text message from Leslie saying that her and Zacky are ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Winter arrives at last. The sparkling dots of snow are floating in the breeze, individually touching the ground, creating a nice, soft bl... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

I see a castle, hidden up in the mountains, surrounded by a pastel pink sky that could blind you. The windows of the castle are pure crys... Read Chapter

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A Ghostly Heart

The white and pink leaves are falling off the cherry blossom trees as I'm walking down a trail that leads to a pond. The water shimmers in the sunlight, and I can see my reflection. In my reflection, I see a newer version of myself. Someone I don't recogn

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