Crisis in the Northland: A Planet in Despair

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When the energy surges in the Northland threaten to destroy the entire planet, Mother World calls out to all beings for assistance. Answering her plea, Baben, the Cosmic Being, organizes an expedition to attempt to help end the crisis. These sojourners include Radhana the famous trekker, Arjan, a young adventurer, and Slobat, the giant from the Himnet Mountains. Together with five members of the Daden Clan, these are some of the main characters who face many obstacles trying to end the earthquake-like surges. Some of these dangers include surviving the disorientation of the Purple Desert, avoiding the fallen mystics of the Florena Forests, and escaping disaster on the Yantran Plain. Perhaps the most troublesome of these threats they face are the three demons who have enslaved the mystics and now fraudulently rule the city of Vasana. Worse, these demons seek to blackmail the pure mystics, Alana and the Telony, who have been banished from the fallen mystics’ realm. On their journey, the heroes - and heroines - must find seven medallions that are vital to the Northland and then discover each relic’s personal significance.

Table of Contents


Introduction to Crisis in the Northland: A Planet in Despair This is the story of an ancient civilization that is rumored to have exi... Read Chapter

Chapter I: Arjan Finds a Guide / Secret Meeting with Baben

At fifteen years old, Arjan Gabriel couldn’t have known that he would become a vital member of an expedition that would be given the re... Read Chapter

Chapter II: The Rhododendron Valley / Arjan’s Disappearance

Chapter II: The Rhododendron Valley / Arjan’s Disappearance At dawn, Radhana studied the circular medallion carefully after attachi... Read Chapter

Chapter III: Crisis in the Desert / Imprisoned by the Mystics

Chapter III:  Crisis in the Desert / Imprisoned by the Mystics Almost immediately, Radhana and her companions packed their gear ... Read Chapter

Chapter IV: The Triclops Joins the Expedition / Arjan’s Miraculous Cure / A Difficult Choice

Chapter IV: The Triclops Joins the Expedition / Arjan’s Miraculous Cure / A Difficult Choice If up until now almost every task had ... Read Chapter

Chapter V: Arjan’s Confession / The Sanctuary in the Himnet Mountains / The Great Bridge / Alana and the Telony

With the Triclops in the lead, the expedition hiked up into the Himnet Mountain passes.  Soon they reached the tree line, and then o... Read Chapter

Chapter VI: The Sanctuary / Slobat’s Gift / The Great Bridge / Arjan’s Plan

High up in the Himnet Mountains, far above the Rhododendron Valley, Slobat and the Daden team had finally reached their destination. ... Read Chapter

Chapter VII: Slobat’s Vision / Trek up the Rhododendron Valley / Reunion at the Great Bridge

Slobat sensed first that the Great Bridge could be nearby.  But he also apprehended that there might be some great danger there as w... Read Chapter

Chapter VIII: The Mystics Attack / Arjan is Abandoned / The Turquoise Medallion

At first, Slobat felt too frightened to think clearly.  He thought the mystics on the bridge might be yet another hallucination.&nbs... Read Chapter

Chapter IX: Meeting with Manatra / The Secret of the Medallions / Baben Rescues Arjan

The rest of the expedition, of course, didn’t realize Arjan might be in deadly peril and in need of immediate rescue.  Instead, th... Read Chapter

Chapter X: Arjan Reluctantly Rejoins the Expedition / The Magnetic Surge / Vasana, the Capital City

After Baben’s surprising visit, the expedition members couldn’t understand the Cosmic Being’s assertion about Arjan.  They als... Read Chapter

Chapter XI: Alana Describes Vasana / The Bubble Craft / The Elder’s Treachery

The sojourners now encouraged by the promising beacon before them, broke camp and quickly returned to the Northland Royal Highway.  ... Read Chapter

Chapter XII: Tanta Pilots a Bubble Craft / The Elders’ Secret Revealed / Disaster at Sea

Despite the grim circumstances facing the pilgrims, however, they did have some important reasons for hope.  For example, Tanta, had... Read Chapter

Chapter XIII: Alana in the Purple Desert / The Expedition Marooned / Communication with Mother World / The Elders Attack

While the expedition members drifted with uncertainty in the ocean currents, Alana’s crisis was about to turn deadly.  In her desp... Read Chapter

Chapter XIV: Alana and the Telony Infiltrate Anahat’s Villages / The Expedition Ambush the Elders / Baben’s Sacrifice / Arjan’s Heroism

Fortunately, the circumstances in the Purple Desert progressed much more expeditiously than they did on Atlas Island.  Baben, now mi... Read Chapter

Chapter XV: Alana Confronts Anahat / The Expedition Flees Atlas Island / Baben Goes to Vasana

Even though the demonic elders no longer disrupted the lives of the Northland citizenry directly, their horrible influence remained a pow... Read Chapter

Chapter XVI: Alana and the Telony Defeat Anahat and the Mystics

In his sanctuary high in the Himnet Mountains, Baben needed to change his strategy as well.  He understood better than anyone in the... Read Chapter

Chapter XVII: Island Exodus / The Mystics Reunited / The Army by the Sea / Anahat’s Despair

For the expedition still marooned on the island, their work on the raft was finished at last.  As they waited for the tide to roll i... Read Chapter

Chapter XVIII: Tanta and Arjan Return to the Sea / The Mystics are Humbled / Anahat’s Second Chance / Magnetic Surge in the West

The morning breeze felt brisk and promising, when Tanta and Arjan dipped their sturdy little vessel into the Atlas Ocean.  Leaving t... Read Chapter

Chapter XIX: Arthur’s Community Evacuates / The Monster of Vasana is Defeated

Meanwhile, the trek into the northeast proved to be frightening and treacherous for Arthur’s community.  Although they acted as a ... Read Chapter

Chapter XX: The Monster Revealed / Deciphering Mother World’s Message

Northeast of the capital city, Anahat and Baben sat quietly by a warm, crackling fire.  Baben requested that Anahat fuel the blaze t... Read Chapter

Chapter XXI: Ascent to the Sanctuary / Radhana and Slobat’s Difficult Decision / Tanta’s Underwater Peril

Naturally, Baben didn’t entertain any of the fears and doubts that so worried Arjan and Tanta.  While Baben swiftly, even miraculo... Read Chapter

Chapter XXII: Radhana and Slobat Receive a Psychic Message / Alana and Arthur Unite

Despite Tanta and Arjan’s seemingly hopeless plight, Alana and her tribe, together with thousands of Vasana citizens, now headed in the... Read Chapter

Chapter XXIII: The Cosmic Being and his Mysterious Power / The Northland Convulses Violently

While the communities on the Yantran plain finally were experiencing a renewed sense of purpose, Anahat and Baben sat alone at the Sanctu... Read Chapter

Chapter XXIV: Reunion / Arjan and the Intruder / Baben Miraculously Aids the Refugees

The tragic drama on the Yantran Plain had become markedly worse by the time Slobat and Radhana finally arrived at Arjan and Tanta’s pri... Read Chapter

Chapter XXV: The Northern Wasteland / Tanta’s Tirade / Radhana’s Mysterious Sojourn to Mother World / Imprisonment within an Energy Field / The Expedition Members Seek Solutions

While Baben and his thousands of pilgrims prepared for one last lunge forward to the Northern Wasteland, Slobat, Radhana, Tanta, and Arja... Read Chapter

Chapter XXVI: The Spectacle at the Northern Wasteland / Imprisonment within an Energy Field / The Expedition Members Seek Solutions

Back on the Yantran plain, Baben ordered the householders and mystics to break camp and continue their journey.  Despite their trepi... Read Chapter

Chapter XXVII: Arthur’s Plan / Redemption / Mother World’s Divine Discourse

Even as Arthur and the two mystic leaders started following through on their part of the overall plan, Arjan and Tanta had already begun ... Read Chapter


It’s possible many readers, who have patiently read this narrative to the end, still have many unspoken doubts about the veracity of th... Read Chapter

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