return of pig mask"

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the return of my character "pig mask man."

*clang Clang Clang* the man dragged the axe down the dirt road as it made a track the entire way down the road. The man stopped near a mailbox.
The man snapped the flag off of the mailbox and stared at it. He threw it on the ground and started to drag the axe again this time approaching the house. *772 everlane avenue* was the house address. The man walked up to the front door. He slowly took several deep breaths and started to shake violently.
He started coughing and fell to his knees in the dirt driveway. *The porch lights turned on.* The man slowly stood back up to his feet as the front door swung open. “Hello is anyone there?” A man called out in pajamas he walked out onto the porch. He looked at the man and screamed violently like a rattlesnake that bit him.
He fell to the ground begging for his life. The man stood there with glee. The man raised his foot up and stomped on the guys leg. The man screamed in pain. As the next moment the man swung down the axe right into the mans head. The man died instantly. The murderer bent down wiped some blood on his finger tip licked it and wiped it on the dirt ground.
The man stood up and walked off into the opposite direction dragging the blood soaked Axe along with him making a trail.
*the next morning this story was all over the news.*
“Damn it this sick son of a bitch struck again!”
“What are we going to do?”
“Where going after him.” The cop said. I will find this bastard and I will put him down just like the dog he is.” The Officer said.
The next day officer Martin was driving to work when he stopped the car. A women was crying in the road.
Officer Martin stepped out of the car and approached the women. The women looked up and screamed. The man charged the cop amd swung the Axe he missed the officer but hit the women in the head. Officer Martin drew his gun on the man.
He shot the man in the stomach about 6 times the man just took it. He charged at the officer again the officer escaped but this time the axe hit one of the car tires and now one of the police car tires were flat.
The man looked over and started to laugh as he walked away. “What is your deal?” The Officer yelled and ran after the man. The man grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground.
One last act the police officer drew his gun and shot the man in the face. The man retaliated by slowly grabbing his mask and throwing it on the ground and walked off.
*the police officer grabbed the mask and froze as it was “a pig mask.” He remembered that an inmate recently escaped who was wearing one.
The officer had grabbed the radio and called in for backup. Just as he was about to call the man grabbed him and shoved him in the back of the police car’s trunk slammed the door and swung the axe down in the trunk.
Several times. The man laughed and grabbed the mask of the floor and slowly walked away. *Clang Clang Clang*

Submitted: September 01, 2020

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