The Cruise Mystery

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The Cruise Mystery




Chapter 1:

The gang were bouncing up and down with


While waiting to board the Grand Haven

cruise ship


“I can’t believe that we’re about to go on a 

Weeklong cruise to the Ice Island

“It’s like a dream come true. I can’t wait to

Explore all the ice caves that I read about.”

Vicky Dragonfly was happily telling them

And before

 any of the gang had a chance to answer

Her back


Tommy yelled out

“Oh shoot!”

 I forgot my passport inside my travel bag

I better go get it.

 Before they load them into the

Ships loading dock.”

“Boys, they’d forget their tails. If it wasn’t

Attached to them.” Daisy Penguin smirked

As she and the other girls watched as Tommy

And Sammy Turtle ran off


Cookie laughed then went to where

Vicky was

And gave her a big friendly hug

“I can’t believe it either. It was totally sweet

Of your grandma to invite us to come

with her

“Yah, I was super surprised when she

Invited us.

 But I also have a funny feeling

that she has some other reasons for

waiting us to join her.”

Vicky giggled


she looked around to make sure that it

was okay for her to continue

“A couple days ago I accidently

 overheard Nana

Talking with her friend, who works

on the ship

About some of the weird things

“That have been happening on board.”

“Oh wow, like what?” Cookie asked


“Don’t know.

 And when I tried asking Nana about it

She only laughed and promised me

 that we had

Nothing to worry about

“That our vacation is going to be

 nothing but

Mystery-free good old fashion fun.”

 Vicky answered

“Sweet!” Daisy cried out smiling

“What’s sweet?” Sammy asked as

he and Tommy rejoined them

“We’ll tell you guys later.

 We better go before the ship takes off

without us.” Vicky joked


They boarded a few minutes later

and shown to their cabins

then after they finished unpacking

 and making plans to meet Nana

for dinner


the gang began exploring the ship

they were heading for the game room

when they heard shouts

“There’s something dead-looking floating

In the pool!”

“Oh great.

 There goes our mystery-free vacation.”

 Cookie thought to herself

As she and the others rushed over

 to see what was going on



Chapter 2:

“Wow that was a pretty messed-up prank.

 That swam really looked like it

 was dead floating around like that.”

Sammy told them once they were back

inside their cabin


What’s really sad is how they messed up

 the pool when they poured that

red dye into the water.” Daisy frowned

 Daisy frowned

“Well, if they meant it as a prank.

 I don’t believe it was very funny.

My friend told me that besides this

“They hid all the gift bags inside the

 engine oil room.” Vicky’s grandma sighed

“That’s awful.

 And she doesn’t have any idea who may be

 doing all these dumb things.”

Vicky asked her


“I’m afraid not.

 I just hope that Professor Webster,

 isn’t terribly upset once

he hears about what’s been going on

“He’s already nervous about.”

 Nana mumbled mostly to herself

“Whoa, excuse me?”

 But did you just say that Professor Webster

 is on this ship?”

 Vicky suddenly cried out

“Yes, I knew that you’d be very

Excited that’s why

 I wanted to introduce you at the

 right time

“But now with all that happened.

 I guess my surprise is ruined.”

 Her grandmother shrugged

 “That’s so cool.” Vicky began

“Umm, I hate to interrupt.

 But do you mind giving the rest of us

 a little clue of what’s the big deal about

 this dude is.” Tommy asked frowning


Vicky laughed

“Professor Webster, besides

 begin the most amazing gemologist

  travels the world in search the

 most awesome and ancient gems

For me; his best discovery so far

 is the monkey stone

“Which is both the most beautiful

 and unluckiest stone in the world.”


“Many, many years ago the monkey stone

 belong to a very powerful king

Who placed a very powerful curse on it

“When it was stolen from him.

 And since then whoever has owned

 the stone had nothing

but bad luck.” Vicky explained

“Oh please

How can any stone cause any sort

of bad luck?”

They probably just heard all those stories

 and believed them


“Don’t know Tommy.

 From all the stories I’ve read about it

I’m still not sure if it does or

 it doesn’t.” Vicky shrugged

“I also read that when he found the stone.

 It was broken in half

“Do you think that he found its other half?”

That’s why he’s going to the Ice Island.”

She asked her grandmother

 “I’m not so sure. But you can ask him

yourself when you all meet him later

 on tonight.”

 Her grandmother smiled


Chapter 3:

Later on during dinner the gang happily

Listened as the professor was sharing

 his many tales

about his funny and spooky adventures

Their favorite tale so far was of how

He was able to find the monkey stone

After looking for it for many years

“Does the monkey stone look like a monkey?

That’s why they call it the monkey stone?”

Sammy asked the professor

Who laughed before he answered him back

“I’m afraid not my young friend. It just a regular

Stone. Though some believe if you look at it in

A certain way it looks like there’s a small monkey

Paw in the middle of it.”


“Have you ever discovered any forgeries in your

Line of works?” Daisy asked him

“Sadly I’ve.

 I once had some fellow try to convince me

That they had the other half of the

monkey stone.” He began

“So, the rumors are true.

You’re still looking for the other

 half of the stone.” Vicky interrupted


Professor Webster smiled

“Never heard that one before. I swear

Ever since I told my grandnephew

Fred that

I was going to donate the monkey stone

“To the Ice Island museum for fine arts.

There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t

heard some

Sort of rumor attached to it.”



 I didn’t know that your nephew was

Traveling with you. Why didn’t he join us

This evening?”  Vicky’s grandma asked

“He’s not very happy with me

 at the moment

And refuses to leave the cabin

“He believes that I should sell the stone

and doesn’t understand why

 I so strongly believe

that all my discoveries should be

shared with the world

“And not just be locked up in some

closet or vault.”

The professor sighed

“I’m sorry that he feels like that.

 And totally agree with you

 “Hopefully he’ll change his mind.”

Nana told him

“I highly doubt it.

 But one can always hope now enough

of this gloom talk

“Who wants to take a quick peek at the

Monkey stone?”

 Professor Webster smiled


He pulled out a tiny steel box from his

Jacket pocket

And placed it on the top of the table

 “Ladies and gentleman; I present to you

The famous monkey stone!” 

But when he opened the box

 it was empty


Chapter 4:

“It’s gone!”

“Oh no!”

 Did you drop it?” Nana cried out


 No, it was there this morning

 When I checked.

“I should’ve listened to Fred;

 he warned me

That something like this might happen

“My precious stone has been stolen!”

We must call the police right away!”


The professor yelled out

“Now, now,

 calm down. I’m sure you just

Misplaced it. Why don’t we go back

To your cabin and search for it calmly.”

Nana told him


The next morning they were inside their


 Discussing what happened the night


“Do you guys believe that the stone

Was really stolen?” Sammy asked them

“I certain hope not. But with.”

Daisy began


The slamming of the door interrupted her

“This is awful; just awful.” Vicky sobbed as

She rushed into the room

“What’s awful?” Cookie asked

“I just came from Nana’s room. And she

Told me that; the professor’s nephew

Had a major fit

“When he heard that the monkey stone

Was missing.” Vicky began

“Not only did he threaten to sue the ship

But he blamed Nana’s friend of stealing

It. Since according to him; he swears that

“He saw her sneaking around their cabin

The other night.” She added


“Oh wow, that’s awful. There’s no way

She’d do something like that

“If only there’s a way that we can help prove

That she was innocent.” Daisy told her

“I think I know of a way!”

 Tommy suddenly cried out

Cried out


Chapter 5:

“Tommy, I really don’t think this is such

A great idea. What if we get caught?”

Sammy whispered over to him

 once they

All sneaked inside the professor’s cabin

“Don’t start freaking dude.

 We’re not going to get caught

 “We’re just going to have a quick look

 Around and sneak out.”

Tommy frowned


A few minutes later they were back

In their cabin

“Well, that was a big waste of time.

The only thing we found was a couple of

Pennies.” Sammy sighed

“Thanks for rubbing it in Sammy.” Tommy


“Stop picking on him Tommy.

 He’s actually has a point we didn’t

find anything that

Is going to help Nana’s friend.”

 Daisy scowled him


“Yah, and hopefully whoever did it

Didn’t throw the stone overboard.”

Vicky muttered


“Huh? Why’d they do

something stupid like that?”

Tommy frowned

“Don’t know.

 Maybe they got scared

Or nervous of getting caught.”

 Vicky shrugged

“This isn’t helping us any.

 We’re just getting on each other’s


“Let’s go for a walk or something and

Clear our heads.” Cookie suggested


Chapter 6:

They were walking around the main dock

When they bumped into the

professor’s nephew

“Oh hi, we’re so sorry about what

Happened. Is there any news about

The investigation on the monkey stone?”

Daisy asked him


 I can’t believe uncle Webster was

So careless

. If he just would’ve listened

To me

“And sold the dumb thing before we

 came on this cruise.

 I might be enjoying myself

 “Instead of listening to him cry on and

On about his precious stone

Now if you kids would excuse me I’ve

More important things to do

“Then to continue speaking about my

Careless uncle’s problems.”

Fred snorted



he’s a real jerk.” Tommy whistled

As they watched Fred walk off

“Yah, makes you wonder.” Daisy began

“If Fred didn’t have something to do with

The missing stone?”

 Vicky finished for her


“He may be a jerk like Tommy said. But

Why’d he steal from his uncle?”

Sammy frowned

“Just a hunch.

 Maybe we should search

Their cabin again.” Vicky shrugged

“Didn’t we do that already?” And

We didn’t find anything why should do it

Again?” Sammy asked

“I know Sammy, but maybe we miss

Something.” Vicky shrugged again

Then after discussing a bit longer they

All agreed

That it’d be a good idea to research

The professor’s cabin


Later on that afternoon after knocking

On the professor’s door

Just to make sure that it was empty

They were about to slowly open the door

And go in

When a couple of loud voices yelled out

to them

“What do you think you kids are doing?”

“Vicky, you weren’t about to go into professor

Webster’s cabin. When he’s not there

Were you?”

“Sorry grandma, we weren’t going to take

Anything honestly.

 “We were just going to see

If we could find any clues that’d help us

prove your friend didn’t steal the professor’s

stone.” Vicky quickly explained


“That’s very sweet of you, Vicky.

But I don’t think sneaking into his cabin

Without Fred nor himself knowing

Would help the matter any.”

 Nana smiled

“Yes thanks; kids.

 I appreciate all your help

“But that’s how I got into this mess in

the first place.” Nana’s friend sighed

“Come; let’s go back to my cabin and

Continue this conversation.”

 Nana told them


Once they were back in Nana’s cabin

The gang took turns telling them the

Whole story of what they believed

Happened to the professor’s missing



“Those are very interesting facts.

And I hope for the professor’s sakes

Fred doesn’t have anything to do with this


“But that’s up to the police to decide

I know you kids have your best intention

And want to help solve this case

But again from now on let the police

Handle it.” Nana told them

“Remember this is supposed to be

A mystery-free vacation.” She added


“I agree and truly appreciate all

 your effects and sadly you kids,

aren’t the only ones who

have their doubts about the Professor

Nephew.” Nana’s friend also added


The next morning the gang were going to

Breakfast. When Fred stopped them

“Well, well,

 I may not have a way to prove it

But I’ve a very strong feeling that you kids

Were the reasons

“That both my uncle and captain now

Believe that I may know something about

What happened to the monkey stone.

What do you’ve to say for yourselves?”

Fred snorted


None of the gang answered

“That’s what I figured. Let me give

You nosey kids some friendly advice

“The next time any of you accuse one of

Doing something

Make sure you can back it up.”

He then stormed off. Before any of

Them had a chance to reply


“Don’t worry. Next time we’ll!” Vicky

Angrily yelled out after him

“And I think I know how!”

Cookie suddenly cried out



Chapter 7:

An hour later

They were all squeezed inside the

Professor’s cabin

When Fred walked in

“What’s the meaning of this?”

 He demanded

“Well Fred,

 the captain has a break in

The case.

 And requested if we’d be

So kind to allow him and his steward

To research our cabin

“He’s especially interested in that

Book bag you’ve hidden underneath

Your bunk.”

 Professor Webster answered him


“This ridiculous.

 And if you don’t remember

Uncle, they already searched all my

Stuff and found nothing

“So, I refuse to be any part of.”

“That’s enough Fred, now be quite

And let them do their job.” His uncle

Strongly interrupted


Fred gave the gang you’ll all pay for

This look

As he grabbed his bag from under the

Bed and threw it at the captain

“There’s nothing in here but a bunch

Of books. And a small plastic bag of

Colorful shells and stones.”

The ship captain told them

“Let me see those.”

The professor asked the captain


He began to thumb through the bag

But stopped halfway through

Taking a deep breath

He reached into the bag and pulled

Out the monkey stone


Chapter 8:

“Oh Fred, why?”

 How could you steal from me?”

Even worst how could you do it and

“Try to blame the captain’s assistant for it



 What a joke; you’re the one who

Continues to steal from me!”

Fred cried back

 before grabbing the bag and

Ran out of the cabin


They chased him all the way towards

The upper deck.

 And dangled the bag

Over the ships railing


“Go away!”

 if any of you come any closer

I’ll throw this stupid stone overboard.”

Fred yelled out

“Fred, please calm down.

Why don’t

We just go back to the cabin and

Discuss this.” His uncle pleaded

“Don’t make me laugh uncle;

You must think I’m really dumb or


“We all know that as soon as I do

The captain and his security goons will

Arrest me. Now back off!”

Fred sneered

“That’s not true Fred.”


And before the professor could

Continue a loud siren rang out

Scaring Fred enough to have him

Lose his balance


 Cookie cried out as she and the

Rest of the gang jumped on top

 of him

Chapter 9:

Minutes later Nana and her friend came

Up to the gang

After talking with the captain and


“Well, the captain has ordered for Fred

To remain in his cabin

Until we dock and the police can board

 the ship

“And just to make sure he ordered that

A security guard stands in front of his


“And have moved Professor Webster,

 to another cabin for the rest of

the trip.”


“Yes Professor Webster,

 he’s just so confused and hurt

by this whole thing

He doesn’t what to make of it.”

Nana added

“Why do you think he did it?”

Vicky asked her grandmother

“Sorry Vicky, only Fred can answer

That question. But I do know that he

Does have a serious gambling problem

“And the professor stop giving him money

Or bailing him out of his debts

Maybe this had something to do with

what he did.”

Her grandmother shrugged


“Now even though I’m very proud

Of you kids. For helping solve this

Little mystery

“But what you all did it was very

Dangerous. One of you could’ve

Gotten seriously hurt.” She added

“I agree.

 You kids, were lucky that horn

Went off

“Which was kina weird.”

 Her friend began


“It wasn’t that weird.” Tommy smiled

As he took out his cell phone out

From his back pocket and pressed a


A loud horn noise rang out


“Very impressive. But I need you

All to promise me

“Never to put yourselves at risk again

Now we should be reaching

 the Ice island in a few days

“Until then let’s just enjoy the rest of

The trip. And remember no more.”

Vicky’s grandma began

“Solving mystery. On  our

Non-free mystery vacation!”

The gang cried out laughing

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