What do you mean? Shedding your skin and consuming it for nutrients is essential! The essentials, love breath and fire. I breathe fire when I speak and sometimes even when I mean to speak water. It bubbles up boiled. I like my shoes soiled. Don't un-scuff my scuffs. I put funhouse mirrors in the parlor. At least this time I can laugh at dysmorphia. I wonder what it's like to be morphia. I've tamed by brain since Tuesday. It's a no- shoes day. Scuffs all around. Scuffy, scuffy feet. Blisters like the wind. I'm hands and feet. Everything in between, obsolete. I'm brain sometimes too. But mostly feet. I need to ground myself. I've never been grounded, but I live in time-out. How do I flip time from outside, in? I fold each minute with the rest of the laundry. Bleach only. It's 10:55 somewhere. Some of somewhere is here. Some of it is elsewhere. Congratulations, it's brain o' clock! My psychiatrist rewarded me with a handshake. I'm finally touchable, within reach. I still shake in my sleep. I can put my thoughts in my pockets and save them for later. My pockets still have holes but there's a second layer. Antipsychotic or timeslayer?

Submitted: September 01, 2020

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