pandemic a lesson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

poem related to current world situation.

There’s lot of thing going out right now,

Humans are inside and animals out,

They say world is round, virus have got it surround,

We are now homebound and scared of getting uncrowned,


They say we have to be ready for worse,

Not knowing even when it comes to us,

Protecting the family we love,

Because hope is all now we have got,


Thinking of it might be our fault,

Earth have endure more of assault,

And now it’s time for pay off,

If not all will die getting cough,


See outside, how’s world no?

Without human outside it started to grow,

Animals and trees are now happy in the world,

And without human maybe there bonding gets strong,


We developed so fast, we become so advance,

Our recklessness brought us to last chance,

If now we will not understand the fact,

Maybe later we will not get chance to act,

Wearing the gloves covering the face,

Smart creatures are now getting out of race,

Scared of hugging and touching each other,

It separated us, now none of us are together,


Caged the animals in zoo forever,

Now being caged, how it makes you feel better?

Cutting and destroying trees and plants for needs,

Now being destroyed by virus, how’s that feel?


Maybe earth wants us to learn lessons,

Don’t try to destroy nature by any weapons,

Earth might give us a chance to start over,

Because she is our mother,

And if we don’t respect and value our mother,

She will take step further and we will no longer last forever

Submitted: September 01, 2020

© Copyright 2020 himanshu narayan jha. All rights reserved.

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