Where did my happiness go?

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Mental Health Awareness is a big thing. Please make sure to check in on others and yourself too.

I wake up with the same thing on my mind,

Why did I wake up?

What am I gonna do today?

Then I remember the night before,

Where I laid in bed,

Crying in silence so my sister doesn't hear me,

The tears falling sideways,

Right beside my ears,

As my heart takes in all the pain,

My chest feels so compressed,

Like I'm a thousand feet deep in the water,

I have so much going on in my head,

I've tried talking to others but it doesn't work,

I keep silent,

All the pain,




Why is so much happening to me?

Why am I so unhappy?

Why am I crying?


They say confidence is key,

But where is mine?

It's so easy to say but so hard to do,

I get up from my bed,

Put on a fake smile for my family,

And I lie to myself all day,

But the reality is,

I haven't been feeling happy at all,

Yeah I get those tiny parts in my day where I laugh,

But that's it,

I can't even smile for too long,

Where am I?

Why is it so dark?

Where has my happiness gone?

Submitted: September 06, 2020

© Copyright 2020 The Pheonix. All rights reserved.

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