White Swan Wishes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The meeting between young Michael Grayson and the lovely Signet Bergeron, one early September day, on the misty shores of Lone Pine Lagoon appears, at first glance, to be just a chance encounter. But was it? Possibly not, because Mike’s mother, Peggy, thinks their meeting was destined to happen.
When Signet tells Mike about the legend of the White Swan Widow and her gift of three wishes, it triggers the beginning of a tumultuous lifetime love affair that starts and ends on those same misty shores. Mike comes from a family of New England scallop fishermen, while Signet’s family has a mysterious background in Paris.
Despite their backgrounds, Mike and Signet develop a growing bond that is savagely torn apart when the young couple is attacked by thugs on New Year’s Eve. Their actual target was Jacques Bergeron, but their assignment failed when young Michael takes the bullet intended for Signet’s father.
The Bergeron family has a secret so dangerous that Signet’s father Jacques determines he must flee with his daughter to the safety of Buenos Aires, Argentina, leaving Mike bleeding badly on the family driveway.
From the wild North Atlantic scallop beds off George’s Bank to the steamy mysteries of exotic Buenos Aires, WHITE SWAN WISHES will take you on a voyage of adventure and intrigue. You will laugh and possibly even cry as the story winds to its highly satisfying conclusion.
Who knows? You might even WISH for more.


Table of Contents

A flame ignites

A flame ignites   I was only seventeen when I met the enchanting woman who would become my soulmate for a lifetime. A ch... Read Chapter

The White Swan Legend

The White Swan Legend   The deadly attack at Lone Pine Lagoon was both sudden and vicious. In any other society, the brutal ... Read Chapter

A meeting by chance

A meeting by chance   With a fishing pole in one hand and a hastily packed lunch in the other, I picked my way carefully dow... Read Chapter

Guard your wishes

Michael- Guard your wishes   My mother, Peggy Grayson, was busy working in the kitchen baking one of her famous lemon mering... Read Chapter

A promise of Safety

Signet- A promise of safety On the other side of town, Signet Bergeron stood under a gentle flow of warm water, trying to rinse off t... Read Chapter

Aboard the 'WaveJumper'

Michael- Aboard the WaveJumper   Sweating profusely, I removed my football helmet before quickly heading for the showers. I ... Read Chapter

Looking for a way out

Jacques- Looking for a way out. Jacques Bergeron was happy now that he had finally told Signet the truth about the family. After much... Read Chapter

An Invitation

Michael- An invitation As the lazy days of late summer gradually donned the colorful cloak of fall, I returned on several occasions t... Read Chapter

A special birthday

Michael- A special birthday By a sheer coincidence of fate, Siggy and I were both December babies. Mine on the twentieth day of the m... Read Chapter

A special Christmas

  Michael- A special Christmas New Bedford was experiencing the latest significant snowfall of the season. Outside, large wh... Read Chapter

A wish comes true

Signet - A New Year’s Eve wish comes true It was a reasonably warm evening for the end of December, with large soft flakes of snow ... Read Chapter

Escape or die

Jacques- Escape or die   New Year’s Eve found Jacques Bergeron at home alone. He was reclining on the over-stuffed sofa, t... Read Chapter

New Bedford Hospital

Michael - New Bedford General Hospital   Between blackouts, I had hazy recollections of white-garbed figures prodding, pokin... Read Chapter

Buenos Aires

Signet- Buenos Aires, Argentina After the aircraft reached its cruising altitude, Siggy stopped crying long enough to pepper her fath... Read Chapter

Searching for answers

Michael - A search for answers   Contrary to General Brompton’s telegram, I was still very much alive sitting in the main ... Read Chapter

Shared secrets

Signet - Shared secrets   Although it was late February in Buenos Aires, the weather was still relatively mild. Gentle rain ... Read Chapter

An insulting offer

Michael- An insulting offer   It was my last day of the school year at Willmington High, and I was happy it was finally over... Read Chapter

A strange twist of events

Signet- A strange twist of events   True to his word, Santino Morales kept in touch with Siggy. Hardly a day went by where h... Read Chapter

Out to sea again

Michael - Out to sea again   I kept both hands on the helm as I piloted the WaveJumper past the outer channel markers into t... Read Chapter

Somewhere off George's Bank

Michael - Somewhere off George’s Bank Having added several more pages of notes to my binder, I set it aside and concentrated on kee... Read Chapter

Wedding Bells

Signet - Wedding Bells. “Merde. Signet, I have no idea what has gotten into you. You can’t marry Santino Morales. This is a crazy... Read Chapter

Captain Gerry Johnston

Michael- Meets Captain Gerry Johnston “Please try and keep your head as still as possible, Captain Grayson. The test should be over... Read Chapter

A Sad Affair

Signet - A sad affair indeed. Although it was a bright sunny day, the funeral of Santino Morales was a sad affair. Santino had left w... Read Chapter

Building an Empire

Michael- Building an empire.   I lay back on Gerry’s comfortable bed and watched her get dressed for going to sea. It was ... Read Chapter

Secret of the Inn

Signet - The Secret of the Inn   Siggy had just finished breakfast when she received a call from Ruth Waters. “Hi Sign... Read Chapter

Grow or Die

Michael - Grow or die. I invited my mother to lunch at the Purple Onion, a little café near the docks. When I arrived at noon, she w... Read Chapter

Talking to a Haystack

Signet- Talking to a haystack. Siggy watched Peggy standing on the pond's shore, throwing crusts of bread to her tame white swan. It ... Read Chapter

The fickle finger of Fate

The Fickle Finger of Fate.   Late November in New Bedford can be a cruel month, and this year was no different. The cold bit... Read Chapter

Goodbye Mateo Vargas

Goodbye Mateo Vargas “Mateo, I’m telling you once and for all,” Siggy said. “Peggy will not be a model for your art class. Sh... Read Chapter

Disaster Strikes Again

Disaster Strikes Again. The official Marine Board inquiry into the cause of the sinking of the Grayson Seafood vessel WhiteSwan IV co... Read Chapter

The Michelin Man

Meet the Michelin Man “Papa, I think the new addition looks wonderful.” “Well, I have to admit, I was skeptical at fir... Read Chapter

Emergency Plan

Michael - Emergency Plan.   “Christ, our sales are dropping through the floor. We have to do something, and we have to do ... Read Chapter

A star is born

Signet – A Star is Born.   Henri Legard was a very handsome man, just as Siggy recalled from his last visit to the inn. St... Read Chapter

Suspicion of Homicide

Michael-- Under Suspicion of Homicide   Because Karl Kroger had extensive contacts with the New Bedford legal profession, he... Read Chapter

Peggy comes of age

 Peggy Comes of Age. Siggy stared at her father with affection. He read the morning paper and smoked his pipe, sitting comfortab... Read Chapter

A different World

Michael - A different world   A few weeks later, the Grayson Seafoods advisory board met again at CrossCurrents Marine Finan... Read Chapter

A Special Visitor

Signet - A Special Visitor “Where’s Anson, Peggy?” Peggy laughed. “It looks like I’m stood up in favor of an old lawnmo... Read Chapter

Last stop on the tour

Last stop on the tour I was bone tired. After exhausting stops in Lima, Peru, and San Paolo, Brazil, I was safely checked into my sui... Read Chapter

A Guilty Look

Signet-  A Guilty Look Peggy said goodbye to Anson, still thinking about the wishing well kiss. As Anson’s motorcycle left a d... Read Chapter

A difficult choice

Michael - A Difficult Choice I felt like a complete fool. I stood in the parking area of the MercadoVictoria, staring into space. I w... Read Chapter

Can it be True?

Signet - Can it be True?   Even before the early morning newspapers arrived, Siggy was in her car driving into Buenos Aires.... Read Chapter

Two Lives Together

Two lives together “Are you having a headache now, Mike?” Doctor Thomas Fraser studied the X-ray film on the bright screen. F... Read Chapter

No Mercy for You

No mercy for you   We boarded a well-equipped V.I.P.  Boeing 707 as guests of General Conrad Brompton. After a moment o... Read Chapter

A mutual agreement

 A mutual agreement The following morning, we joined our guests in the main dining room for a farewell breakfast. Most of the pe... Read Chapter

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White Swan Wishes

An epic tale of a young love that lasted a lifetime. From the deck of a scallop boat on the wild Atlantic to an romantic Inn in mysterious Buenos Aires, Nothing could keep them apart.

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together and yet apart
makes me interesting what the story will be

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