Chapter 37: A Special Visitor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Signet - A Special Visitor

Where’s Anson, Peggy?”

Peggy laughed. “It looks like I’m stood up in favor of an old lawnmower.” She pointed out to the garden shed where Anson and Jacques were joyfully rebuilding the engine on the riding mower that was long past its best days.

True to his word, Anson had returned to the inn the next day to repair the boiler and give Peggy another riding lesson. Siggy thought Anson must have enjoyed the experience because he had visited nearly every day for two weeks.

“Well, your loss is your grandfather's gain, Peggy. I haven’t seen him this happy for years, and God knows, there are enough things needing repairs to keep them both busy for a long while yet.”

Under Anson’s watchful eye, Peggy had made great strides with her handling of the new motorbike. Often enjoying rides in the countryside and had even ventured into Buenos Aires on her own a few times.

When Anson finally took a break from his repairs, Peggy talked him into going for a walk down to the pond. As they walked hand in hand, they passed by the old wishing well. Peggy pointed it out to Anson, saying, “That’s the well I almost drowned in when I was only ten-years-old.”

Anson peered over the side of the well and was astonished at the depth. “How the devil did you ever get out of there?”

“She saved me.”

“Who, your mother?”

“No, silly, my pet, Simone.” Peggy pointed at the swan swimming gracefully around the pond.

“Tell me more. This sounds quite interesting.”

“You will probably think this is weird, Anson, but my mother and grandfather are both from France, and they believe swans have mystical qualities. My father, who died before I met him, had an Irish mother who I’m named after. She believed she could see future events, and she also thought swans were magical.”

Anson just nodded, so Peggy continued, “Now, don’t laugh, but the night I fell in the well, I came out delirious but convinced a swan had saved me. That same day, Simone showed up on the pond for the first time.”

“I’m not going to laugh, Peggy. I’m a true Scot, and we have more myths and legends than anyone. When I was studying engineering, to give my brain a break, I took a fluff course on Celtic Myths as a diversion. You wouldn’t believe how many stories there are of gods and swans and humans and swans, all interacting and transforming back and forth.”

Peggy laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re a believer, too.”

“There’s only one myth I care about right at this instant.”

“And what myth would that be?” she asked sweetly.

Anson grinned. “The ancient Celtic myth that says if you kiss a beautiful girl for the first time beside an old wishing well, all your future wishes will come true.”

“I wouldn’t want to stand between you and making a myth come true, Anson. Or would I?”

Anson didn’t stop to answer her. He just kissed her tenderly, then said, “We better get the hell out of here, Peggy. I think that swan is watching us.”


(Story continus shortly in Cahpter 38)

Submitted: February 23, 2021

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