In the Dark, A Blaise Zabini/ Gellert Grindelwald Dark wizard fic

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The hottest romances are the most compatible. We present Blaise Zabini/Gellert Grindelwald. How you ask? Elementary! What if it wasn't Gellert Grindelwald killed by Voldemort in 1997? What would he do with his life with youth restored and love to live for? It contradicts nothing from the books so even remains canon, just giving a glance at parts of the wizarding community unseen by Harry Potter's perspective. This begins just before Harry and co's final year at Hogwarts.

Table of Contents

in the dark chapter 1: taking action:

Dumbledore's little army weren't the only ones taking a stand of protest when it came to the Voldemort situation. There we... Read Chapter

the big day

Chapter 2:The Big Day Chapter Text   The day after the meeting, Gellert Grindelwald was ... Read Chapter


n the Dark Chapter 3, Jailbreak     It started like all the other thousand... Read Chapter

The Dish on Millicent

Millicent Bulstrode let herself into Adler manor with the key Wolfgang had given her. They'd only been together a month and a half but it... Read Chapter

Raising a glass to youth

Gellert Grindelwald shrank away from the howler, its volume reminding him of his long years in prison and the never ending shrieks of the... Read Chapter

Meeting their match

In this chapter readers will see more into Blaise Zabini's life and circle of Slytherins and the match making spider in the web of destiny raises its head.
Read Chapter

Freedom is a Mixed Bag

Blaise's worrisome comments on the Dark Wizard who apparently threatened wizarding society enough to have some of their best and darkest ... Read Chapter

A meeting of the magics

Out of a desire to return his thoughts to more pleasant matters, Blaise looked away from his parents. Returning his attention to Gellert ... Read Chapter

A league of their own

In this chapter we see more into the lives of the Slytherins we know and love while getting to know some who never had a reason to be noticed by Potter. More Slytherins is always a good thing!
Read Chapter

Summer school?

In this chapter we learn how difficult it can be for two dark wizards to have a conversation when other people around won't stop talking!
Read Chapter

Of Fantastic Beasts...the dark way

Gellert was thrilled not to be staying under the roof of the half giant and his lady troll. Even more thrilled that he would be with Blai... Read Chapter

Enchanters at Work

"I'm sorry," Blaise said, lightly touching Gellert's shoulder in a gesture of obvious sympathy. Gellert blinked, wondering for an instant... Read Chapter

Forbidden Magic 101

"I should hardly think Dumbledore requires any help having his name Blackened," Gellert said through gritted teeth. Apparently some old r... Read Chapter

I think we're alone now

For at least an hour, the two lost themselves in technicalities for the making of plans for constructing not only the mirrors for the Hog... Read Chapter

Do you need a friend, and will you love me in the dark?

Gellert Grindelwald had always been one to push the boundaries, but this was a new one for him. Though he'd been with plenty of women, me... Read Chapter

My Kinda Lover

The two lay in each other's arms, cuddled together for what felt like hours. They talked of magic, enchantments, theories, and preferred ... Read Chapter

All the ways

Had Gellert Grindelwald just compared HIM to the bloody Elder wand? Though his ego was remarkably huge, Blaise still felt honored...becau... Read Chapter

Children Behave

In which we can practically feel Blaise's embarrassment radiating through our screens as we read because...parents aren't supposed to hear us bragging about our night like that!
Read Chapter

You're never sure if the illusion is real

Gellert Grindelwald was a little surprised when he woke in the morning and, for a moment was uncertain where he was. This should be quite... Read Chapter

Ain't nobody got a mum like mine

Gellert was startled when Blaise's mother demanded to see him outside in the hall. No one had success by making such demands of him back ... Read Chapter

The Emperor's New Clothes

As soon as everyone was finished with breakfast, Sabra shepherded them out of the great hall and then out of the school and off the groun... Read Chapter

Albus VS Gellert, the verbal duel?

When they arrived back at Hogwarts, they went directly to lunch. Blaise was tempted to take Gellert to sit at the Slytherin table so they... Read Chapter

The truth will either set you free or only create more questions!

"What did you bloody do to him," Blaise asked, turning to Gellert and letting out an incredulous laugh! "I don't think even Voldemort h... Read Chapter

Baby don't you worry, I got you.

Gellert felt his face flushing when Blaise mentioned Mrs. Zabini helping him try on his shoes at the clothes shop. He'd never really been... Read Chapter

Gellert Grindelwald Gets Sorted!!

As they walked back to the great hall, Blaise's attention shifted back and forth between Gellert's beautiful face and stunning golden hai... Read Chapter

In which two dark wizards are very naughty

"So how do we proceed, Hat," Blaise asked, hoping this was a suitable way of addressing the sorting hat. The opening in the hat's bri... Read Chapter

The Return of a Fallen Angel/Regulus Black

Blaise didn't consider calling Bramble to apparate them to the headmaster's office until they were completely out of the great hall. Amaz... Read Chapter

I feel the magic when we do what we do

Several hours later, Blaise lay on his back, his left hand outflung, his fingertips trailing along the ends of Gellert's hair as it fanne... Read Chapter

You Give Me Something Way Beyond Revenue

"So tell me about your home," Gellert said once he and Blaise finally managed to stop laughing. "It will be nice to know what to expect... Read Chapter

Naughty Boys Need Love Too

Feeling the insistent presence of Kereston waiting outside, Blaise and Gellert wasted no time in getting themselves dressed for the day. ... Read Chapter

The Coverup

Albus Dumbledore entered the Great Hall mid-breakfast, walking beside Professor Snape. The two were in conversation and neither looked pa... Read Chapter

Protego Diabolica

When they were all in the Room of Requirement, everyone who had one, handed their magic unraveling amulets over to Sabra Zabini. "Ker... Read Chapter

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