Back Then for Always

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I've been missing him so much more then I ever have and it's slowly suffocating me. Kids don't push away your best friend, they won't always come back even if they forgive you.

Hitting that button.

That vast self-destruct button.

It detonated.


Everything is ash.

Now nothing will be the same.

Harsh reality.


The time illusion.

We will always share the past.

Always the best friends.


Treasuring our time.

We steal each others bad jokes.

Remember the BEES?


Perhaps maybe pants?

Floorlights aren't dangerous!

Where's the memos?


Living happening,

Will happen and happening,

Over and over.


Hoping it will stop.

The hole of you still remains.

Echos of your laugh.


Will it always hurt?

Maybe it'll fade back out.

Maybe it won't.


Comforted by you.

Or rather the ghost of you.

Farewell, my great love.

Submitted: September 11, 2020

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