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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: dreamscape

Marcy is back! Sneaking her way to her father's get together with friends, she is charming or is a mask waiting for the chance to misbehave? Sequel to - The fiery she devil.
1500 words.

Marcy’s back yippee.


I go by the name of well, lets go by the one she is required use, Daddy. My early apologies to the ears listening to the sad, maddening tale of a ringer that my little Satan’s daughter put me through.


Long had I kissed wifey goodbye and been on my way. Me and some buddies would link for a get together – fishing, ATV riding. Man stuff.


Was driving the road, when in the backseat, Marcy sat up. My concentration remained on driving. The brain took some eternity, relayed moments later to register its her. My hands slipped off the wheel, which turned and my ride swerved dangerously, by God’s grace I regained control.

‘Marcy that you?!’ I shrieked surprised.


She looked groggy a while from sleeping but soon enough all the alertness of waking. ‘Marcy, what are doing here?’ I yelled.

‘Hi, hi. You were going somewhere so I slept in the back.’

‘You snuck in here? Little girl!’

‘You not going for fun? Can I come along?’


Thought of pulling over, but didn’t in the end. Dismayed and angry no telling what I’d do to that girl. Missus on the phone who manages a joke but is livid, she agrees the child should go along.

Mamma did not wish to speak to her child – that angry.


After the phone call, ‘Can I crawl in front?’


Parking at the gathering site, a nature reserve; head hung low, stepping out the ride. Buddies ask what the matter and the child emerges from behind my back.


Sheepishly explained what happened. When I spotted the little terror was too late to turn around. Her mom agreed. 


The child treated well and given food and drink their age.


Next thing you know the nine year old has a gift for charm. His buddies shown laughing and talking with their accidental guest inside the hunting cabin.


Smoking, fishing, drinking. Adult relaxation we did outdoors well away from the cabin thankfully. The eyes could melt from the natural splendour.


We stood in the stream, the boys and I, boots on our legs, fishing rods in hand. Something got into me. In a candid moment thank the men for not chewing me up over that little devil. Poor Rothdam Jacobs, her uncle. Fed his dog soap, set a fire…a hand on my shoulder, a buddy cuts me off saying, ‘Forget about it.’ So impactful, put me at ease.


Later me and the boys outside the cabin enjoyed a meal of caught fish at the table. Our ATVs we planned to ride were parked near. Instruction is meant to be broken because stepped outside the cabin and curiously walks over. Her doll’s arm in her hand.


The guys doing adult stuff when that little brat approaches. My friend admonishes her and tells her get going. Instead she locks eyes with daddy a while in a war of wills. Finally turns and walks away when it clear I won’t intervene.


ATV or All Terrain Vehicle is a small open motor vehicle with one seat and three or more wheels fitted with large tires, designed for use on rough ground.


Bellies full, us guys sat in the seat of a few ATVs, one per man, body protection guards our bodies. We’d go for a spin and off we went. Marcy had her dolly for company and left with food and juice.


Our path took us into natural territory, up and around and where cars fear to tread.

Upon return found her outside the cabin at play. ‘Have you been good?’

‘Yes daddy.’


Curious again turned on the charm asking not me but my friends about the little bikes as she called them, genuine smiles by her at the photos they brought back. Boy did they deliver the goods.


Time left for more fishing too tempting. Was I and her alone in the cabin, my boots and rod on me. Before I joined the fellas outside, ‘Marcy, you be a good girl now,’ she nodded. Since inviting herself here the child maintained behaviour speaking well of a parent.


‘No big bad adult to spoil my fun.’ The girl mischievously eyes a ride. Parked outside her cabin in dangerous reach. At last she got to touch, stroking its seat. She likens to her own. ‘My bike is like this.’ Looking it over a bike with one, two, three, four wheels.


The men are steps away from entering the water.


The cabin nowhere in sight. The trail her first time there. Marcy struggles at the controls and visibly uneasy, her little body jerking with the ride’s bumps.


The friends standing in the stream cast rods.


The little miss now wears a confident look driving. Doll only company and wearing no body protection.


A great shock returning and she missing. A search was organized. The men got on the remaining ATVs. Broken, I sat outside the cabin, hand under my chin. Couldn’t search for my own child.


Later faced her down alone inside. ‘What would I tell your mother if something happened?!’

This devil in child’s form lacked the respect to even look at me, but instead stroke her doll. She was brought back safe.

‘Marcy!’ I yelled. Slowly turned her head at me. Her little face showed no fear of a parent or worry what one would do or feel.


In my anger mixed a pleading with this big woman, ‘I feel even more sorry for Rothdam! Wish you didn’t come! Left you in here to keep you safe and did your own thing! Why are you this way?’


‘Looked fun to ride. I thought you wouldn’t let me,’ the soft answer.


Author’s note – Wanted to type and publish August 31 Independence Day, but very day BOTH PC and TV broke, unsure why: someone’s busted flash drive; old surge protector; a PC that conked out one more time? Trapped in great expense to replace over a few days.

A sequel to an old short story I hand wrote, The Fiery She Devil. Untamed actually began as one of many story notes composed years after Fiery was handwritten, once published figured shape it as a follow up.

Date - 11 September 2020.



Submitted: September 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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