Scars Don’t Heal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ivory finally marries a sweet and loving Michael who understands her and cares for her, however after 3 years of marriage Michael starts to act a psychopath, and then, before their 5th anniversary...
With mystery, and murder, and a twist.. I present "Scars Don’t Heal".



I still remember that night. A storm was brewing up in the sky. I was delighted in contrast to the gloomy weather, Michael just proposed to me! We were going to a beach near my house, and oh it was such a wonderful surprise! The beach was decorated in blue corals forming a magical heart, a beautiful ring lay in the middle of the corals with a sandy “Will you marry me?” During our wedding day, He said I was the sun who lit up his dark caves. He told me I was the sea who calmed him all the way. He said neither a blue topaz nor an aquamarine could shine brighter than his love for me. He told me he would be daylight when I am surrounded by haze. He told me he would be the happiness which would take all my sorrows away. He told me he would never ever leave me, he promised. Wrong. It was all fake. When I was young, I thought love and romance were a waste of time. My father left my mother and I when I was 5. My mother abandoned me saying “It was all my fault”. I wandered alone for many lonely days and months. I was young, scarred, and hurt. I thought I would never see daylight. I made my own name, worked in cafes and restaurants, studied my way to become a doctor, that’s when I met Michael. As a child, I had a permanent scar which still didn’t heal. The scar of regret, loneliness, and abandonment. In the long run, I met many people who suffered the same as me. Michael, however, didn’t even know the meaning of “tears”, or so I thought. I thought he was a snob, a brat, a rich boy who got the silver spoon treatment. I was wrong, for he was a man who hid his thorns with petals. The scar that formed when I was abandoned, it didn’t heal nor fade, it did hurt but the scar I have now, is like the endless ocean without any horizon. Me and Michael were married for 5 years, he was the sweetest person I ever came across. He never brought tears to my eyes, and if he did, it was of joy. After 3 years of marriage, Michael started acting distant, weird, rather...creepy. He came home late and left home early, he started to have a sort of persona I never saw before. Once, while serving him tea, I accidentally slipped and the tea came out of the cup and fell on his shoes. For a second, I thought he raised his hand to slap me, but then I let it slide thinking it was just an imagination, Michael would never do that. Instead, he would help me up, but he didn’t do that either. I thought he was probably in a rush. Months passed and Michael started acting more crazy than ever. Our 5th anniversary was coming soon, and I thought of surprising him with his favourite cologne. Maybe I was foolish. Maybe I didn’t realize it. Maybe I was just too blind. I wish I could go back in time, do anything to fix this mess. It was 10 PM, I was wrapping up Michael’s present and that’s when it happened.  A sharp edge, a blade near my throat. 

“Michael? What are you doing?”

“Oh, sweet Ivory. So naive..I wonder what my brother even saw in you.”


And then it struck me, Michael mentioned he had a twin brother, who was sent away because of his psychotic behaviour, his name was..

“Mike? Where is Michael? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?”

“Died a year ago? His body still stinks, although, you wouldn’t be alive to find him.’’

I couldn’t believe it, I have been in a relationship with MIKE for ONE whole YEAR? And I didn’t even realise that my own husband was missing? He was dead, all this time, dead .


“He ruined my life, it was because of HIM I was taken away, now I will ruin his life!”

His life.

“You know Ivory, Michael really loved you, even his last word was “Ivory-


And that’s how it ended. I jumped on top of him, took the knife from him and hit him with my heel straight on the face. He murdered my life, my love, Michael, he tried to murder me but no matter what happened, I couldn’t take some else’s life or, what difference would be there between me and he? Maybe I shouldn’t have turned around, maybe I shouldn’t have thought a kick in the face was enough. Maybe I should’ve examined him first. 

I was shot



The End



Submitted: September 11, 2020

© Copyright 2021 camelliaamethyst. All rights reserved.

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