Wings of fire theories

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This is just my theories basically, controversy is ok just not hate

So, i already do know that Qibli is a Prince, but I don't actually mean adopted Prince, I mean that he is full blown Royalty. 

Now, whenever Thorn found out about Cobra's children, she was quite surprised she even had children in the first place, but why exactly did she reach out to her? She did lose her daughter, but there was many other dragons in the scorpion den that had the same, or even rougher life, why did she want Qibli specifically? Well, we'll answer that question later.

First we'll be looking into Qibli's life before Thorn took him from Cobra. Qibli was obviously "the failure child" of his siblings and always had a rough life with them, while Rattlesnake and Sirocco had a better life because they were favored by Cobra, but why? Qibli tried to do many things for Cobra and she always didn't ever accept it, she never had a reason to though. Now, looking at the fandom wiki, Dune's design looks quite similar to Qibli's design, but you may be asking "How does he have freckles if Dune is his father?" Well, how about i propose this.

Thorn and Dune are siblings. That would explain why Qibli has freckles, and yes other dragons can have freckles but so far in the series we have never seen another Sandwing with freckles besides Qibli and Thorn, now, you're probably saying "but that doesn't clear up why he would have freckles" well, technically it does, if Thorn and Dune were siblings, Recessive genes for Freckles would be in Dune, and recessive genes can switch the roles and make themselves dominant genes, and can pop up randomly in families. He also got Dune's slightly brighter colors with a mix of Cobra.

Now explaining why Thorn hates Dune, is because they disagreed who should be queen, and also about Dune wanting to join the Talons of Peace. Dune eventually left and found Cobra, having a family with her, eventually having eggs. He had joined the Talons before meeting Cobra and was forced to leave because of the Dragonets of Destiny. Cobra became outraged and started to take her anger out on Qibli, because he was nearly his spitting image. 

Now back to the subject of why Thorn didn't take Sirocco and Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake and Sirocco looked closer to Cobra and her father, Vulture. Since Qibli looked most like his father Cobra didn't want him, and if Thorn tried to take Rattlesnake or Sirocco, she would have been angry, because those were her "better" children, while Qibli was a "failure". 

Now i know this theory is probably a stretch, but it's fun to think up these things, I'll be updating this book here and there, and when i do I'll be happy to hear your own theories, Chow!

Submitted: September 12, 2020

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OMG! I never thought about Qibli being Sunny's cousin!

Wed, May 12th, 2021 6:20pm

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