The Betrayal of Susie Abrahams

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Susie was a talented Hip Hop Artist that just needed a break. She thought she made it when she got signed to Groovy Records...Be careful what you wish for...
A Relentless Detective is on the case

The Betrayal of Susie Abrahams



Sharief Hendricks


Selwyn Abrahams sat zombie-like watching old home movies of his daughter Susannah, everybody lovingly called her Susie. His wife Clara and Susie were building sandcastles at Umhlanga Beach in Durban. Susie walked to the camera with a seashell in her hands.

Selwyn’s lifeless eyes suddenly filled with tears as he knew what was coming next, “see dada the pretty shell I found it’s for you Dada.”

Selwyn Abrahams paused the video on Susie’s six-year-old innocent smile. As he wiped his face, he questioned for the umpteenth time why his daughter's twenty-one-year-old dead body was dumped on Durban’s South Beach and by who?


Two days later, the determined father of a dead daughter and husband to a divorced wife was at the office of a reputable private investigator.

“Look Mr Abrahams I’m going to level with you, three years is a long time, and your daughter’s cause of death was confirmed to have been an overdose. I certainly don’t want to give you false hope.”

Selwyn Abrahams looked at Elliot Eagle with hopeless eyes and said, “undetermined. Mr Eagle, her cause of death was listed as “undetermined” related to a possible heroin overdose. Here is a copy of the Coroner’s official autopsy report.”

Elliot Eagle, the owner of Eagle Eye Private Investigators, looked surprisingly at Selwyn Abrahams and curiously took the faded Report from him.

“This is state property, how did you get an official Forensic Pathology Report?”

“Mr Eagle, please look at the Report and please take the 15 000, that is all I have left. I have used all my savings and sold my home and two cars to get justice for my Susie. I don't have anything left to live for anymore. My wife left me. I lost my job. All I want is justice for my Susie. She loved the Hip Hop scene since she was just fourteen years old. Susie had good auditions at several record labels, but unfortunately, she never got the break she needed. Then she got in at Groovy Records as a backup singer when she was nineteen, and we thought that was it, now she is going to make it and become a star. When we got the news of her death, I knew that manipulator DJ Wayway had something to do with it. She was under his spell. He promised her a record deal, but instead, he just used her as a video vixen in his music videos. Mr Eagle, I beg you please find the person responsible for my daughter’s death.”

"Mr Abrahams, from what I understand, the Hip Hop world is a shady and dangerous one. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Mr Eagle the day of my Susie’s funeral, DJ Wayway and his entourage showed up, and when I told him he was not welcome, he said that an “Old School”, “Old Timer” like me doesn’t stand a chance against a “Young Blood” like him. Do you know how helpless that made me feel?”

"Ok Mr Abrahams, I will take the case, but I make no promises.”

“I don't need your promises, Mr Eagle, only do your best to get justice for my Susie. She trusted them, and they betrayed her.”

Later around midnight, Elliot found himself still working the Susie Abrahams case. He didn't have much to work with, but he gave his word to a grieving father. Elliot Eagle studied the Coroner’s Report and was immediately struck by the fact that Susie had a bruised eye, broken left arm and a fractured jaw. Her injuries were listed on the Pathologist Report as an “accidental” fall after being rendered unconscious. Then a picture that was out of place caught his eye that did not belong with the Report. It was Susie posing on the red carpet at the South African Music Awards. He was stunned by her beauty and her captivating genuine smile. Elliot was transported to his daughter’s graduation party ten years prior as the resemblance was astonishing. His daughter had the same long flowing dark hair. For a moment, the image of Susie changed into that of his daughter in the photograph then he pulled himself together as Susie's face returned, and his daughter's face slowly disappeared. Right then the promise he did not make to Selwyn Abrahams became a promise to Susie. The photograph was not part of the Pathology Report. Elliot came across it when he reached the end of the documents. Susie's father placed it there with the strategic intent of discovery only after the entire Report was studied. It had the desired effect. Elliot felt compelled to solve this case. A feeling he last felt when he was still a police detective before his retirement seven years ago, back when he took crime, especially murder very personal.


Elliot cleared his throat as he listened to the dialling tone anticipating the familiar friendly voice that will answer, “hi Nicky, Elliot Eagle from Eagle Eye PI.”

"Yes, Mr Eagle So good to hear your voice again, how can I be of service this time?”

“Nicky, I need your help. This time it’s personal."

“Anything you need Mr Eagle,” she said, as the elderly PI pictured her red cheeks that he fancied so much even though there were about eighteen years between them.

“I need to know everything about a certain DJ Wayway and his possible involvement in the death of a young girl named Susie Abrahams.”

"Ok Mr Eagle," she replied, and Elliot finally had the right opportunity to get a bit more personal with her, “Nicky, please call me Elliot.”

“Ok Elliot, are you trying to tell me you don’t know who DJ Wayway is?” Secondly, I remember the Susie case it was an overdose correct?”

“Nicky, I know you are heavy into the Hip Hop and Rap scene, get me all the information you can.”

“Sure, thing Elliot, check your inbox in a few hours. In the meantime, remember that Google is your friend!”

Four hours into searching DJ Wayway on the web. Elliot put his mug of Douwe Egberts down as Nicky’s email arrived.


Two days have passed since Elliot received Nicky’s email containing every bit of local Hip Hop and Rap insider scoop. The attachment had everything from who had beef with who and who dated who’s ex. It also contained documents on Susie's career from when she signed a five-year record deal with recording artist DJ Wayway AKA Wilfred Wambathu at Groovy Records. Elliot had pieced together an in-depth layout of Groovy Records, who the key players were and where Susie fitted in. He watched every music video that Susie appeared in and it was clear for even someone like Elliot with limited Hip Hop knowledge, that a video vixen, was all she was to Groovy Records and DJ Wayway.

Eagle Eye PI managed to get their hands on security surveillance footage from the night MC Light-Mic, a revered underground artist was attacked and stabbed outside the Zone Night Club. The parking area where the altercation with the Hard Hood Record Label's entourage was captured was not very clear. The Hard Hoods protested their innocence and claimed that they were apparently at another party on the night in question. MC Light Mic died hours later. DJ Wayway was also questioned by the Johannesburg SAPS. There was an alleged scuffle between DJ Wayway and MC Light Mic in the night club’s bathroom the night MC Light Mic was stabbed to death. MC Light Mic accused DJ Wayway of stealing his music, and he claimed he had proof. There was never anything to link DJ Wayway to the stabbing because he left the club immediately after the scuffle in the bathroom. MC Light Mic left hours later. According to witness statements, Hard Hood members who were identified by their “HH” gold neck chains attacked MC Light Mic.


The following week Elliot Eagle interviewed every witness from the MC Light Mic killing and flew to Durban to speak to the Pinetown SAPS regarding Susie’s Overdose. He learned that the SAPS questioned DJ Wayway and his Groovy Records members as they were attending a music festival the night Susie overdosed on the beach. The story goes that DJ Wayway was not feeling well, so he left the beach party early without Susie. However, Elliot learned from research and witness testimony that DJ Wayway never went anywhere without Susie. She was known as his "trophy" which he loved showing off in the Hip Hop circles. Elliot then understood why the Pinetown Police believed DJ Wayway’s story. They did not have any other information on him. The Johannesburg SAPS Branch did not share any information with the Pinetown SAPS Branch. They let him go even though Susie’s bruises were suspicious but ultimately left it up to the Pathologist to make a ruling.

Elliot learned that three months after MC Light Mic's death, DJ Wayway released an album that instantly went Platinum and became his biggest album to date. That sparked allegations from some of the MC Light Mic underground loyalists that DJ Wayway stole the three biggest hits on the album from MC Light Mic. That was never proven as MC Light Mic was an “Underground” artist that only released mixtapes and was not represented by a Record Company.

The music scene had become aware that Elliot was investigating Susie’s death. Elliot got a call from a private number. A soft-spoken female voice, "hello, is this the person investigating what happened to Susie?”

“Yes, I am,” said Elliot. There was a moments silence as Elliot listened to the woman breathing then she spoke, “I was a friend of Susie, she was a good person. She did not deserve what happened to her. Susie never used drugs, not even once.”

“Do you know what happened to her, your friend, Susie?” Fished Elliot.

“I was in Durban the night of Susie’s death. She was upset because she walked in on DJ Wayway and Markus, one of Wayway’s bodyguards. She told me she heard Markus asking DJ Wayway for more money for taking care of “Light” and for getting him a hit album. She also told me that DJ Wayway kept all his shady dealings in a Safety Deposit Box. She was so scared. I never saw her alive again. I’m sorry for being such a coward,” she said then dropped the call.


Four days after the phone call from the soft spoken woman that claimed she was Susie’s friend, and many attempts to get a meeting with DJ Wayway, Elliot had a surprise visit at his rundown office. Even though they had never met he knew it was DJ Wayway.

“Can I help you?” said Elliot as he removed his bifocals with an exaggerated movement to conceal him opening the drawer that was home to his old trusted and loaded friend, a Barretta 9MM.

“No, but I can help you “Old Timer,” came the reply from the man infront of the posse.

“So, you must be the famous or should I say infamous DJ Wayway I presume?” said Elliot with his hand inside the drawer now.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s me Old School,” said the DJ as he raised his gold chain to his lips using his thumbs. “I believe you have been asking a lot of questions about me and my music. Well here I am Old Timer, just ask me straight up, no need to be running around behind my back anymore.”

Elliot didn’t hold back, and he wanted to see what his visitor was really made of. “I’m impressed Young Blood, you actually decided to face me and stopped hiding behind your receptionist and those five punks behind you,” said Elliot as he gripped the Barretta.

“Wow Old School, you got more of a backbone than the other Old Timer that tried to stop me from saying goodbye to my trophy girl,” said DJ Wayway as he held back his entourage.

“Young Blood, I will have you know that the Old Timer, you referring to has much more guts than you and your cronies. He is willing to take you on all alone, something I know you not man enough to do.”

That last statement from Elliot enraged DJ Wayway and caused him to reach behind his back, but before he could reveal what was concealed the wily veteran detective was already standing and aiming his Barretta at his head.

“Easy now Young Blood, you in my office and last I checked I didn’t invite you up here, so that means you are trespassing, which means I have the right to drop you right where you stand. I know everything DJ, and I mean everything,” said Elliot with a smile that revealed all his cracks on his experienced face.

“You don’t know shit Old Timer, and clearly you don’t know who you messing with. Nobody pulls a “get” on me, nobody!”

“You wrong Young Blood, I know all about MC Light Mic.”

That sentence drew exactly the reaction from DJ Wayway that Elliot hoped it would. His irate and aggressive visitor immediately calmed down and told his posse to leave the office and wait by the car. Then he leaned forward and brought his face closer to the Barretta and said, “stay out of my business Old School, if you want to live to see your grand kids. Your time is gone, this is my time now, my world, you feel me!”


The following night Elliot made a call to DJ Wayway’s unlisted number.

“Yeah who dis and how’d you get this number?”

“Listen up, Young Blood.”


“Breaking News! DJ Wayway AKA Wilfred Wambathu arrested today as he left the Post Office Safety Deposit Box building in the posh Dainfern Area south of Johannesburg, allegedly for Music Plagiarism and shockingly for murder …”

“I can’t believe you did it Mr. Eagle, you got the son of a gun,” said Selwyn Abrahams as he muted the news bulletin. How did you do it?”

“I concluded that the mixtape CD with MC Light Mic's hidden “digital signature” and date was in DJ Wayway’s safety deposit box because Susie said he keeps his valuables there. I decided to use an old school technique and write him an anonymous note that I stole the CD from his safety deposit box, and I want 5 Million Rand for it. I knew as soon as that Post Office opened the next day he was going to check if it's still there and remove it. What I did not count on was the bonus of the two blood-stained Hard Hood “HH” gold fake neck chains that his bodyguards wore the night of the stabbing when they took the MC Light Mic music CD. Johannesburg Police took care of the rest when it was confirmed that the blood on the fake “HH” neck chains was indeed that of MC Light Mic.”

“So, Mr eagle you used an Old School, “Old Timer” bluff and the Young Blood fell for it,” said Susie’s father with a beaming smile on his face.

"Mr Abrahams, you should be proud, your Susie was a brave young lady.”

“I am proud of her. Thank you for getting justice for my Susie.”



The End


Submitted: September 15, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Sharief Hendricks. All rights reserved.

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Jobe Rubens

You did a good job, Sharief - a very well-rounded story. You hear about these unsavoury outcomes all the time in the Hip Hop industry. It reminded me of some of the dramas on Radio 4 I used to listen to - a weelky series called From Fact To Fiction. I think it was called that - long time ago. Anyway, your story was very filmic and that's how I tend to see things.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 5:36pm


Wow Jobe, I am so pleased to hear you enjoyed the story of Susie and that you related to it and it brought back memories of a time gone by...

Yes I based this story entirely on the old school police detective stories form the seventies and eighties...I am so glad it came across that way...

Thanx again Jobe !!!


Wed, September 16th, 2020 12:51am

Serge Wlodarski

Old School is better, we never wear fake gold chains. Good story.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 8:19pm


Hahahahah, yeah that's right Serge ..old school is still cool !

Thanx for the read and cool comment brother !

Wed, September 16th, 2020 12:45am


The Hip Hop music scene is shadowy.
Great story.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 10:40pm


Thanx soooooo much Rob

I always appreciate your comments !!!

Wed, September 16th, 2020 12:43am


Wow, Sharief! This is an amazing story. I'm glad Susie's dad got his justice for her.

Wed, September 16th, 2020 12:50am


Thanx soooooo much CuriousOne

I really appreciate the read and the very nice comment and I am ecstatic you enjoyed it...



Wed, September 16th, 2020 12:42am

Prince EL

Well written and captivating story! Old timer saves the day! Great job!

Thu, September 17th, 2020 12:47am


Thanx soooooo much Prince EL

Yeah, I have a soft spot for the older generation, and its noticeable in a lot of my stories...we can learn so much from our Elders ...

Thanx again Prince of Poems !!

Thu, September 17th, 2020 2:18am

Sue Harris

I don't profess to know anything about the Hip Hop industry but being an "'old timer" myself, I could relate to Elliott and his dogged determination to crack the case. A very well planned and engrossing story, Sharief, with a satisfying ending. I'm so pleased Susie's father got to know the truth about his daughter's death. Extremely well 'executed' if you'll excuse the pun.

Thu, September 17th, 2020 7:02pm


Aah thanx so much Sue !

Yes the industry might be unique but the story is a bit familiar, young people undermining their elders. It's interesting to me how the young generation feel they know it all, just because they know tech and we don't... they don't realise there is much more to real life than being good with a social media device hahahaha....

I have a number of stories with this theme where the elderly are the heroes...

Thanx so much again sue ...

Fri, September 18th, 2020 1:00am

Vance Currie

I am glad that you mentioned this story, Sharief, or I might have missed it. I usually check the list of new stories daily but must have been a bit hasty on the day you posted it. Having now found the story, I see that you have quite a following already. Good for you.
This is certainly a good, well thought out, story. It must have taken you a while to make it all fit together.
I am glad to see that you are spending time revising each story before posting it now. I do the same. We are in good company. I understand that Ernest Hemmingway did a lot of revision too. He liked to get the words ‘just right’. Grammatically, I think your later story is an improvement over this one, but I can see that you are making good progress.
None of your other readers seem concerned with grammatical details, probably because they are enjoying the read so much that they don’t see them as a problem. That’s fine, but I think you are such a good story teller that it’s worth polishing the few rough edges. If you would rather I didn’t do that, you need only let me know.

Thu, September 24th, 2020 11:27pm


Hi Joe

What a wonderful detailed feedback this is...I can't tell U enough how much I appreciate your time and experience...

Thanx so much for the compliment, as it is extra special coming from you...

Yes I am putting much much much more time into revising and editing my stories...

Even though as your correctly said my followers prefer to just enjoy the story and appreciate it for that...I really do prefer that you point out any little bugs in my writing as I want to get it RIGHT !
Because I appreciate the people who are reading my stories I also feel that I OWE it to them to have it as close to perfect as I possible can get it...because they deserve that for taking their time to read my work...

It means so much to me that you bothered to go back and find this shows me that you really care about my development ...and for that I am eternally grateful Sir !

Thanx once again Joe...I am smiling from ear to ear....

Fri, September 25th, 2020 1:54am

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