Mankind and Social Media

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We hand over our most valuable assets to ones we truly love. But 'time', our most valuable asset, we give it to those who don't really care about us!

Mankind and Social Media

We are consumers, buyers, customers, patients, tourists, travelers, guests and beneficiaries etc., depending on the goods and services offered to us by various industries like CPG, IT, Oil & Gas, automobiles, Banking, Retail, Transportation, Tourism & Travel or Healthcare etc.

We are on the other hand classified as 'users' by two of the sectors. The first such business is not legal, i.e., drug dealers, however the other is not only legal but it is also very popular, i.e., social media.

Both of these sectors capitalize on our natural weakness and turn it into 'addiction' to sell their products to us. That element of addiction being a common factor, however, there is a huge difference between the two!

The social media industry is changing our thought process; the way we think, like and react to different situations. They are striving to first understand and then reprogram us by using Artificial Intelligence. We are their commodity, the guinea pigs, but with a fundamental difference that the experiments done on us will be used against us, not for our own well being, but to our detriment.

In this highly lopsided relationship, we, the users are net losers.

That can change if we are aligned as mankind, but I am highly skeptical of that scenario gaining any momentum anytime soon. So, unless we understand the gravity of the situation and join hands to tackle it as a unified group, the future does not look so good, hence caution is advised!

The best advice for the short term until we find some balance and a clear direction, we should reduce the time we spend on social media and use it elsewhere, like calling old friends, going out with family, exploring investment opportunities, making plans to do whatever we want to do, reading a book, watering plants or doing some physical activities.

The social media should be used to identify and highlight issues of common interest and for seeking integration. If our time is spent in such constructive activities then its ok. Enjoying good and funny posts is not a waste of time! And remember, use whatsapp and twitter but not much of Facebook!


Submitted: September 16, 2020

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