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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Roxy is based from a true life situation about a dog, a 4 year old female pitbull to be exact and a story that will touch the hearts of any animal lover. Roxy is sassy, strong, but most importantly lovingly loyal and her story deserves to be told as it may prevent someone else from experiencing the life she has for any other animal and bring awareness to the treatment of animals as responsible pet owners for the future.

Roxy's life started just like any other newborn animal. She was born into the world, nursed by her mother, and weaned off at around eight weeks of age to be rehomed to a new family. Of course, some people have a stereotypical outlook on dogs like her simply because they are Pitbulls. However, every dog, just like humans, have their own personality and traits or what they like and don't like. Roxy was a beautiful white and light brown (tan) spotted dog with long legs, pointy ears, a muscular body, an adorable pittie smile. She had the energy level of about five dogs and absolutely loved to play to the point where she didn't ever want playtime to end and would often pout about it. 

I met Roxy in the late summer of 2019. At that time she was three years old and had already been rehomed for a third time. Her back story was that she had been removed from her first initial home due to neglect. She had been left in a small dog kennel so much that she was forced to urinate and defecate in that little cage to the point where she had urine burn on her skin and was extremely underweight. At that point she was one year old and had been rehomed to another owner who then kept her and cared for her two years after that point. My heart went out to this poor girl because it sounded like a horrible situation to go through at such a young age as she was still developing and learning as a pup. Roxy's second owner, Katie, did everything she could for her. She made sure she got the proper medical care, bought her the softest, most expensive dog bed there was, and showered her with tons of toys and basically anything a dog could ever want or need in life. She was the big sister to a smaller female dog and seemed to really embrace the life she had there until one day everything changed. Something in Roxy's mindset switched and she attacked the other dog out of nowhere. Katie thought maybe there was something medically wrong with her but the vet indicated that she had no health issues that would cause that type of reaction and recommended the dog be euthanized because of her aggressive behavior. Obviously, this was the last thing that Katie wanted to do because she truly loved Roxy as well as the other dog and thought maybe something happened that might have provoked the fight that she wasn't aware of but after a second incident between the two dogs, Katie knew she had to make a decision and fast before things got worse and possibly turned deadly. She pleaded with family, friends, anyone that would give Roxy a loving home to please take her in and explained the entire situation so that she wouldn't have to euthanize her just because the dogs couldn't get along. 

After Katie posted a picture and told Roxy's situation, her prayers were answered in the form of a message from a mutual online friend that had been actually looking for a dog after recently moving into a second floor apartment above the one that I resided in. Britt was the newest tenant in the building and was accompanied by her boyfriend, Brad. They seemed like a cute young couple. They were in their early 20s, together for over a year, and had six kids between them after both were recently divorced from prior marriages. Katie and Britt talked over the next few days about Roxy and making sure that Roxy would have a loving home. The decision was made that Katie would rehome Roxy to Britt the following day. Katie lovingly packed up all Roxy's belongings into her car and drove to Britt's apartment to see how Roxy reacted to the new environment. 

When Katie arrived at Britt's apartment, the kids were running around playing and laughing. As soon as Roxy entered the home, she went into detective mode, investigating the place by running around sniffing everything. Once Roxy got her fill of smells, she immediately wanted to play with the kids since their energy level matched hers and their toys even seemed more interesting to her than the ones she already had. Katie stayed for about an hour or so to make sure Roxy was adapting and adjusting to the new environment and with tears in her eyes and a hug goodbye she left. Katie kept in contact and would get regular updates on Roxy and for the first six months, everything seemed to work out great. Roxy seemed happy in her new home after the first few nights adjusting and even became friends with all the other tenants in the building who would bring her random treats and toys. It almost seemed as though the aggressive side that Katie experienced with Roxy never existed although there were moments when other pet owners in the building would bring their dogs out and Roxy would immediately go into defense mode just at the sight of them so needless to say, everyone in the building was made aware of the situation and life went on as usual.

Then out of nowhere, I received a call from Britt saying that she thought something was wrong with Roxy and asked if I would come up and check on her. Now, I am by no means a vet or claim to be but I have had my fair share of animals and had been around Roxy enough to know what seemed normal and what didn't. However, Britt's life had changed by this point. Her and her boyfriend were in and on and off again relationship, rumors of drug use and animal abuse had been talked about by other neighbors to the point in which you couldn't help but wonder even if you're trying to mind your own business and keep to yourself. People would also talk about the multiple occasions in which Roxy had escaped the apartment by jumping from a second story window and the chances of seeing her outside was practically NEVER which was starting to concern me. I asked several times about Roxy's well being because even if she wasn't technically my dog, I was still concerned for her and felt maybe with everything that was going on at that time that maybe Britt was getting overwhelmed and just needed help but was afraid to ask anyone so I volunteered to buy dog food, take her for walks, and even keep her at my place while Britt was away for long periods of time since Roxy had separation anxiety. Britt assured me up until that point that Roxy was doing great and promised that she was being well cared for so I believed her.

Another week went by and Britt called again about Roxy, when I got there I noticed that she wasn't her normal hyper happy-go-lucky self like she normally would be. She laid in one spot on her side and seemed like her muscles were stiff and she couldn't get herself up on her feet. I bent down and gently touched all over her to see if maybe she had a sore spot or give me something that would tell me why she was laying like that and when I couldn't find anything that would justify this, I helped lift Roxy to her feet and slowly walked her to the door to take her outside for some fresh air and to watch to see if maybe she had hurt a foot or a leg or anything like that but everything seemed to be working just fine except that her energy level was quite lethargic and worrisome. After watching Roxy struggle down the steps to the yard, I felt that she would not do well going back up the steps so I decided I would give her a break to conserve her energy and proceeded to carry her. I placed her gently in her huge and soft dog bed and offered her fresh water and food in which she did drink a little of the water but not much for my comfort level. I told Britt that my best advice was to contact a vet and have her checked as soon as possible because something did seem wrong with her. A few days later, Britt indicated that Roxy was seen by a vet and was diagnosed with a UTI which isn't an uncommon thing for female dogs and that she had been given a treatment of antibiotics in order to treat the UTI. Hearing that made me feel better knowing she got the help she needed and was going to be ok. 

A week later, I asked Britt if my husband and I could take Roxy for a nightly walk since most other animals weren't out at that time and it would be safer just so we knew that she was getting some outdoor time and able to enjoy some fresh air and see different things on our little walk about. Roxy normally would drag people down the street as if she was pulling a sleigh wagon through snow but on this night she just went along with it and didn't even seem interested in anything around her so we cut our walk shorter than usual because we could tell that she just wasn't up for it that night and still was sick and needed rest.When we returned from our walk, I would give Roxy a fresh bowl of cold water to cool her down since it was summer and still somewhat humid even at night and to rehydrate her as well. On this night, I poured about a half a gallon of fresh water into a large bowl that I always used for her and she slugged it down as if she had not had a drink in days. Shortly after that, she threw up almost all the water she had just drank and was acting again like her energy level was back down like it was the week before she developed the UTI. After returning Roxy, I told Britt about the situation and she indicated that she had noticed that too earlier that day so I again told her to contact the vet and let them know that Roxy still wasn't acting healthy and figured maybe the antibiotics they prescribed for her weren't strong enough to eliminate the UTI and the infection may progressing. Britt claimed that she was going to call the vet the next morning and let them know what was going on and see what the next course of action might be. Britt messages the next morning and says that the vet can't get Roxy in for a visit because they were booked full of appointments for almost two weeks but says that she is going to contact another vet that her mother recommended to get Roxy seen sooner. 

Another week goes by and Britt calls me to ask a favor which wasn't uncommon but said that she wasn't at home at that time and she would talk to me about it when she returned. She knocked on my door and asks if I could "babysit" her 75" smart tv that she had just bought from a lump sum of money that she had recently received because she had to go out of town overnight and didn't trust leaving it at her apartment for whatever reason. I said sure and asked how Roxy was and she said that she was still sick and couldn't get her into a vet until about a week later. Knowing she was going out of town I asked if she wanted me to also "babysit" Roxy since she still wasn't feeling good and didn't want to know that she was alone to at least comfort her as much as I could. She said yes and brought Roxy down to me after having her new tv carried from her brand new car she also just bought days before into my apartment and she left.

I was completely shocked when I saw the shape this dog was in. The once over-the-top hyper pitbull that had energy for days barely had enough energy to keep herself upright. My heart broke for this poor girl because she just looked so miserable and sad and when those big brown eyes give that "help me" look and you have no idea how to make her feel better you feel totally helpless and heartbroken. At this point, I decided to contact Katie to see if she had any idea on what was going on and she was absolutely clueless to it so I asked if she could stop by and see Roxy because I thought maybe she might know what the problem was. As I waited for Katie to stop by tears just rolled down my face, when I first met Roxy she was about 50 pounds and now looked like she lost half her body weight to the point in which her spine was showing as well as her ribs. She couldn't keep any water down, even trying to give her little drinks every half an hour didn't seem to help and she refused to eat anything we offered her and before she would eat a napkin if you let her if it smelled like food. All this poor little pittie could do was lay there and suffer and I couldn't sit back and not do something to help this sweet girl. I had already caught Britt in a few lies in addition to being told from several different mutual people about her inability to be truthful so I was hesitant to believe what she was telling me about the vet situation. Most vets when they hear these kind of symptoms in an animal they want to see them as soon as they can so one of the neighbors contacted the SPCA just so they could do a check up on her and get Roxy medical care that she so desperately needed. I agreed and the animal warden from the local SPCA came and seen Roxy's physical condition and indicated that Britt would be required to voluntarily surrender the dog otherwise she would be issued a warning to get the dog to a vet within a certain amount of time which made me feel relieved that she would get treated and would be alright.

After almost 2 days of dogsitting Roxy in her declining condition and messaging Britt in the process and telling her what was going on, she returned to pick up her tv and Roxy but didn't seem sad or anything as I would expect someone to be in that situation. During her time away, I reached out to family and friends describing Roxy's symptoms and physical appearance which seemed to have everyone except Britt frantic over how to help get this dog healthy and back to normal. I gave her the run down on what I had been told and AGAIN...persistently insisted that Roxy get to a vet because based from her illness, I didn't feel that she could wait to be seen and treated and needed medical help immediately. I gave Britt the name, address, and phone number to a highly recommended animal hospital that was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and she claimed she was going to call as soon as she took Roxy back upstairs with her. I asked a male friend of Britt's that was with her at that time to carry Roxy up the steps because she was entirely too weak to do it on her own. And that was the last time I saw Roxy.

The look in her eyes as she was carried away still haunts me everyday. I messaged Britt the next day only to be ignored apparently she was offended by the call to the SPCA regarding Roxy's condition. I found out about a week later that Roxy had died and it tore my heart to pieces to know that I tried everything I could to help and save her and it resulted in her death and I still feel guilty about it even though she wasn't my dog, I still loved her like my own. I was also made aware that Roxy had NEVER been seen by a vet at anytime that Britt had her and to know that she basically suffered and died alone broke my heart and completely destroyed my friendship with Britt and we haven't communicated since the day she took Roxy from me. The SPCA received several calls and messages about Roxy during that week from different people that saw her and were also concerned for her well being including Katie who did get to see Roxy for the last time before she passed away. Katie and I stayed in communication in support of each other through this experience and feel as though Roxy brought us together for a reason and we share memories and are still upset over her death.

I wanted to write this story because I see animals being rehomed or mistreated everyday and as an animal lover, I wanted to share Roxy's story in the hopes that maybe I can prevent this situation from happening to someone else if at all possible as well as bring awareness that pets are a wonderful blessing to have and all pet owners should be responsible for their care. Roxy's situation could have easily been prevented by a simple phone call and vet visit and I hope that no one or any pet has to suffer in the way we have in this situation. Thank you for taking the time to read my short story about Roxy aka "Punky Spice". She was a great girl that was taken entirely too soon and will forever be in my heart, ALWAYS!!!  Love your pets as much as they love you!!


Submitted: September 16, 2020

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Criss Sole

I had tears in my eyes as i read this.
Thank you so much for sharing this story.... i can't imagine the pain you must have felt when you saw Roxy was unwell.
I hope that Punky Spice is in a better place now and feels the love she deserved in this life.

Mon, September 28th, 2020 5:55pm


Thx so much. I'll be honest it was one of the hardest things I ever had to go thru and I don't wish that on anyone and I hope that Punky is in paradise. I really wrote it in the hopes that I can help bring more awareness to anyone that loves animals as much as I do and is in the hard decision of having to rehome them b/c I see ads for it everyday and I can only hope that all those animals go to loving forever homes. Thank you for your support. Have a great and blessed day!

Mon, September 28th, 2020 6:21pm

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