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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man discovers an obscure website which transports him to some bizarre world where he must fight a ritual ghost to get back to his house. The website is a portal between two dimensions, and its members follow a sorcerer called Mr. Otta.

Submitted: September 16, 2020

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Submitted: September 16, 2020



The page


The Internet is a world of global connections, every day the technological world grows -sometimes faster than humanity itself- and it feels like our planet is shrinking, we can travel from one place to another in a few moments with just one click mouse. There is also a universe of sites in the so-called "web" or World Wide Web, some of these sites remain little visited or even hidden from the eye of the "uninitiated".

These pages represent the dark side of the Internet, the one where secret organizations, cults and other shell companies, share the most bizarre and striking creations of the human mind, as well as secret knowledge, revealed by these dark links, far from the users casual. The eye and ear of the average man does not know nor is able to understand the things that I am about to reveal in this document, when at last I was able to explore the secret page: Here is my story.

I was walking through the streets of my city in Berlin, when looking on a rusty post saw a notice in yellow letters caught my attention, with the symbol of a butterfly in the background: “We want to contact you; through this symbol, enter Our World”.

I took out my cell phone, and with the camera I focused on that, I immediately received an email: "Congratulations, thank you for contacting us, we will be knocking on your door soon". It is necessary to clarify the unpleasant feeling that it produced in my body; I thought I had been located by some mafia or group of criminals. So I was very anxious throughout that day, when midnight came, the cell phone rang, a new message was received:

“Traveler of the World of the Dead, you have opened the portal to the abode of the wraiths. Welcome to Fear not, you are not alone on your journey. You will be accompanied by your comrades and guided by me: Otta; and also when you are ready click on this link, from this same email, the only way for the page to work for you. It only works through this special link, and only from midnight. I hope we'll see you soon. Goodbye."

That strange message gave me relief and in turn confusion; they weren't a group of muggers looking for me, just crazy parapsychology fans and everything spooky. I deleted the email, to prevent curiosity from succeeding, and persuaded me to open that ridiculous page, but more unfortunately, the name of brainstorming64, it stayed very engraved in my mind, so that I was thinking about it for the whole month. It was tempting, since the post with the advertisement was on the only street that leads to my workplace.

On the night of the 13th of October, I went down to the street to work I wanted to finish some business quickly to earn an advance on my salary. I found two men in black suits, with hats, standing by the post; after a while they left. As I got closer, I found that the ad was gone. I went to my house; at twelve I received a message:

"Hello Daniel. We see that you have mistrusted us, and you have not entered the page. Let us insist once more. Be part of us, we promise you will know the secrets of how to exploit your potential as a human being. Matter can be infinitely empowered, but you must know and master the technique. Come to and we will show you how. "

I could clearly realize that these guys already had my personal data, knowing my name for example. I made up my mind to go to the police. Horribly the people there mocked me, saying that it was not their competence, and that it was better to file a complaint. The other exclaimed: “this kind of scams is very common; they are hippies, rabble of the “hidden” market. Fear not, if they were dangerous we would have caught them by now. Now get out, boy".

I returned home and could no longer resist opening that mysterious page. Since they are not a danger, it was lawful to meet them, just out of morbid curiosity. Upon opening, a black screen was revealed to me, with text in white letters, underneath a drawing of a butterfly. The text read: “ wishes you a warm welcome; you have just definitely entered the World of the Paranormal and the Supernatural. Expect to be redirected to another screen, where you will enter into conversation with Mr. Otta”.

After a while a new screen opened, and I started the next conversation with a complete stranger. Note that my first reply was sent half an hour later, due to the fear that talking to a perfect stranger caused me, plus adrenaline and the curious mixed in the end, my misfortune was sealed:

-Hello Daniel.


-I am Mr. Otta, captain of travelers on this page. Tell me: do you want to know the secrets of the Spirit World? What you will discover will give you the power to create your first door to the Otherworld.


-Yes. The doors to other dimensions; it produces a link between two different universes. If you do it correctly, you will receive the advent of a spirit that will give you psychic powers and bodily vigor. Dare yourself! It is the first step in your career.

-How do I do it?

-Simple: take charcoal, and draw a rectangular door 90 centimeters wide by 2.64 meters high. Then wait for twelve at night and recite the poem that we will send you. It is very important that there is little light, and that the poem is recited from our website, for it to take effect.

-Sure. And what dangers are there?

-There is of course only one danger; that the door is not erased after twelve minutes of opening. The latter is due to the fact that, when the good spirit goes down, the bad one comes down after him, so it's better and don't delay in closing the door.

So far it seemed to me that this Otta was another swindler of the many that swarm in the overcrowded market of the "enlightened", the "psychic teachers" and other charlatans: brutes and clowns who read a few oriental writings, interpreting the foreign culture as It seemed better to them and skipping what is not commercial or attractive –such as physical exercise and the need for a solid moral code-, and keeping only the cold meat: candle lighting, oil spreading, repetition of meaningless words, " miracle wheat ”, magic stones, inter-dimensional portals, etc.

These irresponsible beings ignore the delicacy of those things, that those who know them consider a healthy athlete much closer to Heaven than an ignorant who likes to practice junk esotericism, without even knowing what he is doing, and with his visible body made a mess. Unscrupulous beings take advantage of these poor creatures to sell their "ways of salvation" to unhappy people without solid beliefs.

Well… and now this as a personal reflection: and knowing all this, why in the world did I allow myself to be convinced? Because, that's right, I listened to Otta. I assure you that the worst mistake of my life so far has been to access, and there has not been a bigger one.

The next day I did the ritual as I was told, the poem is safe because it must be read from the same website, so I publish it:

“The fierce black raven devours the white dove. Turn the home of the wicked into a desert, causing horror and fright to foreigners. I dry up your waters and ruin comes to your holy places, since you have not kept my precepts. But if you receive my teaching again, may health return to your home. "

But what was that!? Not even a poem, just a curse followed by a obscure promise of redemption. After those words, a feeling of well-being settled in my soul, and I was immersed in a deep ecstasy, so that I collapsed. I knew for an instant that Heaven was preparing a terrible punishment for my clumsiness.

I woke up with my body a mess. I checked the cell phone: “Daniel, you forgot to close the portal in time! We regret your failure. We wish you luck”.

I got up, everything around me was in ruins, as if thousands of years had passed while I was unconscious. When I looked out the window, I could see a blackish thicket surrounding my house, the outside world had completely disappeared. I hurried down to the entrance, opening the door I saw nothing but darkness. I stepped outside, feeling a fear that I have never experienced again in my life. It was a deep sense of emptiness and hopelessness, mixed with an almost invincible unease. I closed the door. Fool of me, damned Otta! Now he was trapped in nowhere, surrounded by darkness.

The light went out and I lit up with a candle, wandering around the rooms while giving me strength with happy songs. When I returned to my bedroom, I saw how the silhouette of an unknown being was drawn on the wall of the "portal", like a giant burn. It was shaped like a human being seen from the front, wrapped in oversized torn clothing.

I came to my cell phone looking for help, the page was still open! It showed the red drawing of the butterfly, and some writing underneath: “don't look back, even if you hear him; don't look back, even if you feel his breath; don't look back, even if he has his icy hand on you. Brave, when I call you, just say: <> ".

Great, now a monster from beyond the grave was lurking, and I was trapped in another dimension. I went to my full-length mirror, to talk and encourage myself, but for some reason, I was unable to see my face, it remained blurred and my features all emaciated. The grimness of that place surpasses any explanation, its pestilence and that feeling of absolute abandonment, comparable to a life without purpose.

I scanned the corridor in search of the damned specter, to get out of that terror quickly. It wasn't a nightmare; the body ache reminded me of it. An insistent thought came to mind: that of being watched. I don't usually feel fear at all in those cases, rather I look forward to the madman, to give him what he deserves, more on this occasion, a feeling of inferiority filled my spirit, as if that entity had control, and I his next feast.

My mind began to deteriorate, the very heavy fear took away my health and consumed me greatly and proceeding from a poor miserable. I managed to see an immense sea of ??unfortunate beings, which filled my soul with unbearable misery and defeat, so my strength failed me and I had to look for something to drink.

The kitchen was a pigsty full of roaches and dirt, with the rust and damp corrupting everything. I found nothing but standing water, and on the ground, many bottles of substances bad for health. The room where I usually play the piano was very gloomy, with the furniture destroyed by some violence, just like my beautiful grand piano. It was as if a madman had ruined my house.

I went up and the aspect of everything got worse; now the corridor was like the esophagus of a monster, and my room the belly of some impure animal. I was opening the door destroyed by terrible blows, when I heard the cry of a person: it was me. A man was lying hunched over and pulling his hair as he balanced on the ground. There were few hairs left on his head, his clothes shredded and looking pale and sickly. At some distance an unpleasant-looking being pointed an accusing finger at him, and two others were talking in secret.

I was afraid to enter, and I decided to leave, not without meditating with horror that nightmare vision. All over the room there were bottles and containers with bad substances. I cried full of sadness and feeling prey to others, like an irrational animal. I cast terrible curses on that page and deeply regretted my wayward curiosity, seeing myself now in such a predicament.

I went into the bathroom to wash my face and improve my condition. Again I could not see my face in the mirror; my features were indefinable and obscured in a way that I could not understand. That misshapen face made me uneasy, and I dismissed it. As I went to the wardrobe, I found everything consumed by the moth. My last venture was exploring the garage, connected by one of the bedrooms. My car was wrecked.

Now seeing that there was no escape, I steeled myself, remembering the beautiful caresses of Ernestina, my sweet princess, and I entered my room. This time, there was nothing in it; everything had disappeared, even my bed, leaving only the drawing on the wall.

The cell phone rang, it was the poem again, with the image of the butterfly. With my back to the phenomenon, I have come to feel the deepest despair of my entire life, an indescribably sinister feeling, for the presence of that being so evil and horrible. In truth, I felt like an animal without reason, the impious force of that monster caused me great misery and misery.

Before praying that strange writing, she asked Heaven for permission, ensuring that she would never look again in such a dubious place or trust such people. As I recited the poem, an icy hand came to rest on my left shoulder, and a heavy exhalation was certainly felt by my senses. That being had to be the most disgusting and nefarious of all, to cause in me such bitterness and misery, at the same time a deep panic and nonsense, and before my eyes returned the demonic vision of humanity consumed by rottenness and nonsense.

When the words of the poem were finished, that world was erased in a whirlwind of apparent chaos, succeeded by a deathly silence, which lasted for a long time. A friendly tunnel of light happened, which led me to today's world, the one we all know. I erased that drawing on the door and vowed three times not to repeat such stupid and absurd, knowing that I was totally ignorant of the spiritual world, it was better to focus on the known first.

So far my story; later I learned that this Otta was a wicked sorcerer, who had intentionally corrupted spiritual mysteries, in order to mislead the ignorant and then sell them an enervating substance with which to stay alive and get temporary relief from their sorrows getting bigger every time they consumed. They condemned him to jail for all this, but his work is continued by his disciples, in fewer and fewer numbers.

I hope my experience will not motivate a superstitious fear of the unknown; please friends, don’t stick to some superstitious terror. I just want you all to be cautious, and not to trust so easily. It is unfortunate, but there is a certain race of men born who enjoys evil, the cause of decadence in our world. Luckily they will change and recognize their own errors and we will live in a more united world.

© Copyright 2020 FabianDR. All rights reserved.

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