THE ENLIGHTENMENT [Review Chain contest entry]

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Review Chain
A poem based on my true experience when I saw a pigeon fledgling in trouble.

This poem is an entry for Archia's contest in Review Chain under the prompt "That spark on the yellow wall". The spark that I consider here is the fledgling because he portrayed a strong will to live when the magpie tried to attack him and saving him also enlightened my soul to things I was so oblivious of in life.

Submitted: September 16, 2020

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Submitted: September 16, 2020



Crossing by the open terrace

that was a storey high, 

My mum who considered your clan a menace

found you abandoned and about to die.


You must have fallen from a dozen of storeys

yet managed to survive, you little feather ball.

But you caught the eye of one of your preys

- A wicked magpie trying to bring your downfall.


With your gentle feet, and little wings

you stumbled on the hard floor,

trying to evade what your fate brings,

your eyes searching for a saviour.


My parents panicked screams chased the villain away,

But he awaited us to leave, perching opposite to you.

When mum and dad thought pitying was the only way,

I jumped over the yellow wall towards you.


Scooped you in my hands and glared above,

only to find bob heads mocking at me.

They were your clan but watched without love,

And from their heartless stares, I decided to flee.


You made me realise that a child is a responsibility

that parents need to provide time and love for.

Abandonment should not be a possibility

If not, they shouldn’t have planned to have before.


Your heart beating faster on my palm,

I could tell you were scared.

But the heat from my hand’s embrace made you calm

that you instantly fell asleep, with your life spared.


I ain’t a mother but you made me feel like one

As an unconscious smile escaped from my lips;

when I watched you sleep after the rescue was done

despite mum’s wordy whips.


What is the use of living if you choose

to watch something suffer

when you can lend a hand, over pity as an excuse?

Alas, life’s purpose is to reduce someone's burden when it's tougher!


Don’t you understand momma?

And that was the end of the argument,

A full-stop to all your trauma,

And the beginning of my enlightenment.

© Copyright 2020 shika. All rights reserved.

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