My Night At The Emergency Room

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Recently I spent an evening at the Emergency Room. These are some of my thoughts and memories of the evening.
I hope you enjoy it the poem and never have to go through this.

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My Evening At The Emergency Room


Brian Lee Clements


It’s Two-Thirty in the afternoon and I just knew how this would be one of those days.

Because the pain in my side just would not go away,

But what should I do?

Oh, yes I hope it does go away

Or live in agony the rest of the day 

I finally call nine-one-one to call an ambulance

And the EMT’s find me at home with confidence

They get me on the stretcher and then into the vehicle

And they get information they need which is critical

Since I wasn’t emergent, there was no siren,

But we still got to the hospital in nine minutes, maybe ten,

I get wheeled to the exam room upon my arrival,

Then the nurses have me change my clothes and they check my vitals,

They poke my arm (ouch) and take some blood,

Boy, I wish I had a donut,

I tell my name and birthdate fifty times and then after a while,

Nobody comes in and I’m counting the ceiling tiles,

But later, the doctor decides to come in to see how I’m doing and to do some chatting,

I’m told I need a Cat Scan to be done in a few hours,

If I get too bored, I could climb the towers,

 I’m given a steroid to prevent a reaction

And then some Benadryl which gives me no traction

At nine, with the Benadryl in full effect, they send me to get the Cat Scan,

Which is done by a nice man named Dan,

Or was it Bob, Dave or George? Yes, it was Dan,

I go back to my room and fall asleep

I find out the result of the scan for me to keep

I have an infection which feels like crap,

Maybe now I can get a nap,

I get picked up be my my wife around midnight, 

Then I’m all wound up and tight,

And I can’t get to sleep

And I’m glad it wasn’t way too deep

I then sat in the recliner at home

And wonder why I felt alone,

But then I know wasn’t really alone

But I felt everyone’s prayers 

Which got me through the scare

I thank God and all my friends across the country

Who all knew how it would turn out to be.


Submitted: September 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Brian Lee Clements. All rights reserved.

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Came off a fast to quickly once resulting in a severe pain in my kidney area... It scared the crap out of me... because it didn't occur to me at first where this intense pain was coming from... I thought I was passing a stone... it was intense... I learned my lesson; when fasting longer than a couple days you have to ease back into solid food... Anyway your poem vividly recalled life event for me, good job!

Fri, October 2nd, 2020 7:28am


Truly glad you are doing better! Loved the poem, and yes, you’re right, it is NO FUN going to the Hospital!!!

Wed, October 28th, 2020 6:42pm

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